April 2021

Growing in strength on monologue

It is all about going from one stage to another and another stage to another. So, I am not worried about where I am today because I, like anyone else, have the power inside me, the power to grow from strength to strength.  I, unlike anyone else, however, discovered that power, realised that its there withinside me. And I adjusted myself, my mindset and my everything to it. I allowed myself to be pushed by it and nothing else, not to resist that power, the power to grow.

The moment I try to resists it I am no longer moving. I solidify at one place, and I no longer move no matter how much slope, how much good conditions for my movement are there.

Mapping and claiming more of my space around me, at one place is not growth. It is establishment and it satisfies not to be moving and, so, that way, not falling down. So establishment makes its steps, good initial steps, good education, good start into economic life and stable presence in anything but then decide not be any bigger than that.

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Monologue is when we pick up our voice recorders and say things through them on a random topic non-stop, only to do nothing with those words said but to publish them.

Moving inner mountains: The bigger problem may not be them but the one facing it. The solution is not blaming them but one acting on that problem.

Motivational: I make my money run, I am not kind to it

Money is at the center of everything now. They way I behave around it, concerning it, for it, etc., and handle it, is the way it will treat me. So I tell myself to make that money run, not to be kind to it but to give it the best run out of my pockets, but running out o my pockets with my very thinking brains smeared at it. After that I must be sure that it can do nothing except running back into my pockets five-fold.

Me and money, it goes beyond tit-for-tat. It’s tit-for-more-tats. If I am to spend it by throwing it into fire today, tomorrow it will throw me into the fire five-fold. Our friendship can end at any time or start at anytime, and I know the rules that I am expected to put myself under to keep our friendship alive.

I am never afraid of money losing me and it losing me because each time I lose it I make sure it is in a way that allows it to look back at me and give me a tat that is positive, a tat that mean my wallet balance going up. In the Western world they couldn’t explain this ‘tat principle’ for me so they invented the word risk and flooded it to many of us, while this ‘tat principle’ was kept secretly by the few, the few who rule it.

More from the motivational monologue

Monologue is when we pick up our voice recorders and say things through them on a random topic non-stop, only to do nothing with those words said but to publish them.

  1. Don’t grow yourself don’t establish yourself. The motivational monologue takes the campaign higher. A poor Korea without a credit line or a Stock Exchange System plus what can be $470 in 2021 was Samsung’s start.

Walking in your path to success: Know this and respect this!!

Socien Quotes.

Don’t be a slave to some people’s interest. Don’t be an oppressor or a coward for the sake of wanting your success in your path to come true.

You come first, you should. But when it is the time to come last respect it.

You are mostly efficient if you’re happy. That inner happiness is sometimes called peace. It is an environment in which everything best works. You better find it to work. Whatever you are right now, angry, bored, not excited, try to be it without losing any sort of grip to your happiness.

The best success is the one in you definition. Work at your definition of it before anything else. Then after that build your success, don’t hesitate. Don’t fear the words from them, you shouldn’t if your definition of success is correct. Sometimes people are just a view or a mentality, and you are another. When they criticise, they go against your path, force you into a path because they have powers over you or not, it is just another view or mentality clashing with another for superiority. Don’t let yours lose if it is correct, and don’t forget that it you can allow it to turn into a hybrid offspring of their views and yours.

Being afraid of what people will eventually say, and how they will take it as when you chose a certain path is the worst thing you would want yourself in if you’re to be successful in this life.  

Because being afraid of these about the people isn’t different from being afraid of what if your path doesn’t lead to positive results.

Do it because you love what you will become through it. Do it because you love it. This world treats the bold and the hard-working and the practical people in every sense, people possessing three of these with honor. The are greater things in life that are reserved for those who keeps going after they are sick, very sick and very tired.

Discipline is doing the right things at the right time, good things the wrong way

Socien Quotes

Joining my own words of motivation from my own personal diary I created a train of articles like this one to lift you up. If you have enjoyed this one you can find more quotes and articles by clicking ‘Socien Quotes’ above.

One random pick: Walking in your path to success

In this article you will find us saying the best success is the one in your definition because you come first. Follow the link above and be with us.

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In my own way of defining it I see it as doing the right things at the right thing and doing the right things the wrong way. I say wrong way because discipline goes against the current. It persist to see its win against the pressure.

You must hear from this job interview at a certain company. My father made it there, having completed his high school with good grades in Accounts which he excelled in without a teacher available at their school then Geography and a Language instead of mathematics which he so loved. So, when all others arrived for the intake they were instructed to sit at a foray of benches outside in a partially wooded but lawned area.

Gardeners were maintaining the lawn, shifting sprinklers to where there was the need and them working so close to where the interviewees were as if to grab words they were saying. It was precisely then when my dad sprang up from the crowd and started his string of mischief, first snatching an envelope from one girl’s hands and opening it (it wasn’t sealed) and then read aloud the grades from one of the certificate starting with an F(ail), then last a single A that compensated other weak passes and fails behind it. He then moved to the next guy but couldn’t get an access to the certificates, and announced thereafter that none was a shinning star than him as far as qualifications available for the interview room this day were concerned.

The guy tending the lawn was all listening to this, his overalls looking brand new and him trying to get the work done like an expert.  Each time he left with a load of leaves he swept underneath the tree in the cart he had to fish out his walkie-talkie from his pockets and hiss something straight into the interview room, and it was easier to make reference concerning any of the interviewees because they had tags with numbers written boldly from 1 to 19 stapled their clothing right on the chest, given to them upon entering the gate.

The company here understood the importance of having a team of people who try to behave or behave when there is that need, so the interview process started at the gate. People with good grades, and grades without teachers (because accounting teachers back then had to be expatriated from the former dependency, Britain), qualification-wise smarter people like my father, were required not to be that but to have that discipline first before anything else, then have their qualification-wise smartness as an advantage over the competition. Precisely, this is how things work in the real world.

Discipline is the right background for any image you can have for yourself. Just when life wishes to know if you are the person with the right measure of it that allow yourself to do it anyway, at the right time and the wrong way but to do the very best good expected be ready not to answer to it asking about your discipline by words but by practice.

Learn from this one. The company here, because it wanted to know the extent of the discipline each of the candidates possessed got itself some means to extract that discipline and have it straight into its disposal, a thing which is now easier now that even FBI guys like Joe Navarro are publishing books telling us about how tricks for extracting information in the dark rooms can be in anyone’s syllabus. The girl whose qualifications were read in front of the crowd responded by doing nothing except returning another envelope left at her laps into her handbag and zipping it for good, a move which was taken by our gardener as good for those who would be the staff, qualities that would save the company in tough times that even the company couldn’t relocate to outside its operations when the economy of the country crumpled without her.

Before you move on to secure what is no longer in your hands, right, or something that is even lost, you need to have what’s in your possession already. That is discipline, again, because discipline must pay off. That even I can’t resist to say that, here our girl, if my father would have torn the envelope he had snatched from her into pieces, would have left with the true copies of her certificates, which she wisely put into her bag before more trouble could happen, more trouble which didn’t happen.

Discipline is not a dumb thing, it is not silent and it is not just discipline. It converts itself into anything good anytime. The discipline with our girl here was loyalty to the company, the vision of the company and the future of it.

Backstage by Meinrad Socien

This article was written in twenty minutes on the 26th of April 2021, but it took the whole night to get it published as my internet connection was weak. I give you the numbers behind it.

Eight: Was the number of Gigabytes of mobile data I purchased during the first week of the month April to kickstart this article.

6.8 Was the number of GBs my Opera browser running on the PC I hotspotted had swallowed by 27 April.

16: Was the amount in USDs each 8GB of data costed.

4: Was the amount of money in USDs I had on 27 April.

3: including mine, the count of personal computers in my village (a village with around 600 people).

4: My adult years without a personal computer. 2 of them without access to any computer.

25 and a quarter: My age in April 2021.

Four: The number of years it took me to finally possess my own self-hosted blog, Informativus.

15: The amount of money in USDs that I had earned since the start of February that was an outcome of my own sweat.

130: The sum of donations in USDs from friends and family to get my blogging dream back in track in 2021Q1 and April.

50: My count of punches hitting walls due to frustration, and hurting or paining myself that way.

Countless: My hopes that Informativus would not only end up only a big successful blog but a big Media company challenging censorship in my developing country and abroad.

The next in-article backstage like one this is here. Scroll down after hitting the link.

Establishment vs growth.

Mapping your success: The growth factor

One of our articles dwelled much on the topic of wealth-making, arguing it is an art and that those who master that art are guaranteed to have greater things in life. As per my notice, chapters in the art may need you to differentiate between establishment and growth in your economic life and choose growth instead of the more-easier-to-fall-for. We will not be saying anything of the two is bad but we will pick growth as the main topic of discussion here in this blog because it is what brings success if it is allowed by you to come first the establishment after it.

If you are minding growth as a producer of a certain product or service you don’t have to be a producer of any other related products that satisfy you or makes you feel active when you produce them instead of leading to your growth. Bees produce honey. If they ever wanted something else with their nectar they would never filled the hive with honey in the very short time they usually do.

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An appropriate example may be just of a game developer who knows any sort of coding that is not only for developing games, right. Instead of building the game with tools she must pay for like the Unit 3D software which can be available to her at a thousand dollars each year, she goes on to develop tools of her own, toolkits she will not be selling, just to develop her games through them. She can be said to be seeking establishment, but a year can lapse while she is still developing the toolkits without having to do any game development. In the final end it is not her income rising through her achievements but her experience over many things that doesn’t translate to an income. So some people come in a few years later and fit in the same industry and have themselves paid fast because they start and focus right on what and where they are needed to.

Correct yourself as a person to your deep down so that you don’t procrastinate, doubt and get satisfied. Be ambitious to achieve great things in life. Put your goals in your ambition. Be patient. Let patience replace confidence. Go up higher. Don’t feel that you are done going up higher.

Establishment when it catches up one it makes him blind to higher incomes. Yet it satisfies more to be established, to know that you are putting all that is in the scope of your passion into practice.

Growth on the other side can understand that in this global village anything can sell or can have you paid, including walking out of your bed and go on to do a yoga session for half an hour in front of the camera. Now, with this method, our game developer can get paid while taking her roundabout way of avoiding to go for what’s cheaper than her choice.

When you are growth-minded you seem to bring the starting line which is far away from you just to where you are, have it be harsh on you because of you not having its asking requirements but also not bending to break and finding means to art with the few you possess. Establishment seeks to own and forget that it is not about possessing but it is about having ideas to get to possess more out of the few. It seeks to have a place of belonging above productive mobility which prompted feminine activists to argue that she needs to be mobile not fixed at a place, and have that freedom to rattle around. That ‘mobility’ can be metaphorical.

When settling down and establishing yourself is necessary

Some scholars argued that there is a time in life when a decline happens fast in life. When it happens there is no turning back. Our stay on this planet as human beings is the consumption of time. As we consume time our efficiency, too, is consumed.

Wiser it is to establish yourself starting from your early forties to late fifties, allow your work, knowledge and experience to be an orchard for the younger talents. You step in and be a life mentor to the younger talents. Because there is always a time in life where doing great is none other than imparting any form of your greatness to where it is needed so that it cannot die with you.

You must be satisfied in this life so that you don’t keep rising for the sake of it.

Growth is not far away, so is establishment

Imagine how best to end up better. Run while you can. Live like one who desperately wants to win. Don’t force your winning path through some people’s watering holes.

In the next article, you will find out that an Asian nation faced the question: ‘How to end poverty?’ Their answer was not matchy-matchy with that of other less developed economies of the time. Exporting as much they could, and prioritising an export economy, setting goals and bigger targets yearly created a better South Korean economy. This is a story of an economy that was under the likes of Costa Rica’s in 1963. But it managed to be more than eight times ahead in less than a decade. The article is however not about South Korea but you and your and your goals.

How to end poverty? This, theorists said, was difficult because developing economies had emerged dependencies and they were being kept under by bigger giants. In Costa Rica, the situation ‘poverty’ was explained through the dependency load. In South America and Asia, it was explained as well. Growth, in any such nations (and growth in a life of an individual), require(d) the leaders to believe that difficult is not impossible.

In South Korea, the situation was not explained. It was addressed. They imagined the best means with which to address it. They realised that exporting was the best means. In imagination and in reality, they worked towards exporting. And we can not dare now to compare them with their once look alikes.

Think. Find the best means to grow.

I had to drop out of college in my final semester and be without a bigger certificate employers (very few in my country) are after. Then avoid a salary in toto. I had grown out of poverty, but my parents and also their parents were salaried. A cycle of a later generation getting a better and better education, be salaried in a cheap labour/high-unemployment environment, not breaking through, and thinking that companies are for those who are born privileged is what I was born to enhance. The means to grow wasn’t a salary and complaining that it’s not much. So I am working harder to be behind a big trademark and a big industry. My wish is not to fight poverty for myself but for many [sic]. And growth is what I am up to.

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The world pays, you chose how

In the subjectMe diary I will prove how in my view I have found formal education broke, especially the one I received in my country. Here I just want to consider any for of education we receive until we become adults as a buildup, right? It’s a buildup. Once that buildup is done most of us have no choice, after college, high school or after earning some skill, but to face the world asking their payment to come just as they have worked for it during the buildup. The world around around them pays us because we deserve it.

The kind and quality of our buildup plays a role on how we get paid, and the environment we are stemmed in. We, however, also choose how best we can get paid, and through what what medium.

Paid through the muscle

There are some who must sweat to get their income in. This is where I started while I was raising the capital for my business. Behind my muscle was a good (not really smart) mindset a primate can have.

After all that I avoided being paid in the way explained in the next heading.

Most choose to have their certificates/qualifications being the paid

Formal education, in the background, teaches throughout its students that good grades are for a higher job and everyone must get good grades for a higher job. It doesn’t look much into the other side where there are employers to groom more of them, and the result we have have a lot of us created in the final end who values to go through that interview and stay unfired after the buildup.

So, already, we are in sort of a situation where we are already taught to pick being paid through the qualification of all what the world is with for us. We lost our powers to decide.

A few choose to have their minds being the paid

Wealth is the idea behind it. It is some people’s ideas that we are this connected today, that we speak of activating a software on our PCs that costs more than hundred dollars. It is also some people’s ideas that we pay for for being connected, for buying services offered through a software, a network service, etc. We also buy machines, vehicles, clothing and anything else the way it never happened centuries back, etc.

The beauty of choosing to be paid through you mind is you will never have a have a box to think in. You are free to bring any solution that can have things in track that if profits are low you find means to get them up high a thing which can not happen with an income that is called a salary or a wage. After all you don’t have to be a great mind that can master anything new in seven hours to choose to be paid through your mind, you just have to possess a good mentality, have the appropriate knowledge, apply it, and have the knowledge to apply it rightly.

The world needs both of the two sides, one that chooses to go by the mind and another that choses to go through qualification for it to prosper.

Wealth is the idea behind it

Wealth-making is an art

Wealth-making is an art, master it.

Wealth making is an art. It’s either you blend colours you like or you do it without any colours like a sculptor on a canvass or not. You will always be allowed to curve it out of something as hard as a stone. The best prerequisite towards fabricating your own financial success is not an expensive canvass, it’s is not a sound financial background, it is you mastering the art.

You may need to wake up and see what art is relevant for today’s terms.

Don’t associate wealth with a place. Don’t. Because, New York, one of the richest cities in the world and the most monied city is with several tens of thousands people that are homeless. They are homeless due to various reasons but I’m so sure one of them is the wealth the city has is not theirs.

Understanding all this, I made it to my rural home, a place that relied heavily on donations from the government of Japan and I started my economic life. Villagers were all against this. They hoped that I could wait in the capital city for an office job in a country with a high unemployment rate and be paid USD500 a month etc., but that was never a fair ticket I needed to walk out of poverty, a ticket I could wait for to get for several years only to find it filling a grocery cart paying a little rent and faint to zero.

I want to challenge you guys, don’t get offended. Allow yourself to see.

Mastering the art is finding sense where others are not. And once you are successful, there is another art you must master to avoid being that man who grossed USD400 million in his career only to end up in the negative

Possessing wealth

Possessing wealth is one thing that makes you rich, but possession is never alone a factor to makes you rich. Creating and not reacting to wealth, when one is possessing wealth, makes one rich. If not creating one must be maintaining.

If we I am to continue with the story of that man who made millions in his career, I can say his talent was a ticket, it allowed him to possess wealth. But he never had the intelligence to create it or at least maintaining it. The idea part of wealth is in ‘creating it’. I can also get into the story of anyone advantaged by winning a lottery ticket, by the history of his family being a member of the aristocracy, Party echelons, being an heir and a master by birth may possess wealth, but the wealth for us the majority is created and that wealth is an idea behind it.

If it is land, for instance my poor mentality some few years back believed that owning vast land is wealth. A rich mind I now have believes owning the vices to make the best possible outcome on the smallest land is wealth, and found myself acting according to what I now believe.

Wealth is an idea within its own art

MC Donald’s, KFC don’t own hactres of spaces in the town, they rent around 300m2 and sometimes half a square metre with a KFC ‘drive through’ shingle if the space may allow. Of course, they may own many 300m² in one town. But the idea is to be there with their hamburger-for-all idea where a folk who then transition into a hungry customer upon seeing them is, not to be there with only land and buildings. If it were about land they could’ve found more space to put their slogans like ‘finger licking good’.

It is about being there in every corner of a busy street, not really with the best eatery or best chefs but just being there. That way any person with some money to buy can turn into not only a customer but a hungry and reliable one.

The modern world, and wealth

Our world is increasingly become global. It is almost a single village where money is one of its appointed rulers. As a village, however, it is a space where money is concentrated on one side and less of another, and where the success of the another side is chiefly but not only defined by how much the another side can find means to have it diffuse to its side. Money as the basis of wealth will always diffuse.

Money is attracted by ideas. When you hear of major economies like Japan being stagnant or in up and down for quite a time it is because they lost the magic with ideas they once possessed. All is driven further by an increasingly aging but dwindling population.

The success of the likes of sub-Saharan Africa depends on how much ideas  are up to the notice of the global village. How much giants like Dangote are in the mix of the village’s competition.

The generation of personal wealth for most of us should know not what our world is now like. But it is an advantage to most who think of exporting into a variety of a market.

How to maintain your success gains and keep yourself succeeding

To gain is to obtain something you desire through the only input, effort. That effort need not to be wasted, and for it not to be wasted, an extra effort should be put forward by you to know your challenges and understand what you can do to overcome them.

1.      Develop an intense desire and positive qualities

Talents are always existing from within, but intense desire can help to make a talent more utilitarian. Those talents geared up by passion are the main drives of our success. Whatever the skills you might apply, there is always that next lever you can never reach without loving intensely what you are doing to be there.

To keep yourself at the top you also need to breed up two positive qualities, positive character and wisdom. Build your own set of ethics relevant to what you are trying to build. Maintain your ethics and let them govern your moral conduct. Be imaginary always. Maintain you good repute when dealing with your customers, never attempt to loot from them. Maintain your earlier habits if they were good and kill all the fear, hesitation and the habit of making all the things to be accomplished today to be done tomorrow.

2.      Knowledge is a great prerequisite ingredient. Keep seeking it.

A seeker of many things should understand the importance of knowledge. It is scarce yet it is the most important element. Without it one is just like a a 17th century sailor crossing the Atlantic without a compass. You can never keep up doing something if your knowledge base is not on par with the best expected in the arena.

The beauty of knowledge is it never ages. Also, it is never enough. Here we say there are three kinds of knowledge, including one of applying the knowledge you have appropriately, and they must work together within you.

3.      Observe and correct mistakes

Watching some people’s (and your own) past mistakes is like watching a chess game as an outside spectator. You can easily notice all of them all and what the player should have done to make a perfect play. Now, consider life as different game of such a sort. Understanding the past mistakes will help you to avoid the risks — unnecessary risks. You may get into them but you are now aware of how to avoid a foul.

4.      Choose friends and partners wisely

We are living in an age where we can’t resist people. Sometimes you need a capable team to get things done. Sometimes you need friends.

One thing about friendship when compared to you family is they come and go. But even for a single year before your friendship break up a friend can influence you more than a family does in 12 years. You are always ready to accept their values or to accept them into their work, and even their ideas as well.

Friends and partners can influence your business and conduct. They can either fill your future with haze or help you to focus more. When maintaining your gains try to choose those people (not really with focus) who can find sense in what you do to make the most innerly of your circle.

Sometimes your friends bring ideas. Do not resist, accept them. But do so after assessing and weighing up their ideas.

5.      Don’t diversify your income source as they say. Diversify what you specialise on!

The Netherlands once became a victim of having one product on the international market, specialising on it and having it the main pillar of the economy. When one day markets turned upside down on the natural gas and by-products, the country tumbled into what is still known as the Dutch disease. The Netherlands is a nation, here we discuss about you and me as individuals, persons who have been influenced to love big numbers. Yeah, we are biased towards numbers. We think there must be many more of it to have many more as an outcome. We are wrong.

Don’t have many balls to throw to get your income going viable, just make sure you are diversifying on what you are specialising on. Keep building more different cousins to your venture, learn about ways to make waste an input another product will need, have the knowledge, apply it, have the knowledge to apply the knowledge, put more capital into the business, master what you are doing, love it with all your heart, develop your own pattern of doing things, study your particular market, fix where vulnerable in you play, don’t just judge what you do judge yourself as well and allow yourself to be on the wrong side, make solutions that gives an upper hand to what you do, and don’t ever sleep thinking that tomorrow things will wake up fixed for you.

You don’t need to be a lawyer and a salesman. Remember that.

6.      Don’t take all obligations.

Life is full of obligations.

Take what’s necessary, positive and constructive.

When we’re are with no choice but to register our presence on various things in our lives. We are in obligations and we either receive them from the inside or the outside. But sometimes you just have to be absent. I am not saying stop being a mother, but I am saying challenge some things, when the you think you must be in the kitchen be out there for us, at least try, the society will catch up on you and will respect that you are no longer a domestic item.

Negatively, some obligations may ruin our time, strength, vision and purpose. There is an inclusion of various facets; addiction, habits, dependency and time destruction.

7.      Stop blaming

How easy and how convenient is it for us to blame everything and everybody for the things we have gone on in our lives. …stop being a bum-*ss lazy person.

~   Tyrese Gibson

 Dwelling your life on blaming, makes you to remain slothish. You can’t proceed either. Because a blamer is always blindfolded, he closes the chance to fix the main thing to all what his life is, himself. He can’t see that he can make himself better. He always think he missed the chance already and it was because of someone.

Now, if life is about chances, then it is always a good time to make it better, because chances and opportunities are endless just like the air you breath. You will definitely have it till the last breath. It’s never too late before it’s too late.

Here, at Informativus, we say the best opportunity available to you is you, and the convenience of it is you are always there for yourself. To be the best thing available for yourself allow yourself to be corrected by yourself, to get to know and accept that you can be wrong, and work on fixing what’s wrong about yourself. You need to be more and more efficient day by day if you are to keep proceeding, building yourself up.

How to get started and moving

How to get started

1.  Understand, first, the best way to get started is to just get started.

Fear of the unknown is part of that resistance pushing you back which does not only appears at the eve of the game, but when doing something new in the game; when repositioning, creating strategy shifts and risk-overcoming mechanisms. It strikes where there is nothing else to stand against it, where there is no confidence and self-belief within oneself.

Believe in yourself, just start. Keep that faith as you progress. There is a difference between a work that has been done without doubt and the one which has been done doubtingly. When venturing into something, it’s not only about getting started its about getting started powered by self-belief too. But you better have that knowledge pertaining to what you are undertaking, apply it accordingly. And you better have the best knowledge of all… the knowledge to apply knowledge.

2.   The reason for starting something is to get it done. The few you have can make it happen (if perfectly utilised).

Gather up what you need – capital, books, assets etc, but do so with effort and intense desire as you move forward. If you cant find all that you need to get started don’t let this turn you down. Just swiftly adjust yourself to a wartime budget. Remove from your savings and timetable everything that is ruining the progress of something you have envisioned and want it done.

When there was no bank to offer me a loan, which wouldn’t have ended up a loan if I had managed to secure earlier, but capital, my greatest tool to tackle my business, I allowed it to be four years of nothing but finding means to have the capital in my hands without the bank. In those four years, I earned knowledge of applying knowledge, another of tools essential to me which does not come cheap.

What is a tool? A tool is both a tool and a name. Both the tool and the name were invented by the human, for the purpose of having a noun, a word that would refer to a tool in his language, and for the purpose of having that tool to use for a particular task of many he faced. So, If you want something that may need a tool, a tool you don’t have, don’t wait but do yourself a favour. Invent your own tools.

3.   Empty everything. Focus!

Friends, parties, sports and games; as much as they entertain and makes our lives better they may ruin our time-to-focus. They occupy our weekends, they influence our decisions and change our direction. Therefore, if they are distractions or hindrances, keeping them out of the reach of our dreams as we aspire makes it better. You shall always have the time to enjoy, that is the beauty of it, but if now is some time for something else, it better be something else only at this time.

Distracting your distracting-behaviour makes it better.

Don’t even think of failure, if it comes along it is a part of your road to success. Failures are just like road humps. It will be good to take them as minor delays to your success and best to take them as something calling you into focusing.

You’re the best opportunity available to yourself and not anything else is. Look, the convenience of having yourself as a number-one opportunity available to you is you are always there for yourself even after anything negative like being fired.

4.   Have a goal to be addressed everyday and anytime suitable.

Goals just like in a story where a hero may have several missions to accomplish can never all be accomplished, because if they do they make a bad story; a story that ends in the thirteenth minute such that we have our hero Liam Neeson an Honest Thief surrendering millions of cash he stole and the two assigned FBI agents hands it over as evidence instead of what they actually did in the plot, which is attempting to steal it and have their biggest payday their government never afforded for them, pushing the story further. The thing is, you will fail a lot to have a classic story at the end of it. Many things will try to stop you, including people you trust. But the worst stopping that you must be afraid of is one caused by you.

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As you wake up in the morning make up a goal to get it addressed by the end of the day. Let their failure be nothing to stop you from fighting for your main goal.

Pin on the wall three-week goals, five-month goals, yearly goals and five-year goals. Long term goals are your main goals or your main mission. Don’t overload yourself with these main goals. Have some means to record bigger things in your life for future reference.

5.   Habit is not something within one’s system by birth: Create it!

Being accustomed to what you are fighting for is good. Once you dive in, allow yourself to be completely immersed. When you are immersed let your heartbeat for what you are immersed in. Don’t stop until you come out right, until you are capable of breathing under it, until you are a different breed of survivors. Habits are created in a slow build-up. Build habits that are more than necessary in what you intend to come up with.

Bring formality to your habits. What’s being said here is, it’s building a good habit to have more of your reading time increasing monthly you are a reader. But formality in such a habit is reading while seated on a chair and a reading desk/table than on your bed or the sofa.

6.   Stop procrastinating

It has been said procrastination is a waste of time. It is actually, but it was said also to be a habit of making something that was supposed or intended to get done today to be done on the morrow. Here we say, when you find yourself pushing things that are supposed to be today’s do to the morrow then you must know that there is something in you that keeps fooling one ‘you’re advancing’ whilst he is stagnant.

The future is not a place we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths to it are not found but made. That was a political theorist J.H. Schaar bringing these words to us, and I love the way he said it. You don’t travel to the future, you, right there, create it and you can only have it if you crate it. And if you need it urgently, why not creating something now.

Don’t do something because it makes you feel contented about your progress as you go through it, do it because it’s worth it. Aim to develop further.

Things to say about Talents

A talent is anything that makes one better able in something else without effort, except when that effort is to enhance the talent, playing its part.

Some rare talents are never to respect their own existence, they only show up to the world to waste themselves there, go down so fast.

So, where one’s talent (the host) is detested, and not the host, there’s not the future for the host of the talent.

And there are a thousand ways to kill a passion. One is not really staying away from it but staying away from where it can be addressed by you, and so rightly. A passion is not a talent, it is rather intangible and it is grease to many things including the talent itself.

If it is forgotten to be treated well and to lifted up by its host no one can be there to do better what the host of the talent is destined to do for it. No one will keep going through the host’s breakdown spots to crane someone’s talent out without self-interest or rare love driving him/her.

The best to succeed are not really people with a talent over something but persons who curves out many out of the few they are or they possess. It takes a lot–pain, sweat, disciple and many other positives, to curve out a many out of the few.

A talent itself has its surroundings in its host— the host’s education or the lack thereof, the lust, justified or not, for pleasure or otherwise, the host’s excessive hardness to external pressure vowing to mold it into bitterness or your softness, the hosts hardworkingness and the minds and mentality behind it and so on. Some surroundings of a talent within the host like the lack of education or too much of it can’t be changed but can be toxic when allowed to be above all the positive ones.

The surroundings of a talent discovers a talent, kills a talent and are what makes a talent big. They can be anything possible to it, an enemy or a saviour.