The lack of patience is an impediment to attaining success.

Good Things take time

Lack of patience is an impediment to success| It’s not only the number of those achieving success rising, it is the need to achieve it that is on the rise. The ‘competition’ is massive. Yet sometimes to achieve greater things in life you need not to compete but simply beat them. Patience is staying out of the competition but also striving to be a better you, beat what you were a second ago, and, therefore, beat them by accident.

It’s not only patience required when results are not showing up in time but when results show up on their time as a failure. Patience is when time is moving and you do not care whether you are hitting the gold or the rubble. That lack of care about the results is a basic maker of success because successful people are highly likely to be people with a lot of failures in the past but also ahead. We live in an environment with a multiplicity of patience erasers. The lack of patience is rife. It must be.

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But without patience, there is no waiting for an uncertain season of harvest. Shortcuts are not the dream. The dream itself can never wake you up before its time. Where patience is lacking the actual dream is replaced by shortcuts.

Patience is functionally staying where you are not wanted, welcoming the unwelcomeable and hoping for the best without hoping for the best in the next second or the next year. If you don’t stay where you are not wanted but where you should stay to bring out something you desire you don’t get what you desire. Since success is for the few who only deserve it, why should it be given to dudes who want clean results like yesterday? The lack of patience erases all that you must put to the surface to claim victory. Where you are required to feel the pain you just run away.

I’d rather feel the hate in what I love. Than feel the love in what I hate…

Meinrd Socien Dandadzi, SubjectMe

Feeling the hate in what you love. If you take that as your only option; It means there are no conditions to stay but you are simply staying because you love it. This becomes patience working in harmony with passion. Feeling the love in what you hate is simply welcoming stakes with high and immediate rewards but them being anything you don’t really love. In this case, you are only willing to welcome anything welcomeable and not punishing. But anything of such kind creeps in as one of the things your heart don’t beat for.

Why would we want things in our hands that are exclusive to the few that easy? Why? Because patience is hard to incorporate into anyone’s system. It doesn’t keep the beholder happy it can only keep him/her enduring what most are not ready to endure, and therefore, it is a rare commodity. It doesn’t beg anyone to allow it in his system and it doesn’t force to get in. This nature of patience is by design to keep itself in the systems of the few. The lack of patience remains one of the biggest impediments to success.

Where society meets, a narrative of achievements without patience is indirectly created and maintained. We love “automatic success” especially the one that is judged by what each one among us can buy and show and followers you can have, and it rarely exists. Social networks carry images that do not reveal anything patience or even true success but they trigger a lot, including confusion, among the youth who are aiming to achieve. An athlete is already in the tracks, says an image posted. However, years of work behind are hidden, and the image goes viral missing its reality.

Patience, despite causing you to stay where the pain is, can take away some of the pain and ready yourself to endure the pain. It is patient in having you take no shortcuts and start again when the long way doesn’t lead to the results desired. Patience is patient in having you take a long way again and again without any results. It also faces the verge of extinction all the time; both in the long-term and the short-term. A minor failure causes patience to die. Seven days of visiting the same office without getting the answer erase the possibility of visiting it the eighth. Yes, there are times when you can be pointlessly patient. But patience when it is pointless it’s less pointless than the opposite of it.

Sacrifices happen in a sea of patience. In patience, you wait for what you have been not promised, and only you are sure that it is going to come out right or not, then right after more trying. Sacrifices happen in the same manner apart from the fact that there is no hint of waiting. Yet both can produce the same results. You can sacrifice and still fail but git it right after many costly sacrifices.

Unique results are less likely to come overnight. Interesting results must come overnight. But there is a difference between the results that you wish to get and interesting results. The results you wish to get require patience. Patience is harder to live in and maintain. Patience, the lack thereof, is the biggest impediment to the attainment of success.

Without the power to be to face total starvation without determination changed. Without the power to stand for ages without your needs addressed. Without the lust to stand for ages without your needs addressed. The amount of distance in light-years from achieving success is only higher.

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What you can buy… It’s a bad to measure of wealth or so.

What You can buy Credit:CleanPNG

What you can buy… In fact, it’s dangerous to use items that one or a group of people can buy as a tool for judging if one is poor or not. But we live in that danger all the time. To judge whether one of us is having a better life or not items s/he can buy are counted, and we all want to look better-off in life than to feel better-off or be better-off in practice. So, chances are in a bid to appear better-off we buy items that are not really functional but those that can help us to stand up in a better league with others.

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Poverty on the other hand, we can learn from lottery winners, can only end through functional items we may either acquire of build in our lives. It doesn’t end through what we can buy or the capacity to buy the items we buy. We need to bring in functional items into our hands. Those items may include our own education, assets that can cash in or help in that process, than items that can cash out as liabilities and among other things.

On the other hand, money getting into our hands do not go up as a result of nonfunctional items we put into our hands. They are just priceless relics, and they are expensive for the record. The confusion is most of the things that we call assets are not really assets they are just items we can buy, losing much in the process of buying them.

Image Credit *CleanPNG

The pressure and the education out there quickly is there to teach us that those nonfunctional items we acquire are functional. We learn to defend our acquisitions just as we defend subconsciously an addiction. We love to own much useless stuff and stand out in the competition of owning them useless stuff. The cost is always hefty.

As we put more and more unfunctional things that can help us to stand up nonstop, we build a habit. A spending habit. The most poor among us think that it’s a habit for those who have much to spend. But the button line is we are only losing more to what can never bring it back. While this all happen we are making it even harder to realise our potential in life. We just go below average. We just learn to complain about money buying less stuff. Yet we don’t care about money buying useful stuff.

Function is not buying ten bags with the same colour under the same label and in the same edition and buy again more in the next edition before you are done with the ten old colours. We just pile things in our lives that drains our financial potential because we don’t want to look poor and it’s wrong. Being poor or rich is  only mistakenly measured in terms of how much you can acquire. Those things visible to them. So that you don’t stand out visibly poor but visibly rich.

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Sellers have found their way to advertise so that we can only buy because we are inclined to buy. In fact, buying stuff is one of the things we are expected to do by the society and we must do it. We respond to this expectation very well. And when we do we don’t do it mostly to bring functional things in our lives. We fill our garages with toys our kids can never have the chance to put their hands on because of their quantity.

The end result… someone can quickly and cleanly rise from being a street kid into someone well ahead. In some instances, although this doesn’t usually, this happened in our history.

I remember picking something from my own family here. Me (born 1995) and siblings (2000, 2006) grew up in an African village and, while we were in one of the well-to-do families in the village we were not well-to-do enough to have the luxury of owning personal computers. Yet my parents’ family planning pattern was the first of this kind in the village. At 20, I owned my first PC. Sister (2000), owned her first Mac at 20 as well as it was a requirement for the University degree.

In some cases, and this can be the case with some other fellows I managed to know during my years at College, laptops, if not for writing assignments and reading stuff to do with exams laptops can also be just for gaming and watching pirated movies.

So, I faced a hard time convincing sister to get to know the App Store and discover softwares (free or trial) that are for accounting stuff as she pursued in that field until I gave up. Mobile data was getting cheaper and cheaper and also faster enough.

Sometimes we can have a functional item in your hands. But there is not going to be anyone to daily deliver a “what’s next manual” to us. That being said we also acquire functional items. But rather allow them to exist in our hands without serving their function, or very little of their function. 

If the item in one’s hands serves all its functional purposes it cease to be an item or an ‘asset’ to become a resource. That transition into it being a resource is chiefly driven by availability of consciousness.

  • Why you have it (that item) now, then, of all the people, etc? 
  • What it can give you?
  • What you must do with it?

Above are important important questions. They must run subconsciously in us as we own or think about owning not only items but resources. An owner of resources don’t care about how fast and how latest-edition it is.  S/he simply looks into not the things he wanna do but the things he must do through his/her resources and do them.

Are you acquiring anything you are with a mindset of a carpenter buying a toolbox with hammers and other of his best tools?

Passion: Doing what you love.

Passion: Doing what you love

A passion is where and when your heart allows you to do what you do, be good or bad, fail and fare not well, and find no reasons to stay but still stay emotionally attached. That persistence comes from your heart and it’s not alone. There is an approval. An approval from the heart is the greatest of all. It is greater than the one you can get from anyone close to you, a sibling, lover or parent because it works on the inside to give you patience, confidence, hope, discipline, in any second you want it. All ingredients are thus made available. Passion sets the time to cook is set to anytime.

It is the heart wholly at it.

Learning about passion from Neil Armstrong and his crew

Passion and the things we do. DO what you do with love. If you don’t love it there must be no you doing it. It’s a simple equation. It can solve itself through like terms. No like terms nothing solved. No like terms nothing solved.

In 1900, the first powered Wright Brothers plane had not taken off. But in 1969 it was possible for humans to make it to the moon. The only people who first made it to the moon were not medical practitioners, they were astronauts. People who had their hearts and love in being what they were. They took their time training and defining a career, and they are historical heroes.

Do what you love. You are a hero.

You should rather feel the hate in what you love than feel the love in what you hate. Passion directs preferences. It can tell you how far you can go in a certain walk of life.

Neil avoided interviews as if he had taken an oath of secrecy upon joining NASA. It’s said that he did avoid them so as not to instil fear among future astronauts, or tell them things they haven’t experienced and he preferred a conversation rather than an interview. He avoided celebrity status and stayed low-profile.

When doing what you do you don’t have to do it to be the world’s high-ranked individual because having people addicted to you is not your destination but loving what you do and have it done perfectly with results that please you is.

How to find a passion

A passion is found where see no results but keep your patience on. That’s where your passion is. Where results are just an inch but you have hard times in pressing on and staying at it. That’s where your passion can’t be. It’s easier to find a passion if you are searching for it. What’s not easier is simply hoping to find it while you are not looking for it for you to find it. People who can find a passion are people who have tried a lot. They are not people who do nothing or little or stay at nothing or at little.

The golden rule when finding your passion is: “Fall in love at the first sight. No with the things you want to possess but with the things want to do and how you want to do them.”

Finding a passion must be that. You don’t have to fall in love with the harvest you hope to get. You must fall in love with the technique you can afford to put in and hope but wait for good harvests. If you are in love with only the outcome, and if you are using an outcome to lure yourself into loving something, you are far away from finding a passion.

Why you do it is the maker of how you do it.

Simply put I found it as your loving loving heart over something else. Some say it is not found in that you don’t wake up one morning loving this instead of that, and it takes more than discovering it to have it as your passion. It more than a matter of emotions, that you have something in your mind running there irrationally and growing or changing radically into something rather different than when it first showed up in one. You heart on something is one thing, attending it so that you grow stronger in it is another.

Curiosity disease

It was in 2014 when I started to seriously want to know things that are beyond my stuff in such a way that if they were not given to me through the formal education I received, available to you from the school etc., I had to find means to have bits of them into your knowledge base at any cost. This curiosity must be unstoppable.

My first google search query happened when I was a high school student when our school had installed its WiFi system just for less that sixty computers donated in our library. I didn’t go on and read some Divinity notes and download works by T. Constable as were told do but I started dig deep into what was internet.

The best you can do when this disease catches up with you is not to cure it. You just have to move into its direction and give it its best to sustain it and make it prevail in your system at any cost.

A year later I was with all the knowledge about how payments are done online, and how each participant in the internet world from Wikipedia to Facebook and from a Game developer to a blogger earns or not, and how some bad things happen there. Whilst computers sucked all of my input into having some knowledge inside me, my grades were falling down.

A passion building up is known to break through its barriers including the need for good grades.

An answered call

There is a time when a passion is left alone to fight its barriers alone and there shall be a time when it will be defended.

When the call of the passion is answered, if you sort of go against it and the path you are picking through can become wrong. Where there is a sense of danger you see hope. For defending what you love is one of the things you learn to do just as you get to love them. Hence, it is the extend of that defense that may explain the depth of the passion.

The unwelcoming start

When the starting line is miles away from us we reason that it is far away. Well, when a passion catches up with what we do, we don’t reason we work very hard to bring the starting line to just where we are. This stage of having a start where a start is difficulty happens with the few who keeps going, a few who now have an understanding that difficulty is not impossible.

This phase now is part of the buildup process. It is the start that happens against all all odds.

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When you suffer for something that gives you weaker results for the sake of pleasing no one but you alone, and still stay pleased without results at all. You have found your passion.

Growth doesn’t mind a zero. Because it doesn’t give you a room, it doesn’t give you a room. Every time you are with a zero in your hands you are negotiating to have it going up, that where a passion fits in. Your love for something wants you first to have some freedom of loving something to give you that patience.

Don’t fight it let it flow.

They say don’t fight it, let it flow. Because flows don’t push hard. They just flow and make it happen. This is the art of a river. It just stays in the right course and earn its respect. That being said, respect is like an income, to earn it you must work for it. Work in whatever way you want to, but work in a flow.

Plan early. Hit late. At least what you have is a hit after some digesting and planning. Water source is today. The river mouth is faraway. Let plans flow it. When they don’t fit in the context. Simply flow it. The flow is simple that other options.

There are times to be slow. Quick cooks go under. Yet those who do too much of it are always unecessarily over. Let it flow. Don’t fight it.

Learn the hard way. Apply it soft. The best way to learn is to get beyond knowing. You haven’t learned anything by simply knowing it all. The river keeps its powers as softer it is as water. It acts alone. It makes historical landforms by persistence and patience. Every second it hits at it. Let it flow.

Create a system that would allow you to polish the edges than simply having blocks. Never communicate in fire unless that fire is in a justified passion. That way you will never burn yourself. Let it flow.

Don’t make statements in loud noises. Stay silent. Act. The best action is simply a simple flow. Silent isn’t dump, and dumb and dumb is capable. If you get a chance to let it flow don’t forget to keep it that way.

Don’t resist the world you are in. Simply shape it. To shape it you simply have to influence it. The biggest changes in this world are made in peace. And the biggest time the world have is peacetime.

New forms are established in any flow by the situation. In order to fare well rivers flow in the situation. They are flows of different kinds. Turbulent is for a bumpy ride. The river simply cope. It quickens when it is being told to do so. Hence it will never cease to flow.

Move with the flow. Don’t fight the current. Resist nothing. Let life carry you. Don’t try to carry it

Oprah Winfrey

The best fight you can put is not to fight it at all but just to address it.

The right was to sleep is to sleep in the flow and wake up at it.

The best chance and opportunity you have is not anyone else but you. Shape it.

The time to make loud noise is the right time to work at it in silence.

Allow yourself to drift in a direction. Don’t oppose. Be confident it. Your sea of dreams is ahead.

In the low keys, they have been known to make high notes.

Do reluctantly. Accomplish with incessant effort. Accomplish in silence. Don’t stop.

Don’t compete simply beat them. Cooperate with varying approaches.

The best way to blink an eye is to let it blink itself. It will simply do its seeing business. Do what you must not what you can.

Do a working work. Stay it it. A working work is one involving a mind that can see. Let things flow your mind can see.

Adapt. You will never go extinct. Flow you will never cease to reach your sea.

be patient not confident. That way, when you fail you will not find yourself out of flow.

Let is flow. Don’t fight it. In life you are not a fighter. You simply have to be a winner. Win it.

Who you are is what they must love if they care.

People who must stay are people who are ready to love who you are, not what they expect you to be. That a boyfriend would walk out of a relationship after learning that his girlfriend experience seizures is not any unique story. You must not exist to fulfil their expectations. You deserve your peace and freedom. You just have to be you and there is no harm in being the best you. Let them go.

If you are not you, who are you? If they don’t love who you are what are they pretending to love?

Who you are is the entire you. If it’s rejected. You are completely rejected. You don’t have to keep begging for the care and they don’t have to change who you are to care.

Being not accepted is painful. Allowing the unacceptable to overhaul you is ruinous. You just have to let go and quickly let go. They don’t belong to you don’t force them into your camp. Without them and alone you can even get a chance to feel what you are and who you are.

If you want to have the best experience at the party you might want to stop being the invited and start to invite. Once you try to be a gate crusher at some unwelcoming folks’ festive you are no longer enjoying the experience. And you become a pain to them. How can someone who truly care feel the pain in handling you?

Don’t worry if you’re not loved, and when she is. Because your success, your greatness and happiness, if you’re to fight for it well, and your future joy, may come through the fact that you are the detested one now. Life is a journey—and of the over 7 billion journeys they’re a lot of stories Cinderella-ending after starting and prolonging a Dracula style, and some prolonging well and ending not fine or fine. Tomorrow wants you to close the curtains of today, and cover your skylarks. The new sunshine will come. Once it hits your curtains, open them.

Your neighbour being the kissing a man of your dreams by the roadside that’s a milli-fraction of her journey, why should be yours be peering through the window and exploding in jealousy and pain about it every day.

 The moving of days won’t stop because you’re stuck in one fraction of your life. Move on.

Then they are moments when you must help them to care. If you must help them to care don’t try to change anything in you that’s unchangeable. You don’t walk on a rope. You can’t change that. But you can change your speech from bad to good.

Again bad is not what “bad people” do. Bad is what people do and do it through very bad means. That being said there is nothing called bad people. It is bad deeds that exist. Someone isn’t bad for being a member of a belief system that varies from you. You are not bad because of that. Therefore, if they can’t accept that people can be different and that you are what you are, let them cease to be in your system.

The best joy is total acceptance. You can not enjoy being a visitor while you arrive where doors are locked. The total acceptance is all who you are accepted. All who you are accepted is true care and love. True care and love make a minor fraction of the care and love you are born to receive on this planet. Remember this always.

There are times you better be alone because you can never get the same chance to be alone. Alone in grief. Alone in huddles. Alone during the most critical time of your life. Alone in trying hard times. Alone in failing times. Alone in times when you need their understanding the most and their help. Alone in the most abstract battles against addiction and personal struggles. These times must be when you prove your strength in your fights.

Alone is not lonely as lonely is not alone. Some chose to say that alone means “all alone” to point to the most treasured plurality of one. With that plurality of one, you have the power to look for clues inside where you can find them than outside where you can not. Bigger things in life are also how far can you go without anyone helping you as the wheel.

Why simply admiring ‘role models’ is wrong and won’t make you successful.

It’s easier to see their success. Not only do we see theirs, we feel it and it sort of gives us pressure but the confidence to come up with ours. We admire and put these successful people on our role-model shelves, and try to build our stories with them in mind and also learn from them. Yet from these seven points, success is not a single-sided coin we see through the successful figures around us.

  1. Success is by mechanism harder to attain. It must be so that only those who deserve to attain are those who can attain it.
  2. Like in a viral image seen online where a man holds a placard to the people in from of him “Success” while words like suffering, rejection and pain are written at the back of his formal jacket. It is so loud  that it can help to cover up all they went through to attain it.
  3. Because we want smooth process and because pain is a hard to endure we also help to hide the pain behind the successful people’s success to create a narrative of a smooth process and high IQ minds involved. Anyone among us who aims success who picks at role models does it with wrong reasons.
  4. Even with the right information about all rockets that took off, your rocket must have its own ways of taking-off. Success is a product of relevant information built by the one who achieved it. Among this information is what one entirely discovers.
  5. That being said. Circumstances differ. The means you have at start is different to theirs and, therefore, the effort you need to put, connections you must build, the type of foundation to be laid and everything else to be put in place differs.
  6. A perfect achievement is a product of paths discovered and straightened up. All successful people discovered their paths but its not all who straightened them up. What is that you should be? You have the power to define that for yourself.
  7. Success is a product of working on the vacuum inside to fill it. If its already filled before you try to fill it you have to empty it and fill it with the right stuff. This is important. Yet from role models we don’t get to see the type of vacuums they filled inside, we only see the landscapes.

If you are to be successful, just know that there is a time to submit and a time to rise to prowess, a time to be the needy and neglected a time to stand up high sufficed. Resist submission when it is the time not to resist it, you’re only failing yourself. Think of yourself as a king when you should be a servant for that story you’re trying to write, you’re only buying yourself more time in servitude.

You can be your own role model. This is the secret in most of the ultra-success stories. A role model to self seeks to keep modifying the self to better standards that can keep up and conquer the needs of the day or fail as required by the situation and learn first-personly afterwards. A role model to self is a deeper understanding of the inner-self and the flaws in there.

A role model to self can become what the self really love to become not what others have. Yourself is the best role model you can have in life. It doesn’t take a lot to see that there are corners of you that need more workings as you tackle the journey.

After all, life must have parts of it sour as a journey. The ultra-successful people who endured pain for years don’t waste time explaining their pain as they even know that we are not willing to listen when they tell the build-up part. So don’t waste your time trying to listen to whatever they say. It is not the true story, the true story is one you are not willing to hear. They suffered a lot. You should, too. Two scientists who discovered graphene in the mid-2000s are simply the winners of the Nobel prices but their story is more than that. They worked hard. They starved. They suffered for it.

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Smartphone industry: Learning from the failure of Nokia and Palm.


Palm’s Web Operating System, interface-wise should have been the exact thing users were expecting Nokia to deliver
on their Symbian platform when it was launched in 2009. It brought cards which we can see on Android at the pressing
of the multitasking button. The old days spirit had Palm delivering a smartphone in a slide form factor which revealed
a physical keyboard under it. But they had just delivered to the world gestures that took over iPhone ten years later.
Under the screen, there was a touch-sensitive area. Swiping upwards from that zone would trigger desirable happenings on the screen.

Palm with its offering was far ahead. But It didn’t notice. A device in only one form factor wasn’t enough to convince
users to buy it. But they simply refused to allow other makers into the game. Yet they were not advantaged enough to
play the hardware game.

In real life, it takes a smarter understanding of what you have achieved to keep pursuing the path you have chosen and
not give up on it. We usually take notice of the negatives and fail to appreciate the negatives which we can build on to
turn the other failures into pure success.

Nokia, in fact, failed to bring any revolution on the platform. The user interface was not for grannies. It could still take
a user seven steps into the settings to reach a point where she could start to add her email account in 2009 when
Palm’ Web OS was released. Developers on the other hand seemed like thrown to an orphanage, and they needed
Software development toolkits and an abstract AppStore where users could add their cards and buy their apps.
But two years back, that is in 2007, Nokia’s CEO laughed when the iPhone came out sighting its lack of a physical keyboard. He laughed hard.

Nokia logo
Nokia Logo *

He didn’t see it as a threat. After all, Nokia then had a global market share of 60% in the industry. This new threat had a
single button and a vast screen covering slightly more than 50% of the device’s front. Its manufacturer had to partner
with a network service provider in the USA to deliver unique mobile browsing on a phone. This was the world’s first
smartphone, trying to fit well in the world of feature phones.

Rumours had it that the first pre-production iPhones were buggy to such an extent that the one Steve used for the launch was feared to crush. But it didn’t. Only it fired an employee by deleting him from the contact list.

Nokia had to reform. Nokia’s CEO noticed the territoriality of the iPhone and issues it would later have including
connectivity and relaxed in his rocking chair thinking that this was another try that was bound to fail. The company he led, Nokia, was a hardware company. Reforms could have been setting a separate and autonomous software side of it that could develop itself by earnings out of the software side while the parent company reaps from the hardware side. Reforms could have been trying the iPhone model and its form factor and as well a simple user
interface to light up smiles at the faces of grannies.

In 2008, Android launched. And moved on to welcome all, first, by beginning with HTC a company that had a history of
delivering one or two world’s first (including the world’s first touchscreen phone). They decentralised the software.
Allowed developers to have all the components of the software’s source code in their hands and gave all the software
free to anyone and manufacturers of hardware (OEMs) who needed it. They would then add a layer of services that still
exist as the only closed island in the Android ocean and made it compulsory to use. These services, including the
PlayStore became their gateway into reaping a lot out of the advertising industry and attracting more users to their

Apple was a software company as it was a hardware one. Their iPhone would race with Google’s Android in the
services race. And by 2009 reports were that some game developers could turn into millionaires through iPhone’s and Android’s app stores. But three things were apparent in 2009. That Nokia was failing in the services race. Nokia
was failing in the hardware department. Nokia was failing in the software race. Yet they only partnered with the likes of
Intel in bringing MeeGo in 2011 when they were now at 35%, but quickly they ditched MeeGo over Windows Phone.
Their first device in iPhone’s form factor came in 2009 with TFT resistive touchscreen meaning it was an old generation
of touchscreens that couldn’t even find their place on the screen of the first iPhone announced in 2007.

The tech industry’s quick pace at changing its landscape is not as we can expect in the chemical, aviation, mother,
steel and what not industry. We expect that in real life. Things change fast to prove if you are worth staying in the
game. Arrogance and laughing at what’s happening at the next door when we should act can burn down houses.
Don’t look at your past achievements or your current status or that 60% you have as a basis of what to do. Do only what you must do. There is a big difference between what you must do and what you can do. In what you must do there is sacrifice. In what you can do there are your capabilities. We can do a lot. There are only fewer things we must do.

Nokia kept delivering the camera and focusing on that instead of also building on things they haven’t achieved.
When things are meant to change fast. You need to adapt to serve yourself from extinction.

Can you make millions out of a $100 start?

A million-dollar mind that can make millions out of a $100 start.

The article “Can you make millions out of a $100 start” made it here thanks to a $120 old laptop bought in 2020 out $370 I earned in that year.

Whatever happens on this planet. Does not happen without its prerequisites present. To make millions out of a $100 prerequisites for such a thing to happen must be lined up. Some just have to be unique talents. People who can enter athletics and the field of sports, earn and be signed by advertising companies. Such people are few in the world as people who can win the jackpot. But if you are wondering if it’s possible to leap from whatever is in your hands and head straight into millions and even billions, with no talent or a higher IQ involved, this article is the right start.

But you have to be warned. That if you want to make it big in life forget the life you think of as belonging to the big people in money and start working and thinking big. The biggest mission in your life is accomplishing it. It’s not the mission itself. The toughest part is not being assigned or assigning yourself. It’s accomplishing what you must. Otherwise having the mission is for everyone. Accomplishing it is for the few.

Your starting point is valid *Canva
Your starting point is valid *Canva

Among the list of people with personal achievements are people who first couldn’t read, but then learned to read from litter and discarded newspapers with any text written on them and try to read, and learn to read anything. Aren’t you a better starter than them? Reading or writing may be necessary but what’s more important is the persistence you need to build what can break through barriers, and patience to stay at it when you have no reason to do so. What they did is they couldn’t stop trying to read again and again after failing to master what’s written, they simply kept going on and on. Be like them because you need to have to put understanding the world you live in above all. Know why people are paid in the ways they are paid and how to find your own means to be paid.

It is a big prerequisite to have if you want to make millions out of a $100 start, knowing that people are paid through (1) the certificates and qualifications, (2) their minds and (3) their muscle. The first is what we call a formal paying job and salaries or wages are the forms of payment that come at an agreed time interval. The second can be a self-job or a self-system. A self-job is just a job without a salary but rather results in payments at any time sales or appreciation of the value of your work are made and can pay less than or more than a salary. Above a self-job, a self-system seeks to be what employs or gives a job in the process of creating, and hence producing, what’s in the mind of the owner of that said system. A good example is a computer we all use. The software it runs, if Windows, is not free because it was someone’s idea, therefore, someone’s mind, that a piece of software can be sold. Bill Gates took a lead, and that lead upped his earnings. You don’t need to drop out of college but you may need to avoid the job when time allows when you are finally able to stand alone, or when you have just a salary you want out of it.

Habits are the prerequisites. Habits are nothing big except the format and the level of formality you do or not, or attempt or not things in your life and, hence, achieve or not things in your life. They can buy your efficiency. Atomic Habits by James Clear gave us an example of how British cyclists emerged from being the worst in Europe to being one of the best in a short time.

To make millions out of a $100 start you need to have the power to move that tiny resource into a better one. Everything is yours to build; from connections to associations, from worst ideas to disruptive ideas and from a terrible start or false start to a true start. The pace at which you travel is yours to define. But a panic pace is not good. Find reasons to calm down. Don’t do what you do to have something at the end of the day to show and attract comments unless when it’s your business to do so. You have a great story. In the meantime, it’s not there yet. Waste no time explaining it to people. Just write it.

There are things that can not make you millions but they may be things available and best for starters. Once you gain something out of them you must then move to things you think you can lift. Comfort zones are not zones of action, avoid them. The artist, Michael John Bobak, had to tell us “All progress takes place outside the comfort zone”.

A street boy collected bones from restaurant bins. Those from beef meat are mechanically cut. He would be going after big deals flooring homes of well-to-dos with them. Adhesives involved made him grab profits as they were strong. Connections with the streets allowed him to hire other street boys who could start where he had left with the search, and he also bought garbage bins for restaurants which he had to collect at nights. He relied on the city’s weak sanitation systems but big-spending upper- and middle-classes people who were limited in numbers. In a big town with people seeking to beautify their homes he quickly rose to the talk of the town and registered his ever-growing company, now with operations outside.

Capital is what’s in your hand not what’s far away. It is time to take notice and chase after. Raising it starts by turning yourself into a machine that can achieve that, with zero leakages. Really $1000 is a lot if you have something big planned but nothing if you have to waste it. When you are homeless the scale of needs and spending you operate with is lower. A street boy mentioned above rose to success also through avoiding those things he had not enjoyed in the past. During his rise, his diet would be limited to cheaper veggies and cheaper bread. He even paid his accountant more than what he would spend a month. It must be not them but you who must suffer for your plan. Suffer for it. Build a money system while you suffer.

At the height of self-made success, we have the likes of Elon Musk. He used what I call passion A to passion B to passion whatever “concept”, and that being said you do what your passion is. Zip2 had to start out of pain and not many dollars. You can use the same model to turn $100 dollars into $5000, then charge your growth from there. You don’t have to put your train in the tracks. Move it aimlessly.

Once Zip2 was something to envy. It was sold, this time for millions (it wasn’t his decision, though). It had to grow because there was a massive vision behind it. The millions it achieved led him somewhere else… Billions. The secrets of a self-system are simple. It’s a drizzle leading to a shower and a shower leading to a torrent. A cloudless sky must be your first thing to change.

One thing I am so sure that I didn’t miss myself from knowing is this. The direction you pick is the colour of the knowledge you can have. Avoid a job at once, you can only find yourself not able to write a CV/Resume. Let alone knowing which job can pay the best. Simply after your education, start with hopes of building your company or companies and stay in that at the cost of a happier life, you can get to discover CVs of founding a company. Of course, discovery trails behind the information and knowledge you chase after or build and the visions you lay up. To make millions out of a $100 start the effort you may require is immense but it can equal the pain and even suffering people who chase after formal jobs and stick to them can go through. Love the pain you can endure.

Information is abundant in this world. You have two ways about it: to avoid it or to search for it. You may be a teacher. That same laptop you browse with and entertain yourself with can boost your earnings. When a salary creeps into your account you may buy a camera instead of anything fancier, and another useful item next time. After that, you start learning from tutorials online on software like Sozi and create your courses in the way. You can find yourself earning tenth-fold. But what we don’t do mostly and voluntarily is to search for information and knowledge that we can apply as our own bosses. We mostly need information and knowledge to apply when we are under someone’s systems. After attaining that information we can use when we are under, obviously employed, we pump a lot into ourselves from the hobbies side. All the series, social networks, sport and anything.

A flawless self-financing system leaves debt out. Debt is not good. It is one of the things that trap people and keep them under. It guides what people can do and it limits them. Debt is in money terms, time terms and metaphorical sense. You have to avoid it as you must avoid luxuries that are not really luxuries but things you can afford at serious costs. It was a luxury to the street boy who tiled people’s homes with bones to eat meals that are not very cheap, and he avoided that luxury.

It can’t go without including choices in the discussion. These are the things you make every second, after each choice are priorities. What you opt for must take you one step ahead instead of changing nothing about your situation or condition. While time is the most important thing. If you manage it perfectly. You are good. What’s left is to go ahead and consider it the least important thing in the time being. You are not being left behind. Don’t be in a race with them. Be patient and wait. Choose what can give you ideal results, not quick results.

Adaption but flexibility is what you must learn to go with earlier. Go with the least. When the least turns into the worst pull up your sleeves. When you must be angry smile out of what can sadden. For people with a poor start, extinction is close. Adapting must change this if you want to make millions out of a $100 start.

Sometimes people fight harder to rise to a certain point in their lives. Once they reach it they retire. “Oh, I can now buy a house.” A higher net worth is achieved not only through bigger plans but through not putting the brakes to the pace you had back then when you started. If you keep pushing you can suddenly reach a point where you relax and assign or invite people to push forward what you started.

People who are hungry don’t wait for a time and the right conditions to do so to start their journeys to their satisfaction. They simply invite starting lines to where they are standing, and they do beg but they simply force starting lines to allow them to start where a start is impossible To make millions out of a $100 start you simply have to work hard? No! Have family wealth to back you up, a better-off background. No! You must have a different mindset or idea that attracts money. What’s important is what you build not what you are given.

Avoid a work environment where you can not make the rules but follow instead the rules made and create a system where all the existing rules are yours and yours to break.

You can build efficiency systems so that what was supposed to be waste can become reusable again. This blog is a product of my downtimes. Some articles were written on cardboard pieces before I had managed to afford a smartphone for the purpose of writing while walking. During those downtimes, I did a lot more. Your times without must be times for creating means to end up having it all at a faster pace. The smartphone would cost $40 and it had been in use for two years. The value of work it created is worth more hours of time and tons of memories, and it never witnessed a notification from a social media app.

You have to use whatever is in your hands to create possibilities of the start of your breakthrough. The resources you can have must serve a function creating the stated possibilities. If more than that the resource itself is expensive find a cheaper one.

At the core of such an efficient system are addictions that pay and not the ones that can kill a human. People who finally find themselves worth $50 million but dare to lose two-thirds of it overnight to add more to their money-making machinery fare well in this race. After all, they understand that they are not in a race so they don’t compete they simply beat the competition. They allow their work to include diversity, hence they cooperate. Big businesses grow by including people of different capabilities.

Some people are so sure about what they do. Once they calculate they do not need to re-do that again. So, they work hard even for a decade to achieve something and then sell it away in an instant as if they are mad. Once they do so they build something fast out of what they earned from selling that product worth a decade o effort and climb very up higher and higher.

Allow me to make a correction: If you want to work hard. Think hard. Live hard. Learn heard. Thinking, living, learning, and working must be respected altogether. Failures are full of lessons. Don’t hate them.

That we are all going to die. The function of death.

The function of death is to limit in every sense:- demographic sense, political sense, economic sense, warring sense, etc. The fact that one day we are all going to die. It’s something likeable. Because I don’t imagine healthy earth if all ancestors were here, still living and not ageing. All ancestors: the most liberal, the most conservative, the evilest, the purest at heart, givers takers, leaders to like and leaders to hate.

Death is our friend precisely because it brings us into absolute and passionate presence with all that is here, that is natural, that is love.

Rainer Maria Rilke

Death is there to make sure that we are all goods with best before and must be busy to get her/himself to the market before the value is lost. That value is in progress and a step back each human make. It’s a value in all possibilities, bad or good. When it is bad death is there to put a break before much harm is caused. So, that we are all going to die, it’s something to like. The function of death is to break infinity into finite and, therefore, cause vanity.

Human dreams are not a good thing. Sometimes they seek to build. Sometimes they seek to ruin it all. What’re the benefits of building in thousands of years a thing you can wipe out in a second? Humans are scary. Human dreams must be stopped. There must be a ceiling to stop them. Tell’em, “well boys and girls, end here”.

Death is there to do that. Life means suffering and joy combined, both being possibilities in every second. The function of death is to stop the repetition over and over of these two. So that once restless is restful. Every road must have an ending. If there is no end there is no journey in it.

When waiting for a train. A certain thing is the timetable is the to do its work. But it works this way that for arrival to be made, a departure must happen in real-time. The same train leaving can be back again at the same spot. Death seam to bring that into the human system. I must die so that in the future a better version of me must exist to correct where I faltered. Oppression, slavery, superiority and anything that disturbed the human race if it makes sense to me, chances are it will cease to make any sense to my future and future offspring. We must die.

When we die we leave our ideas behind so that they can be a starting point for what’s left and what comes in the future.

No matter how brilliantly, successfully and terribly you write your story. The function of death is to put a conclusion. Some are unlucky they have that conclusion earlier in their lives.

The three forms of knowledge

Most people would rather know everything about everything out there that doesn’t matter in building everything
inside and know not much about everything about the games they are playing in their lives and careers.
Knowledge comes in three forms. It’s not the quantity of it of the depth in it but the agreement between the three
forms that make quality.
The three aspects of knowledge of the three types of knowledge

  1. Raw and theoretical knowledge
    It compromises of all what’s known by a human before application. It’s the abstract detail a out everything and
    often the universal set to the other forms of knowledge, except it’s not applied yet.
  2. Knowledge in application.
    This is knowledge skipping out of its mind format and making it to the world out there where it can make
    achievements, catastrophes and so on. In fact, the function and purpose of knowledge is it’s application.
    Knowledge applied in knowledge serving a function.
  3. The knowledge of applying knowledge.
    Purely, whyat known needs to be applied, and what can cause the systematic application of what’s known is thus
    the knowledge of applying knowledge. It calculates the function knowledge can serve once applied, and therefore
    causes the seeking or the invitation of the best raw knowledge applicable to produce the best result. To stimulate
    the knowing system into action, and, therefore, cause relevant application of knowledge, an incessant
    subconscious communication must come from this side of knowing straight into the rest of the knowledge system:
    I want this applied or that which doesn’t exist.
    To reach a point where knowledge is relevantly applied you need to acquire it. And in most cases we only get to
    know what is not relevant to our nieches in life where knowledge can be applied. I can give an example here. I met
    farmer A back in my village at his field. He rents to end up with four hactres, and he farms a mixture of crops. So,
    when someone joined us we discussed European football for some minutes, and all the big transfers from 2010
    were in farmer A’s knowledge. But there came a time when the other guy, noticing he had a corner with soyabean,
    asked how much A tonne of soybeans can cost, or how much a protein source it can be as stock feed.
    The reason why an answer, even an estimate, never came out is compex. It is quite fair to say, however, hobbies
    invites us to knowing details about them even more than the things that give us life does. There are higher chances
    that farmer A’s rise, if it could happen, it can only happen through knowing much of his business than knowing
    much soccer. And the was we discussed it, we did it like sports reporters at TV.
    The are higher chances that when we reach the point of applying knowledge in our lives, which happens every
    minute, we are with insignificant knowledge to apply than we possibly have. Friends and the society around us
    would have influenced us into hobbies and knowledges to concentrate on. That, however, is also an advantage as
    you can only end up with a diversity of knowledge which can allow you to apply raw knowledge through more
    In the quest of relevant knowledge many are left behind. Not because the can’t access it but because they ignore it
    and have more of irrelevant hobby knowledge. Some can’t access it due to other factors like the level of education
    and censorship.
    The application of knowledge is the ultimate purpose of knowledge. We know what we know for the purpose of
    applying what we know. In the process of applying knowledge some knowledge is not applied but it’s rather used
    in the process of applying knowledge, and, therefore, such a format if knowledge specializes on the “how” “why”

“when” “where” to apply what’s known. It works better when we discover things instead of seeing them, and in
this case a spoon can be used when a pen is missing and still produce the same results.
Discovery and the application of knowledge•
Since knowledge must serve a function during and after its application to produce results, discovering what to
know is the ultimate way to get through it as is discovering what to apply. Discovering what can work from what
cannot work is one thing, living in it is another.