Ambition and desire. What you must know about these two makers of success?

‘Bambino! Ambition is a strong desire,’ that’s what my grandfather told me, breaking down the word in my mother tongue but Bambino alone (I really hated being a Bambino, as it was a strange thing to be). I was only 8 when I asked him what ambition is, and that was after I had read a book with short success stories. I still remember again the story in which I probably found this word for the first time, and I was struggling to read it. (Grandfather’s hints were powerful and I loved to read in his presence.) It was about an African lady (she played a sales-girl part in this James Bond movie) who co-ended up with a cosmetic company, Kubi. Patience played a big part in her journey. I can’t remember the story well and how she started but I have a lot of my childhood memories to share with someone if only I’m asked to.

Before you get what you desire, give what you want to result in what you desire what it desires to finally result in what you desire.

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As a noun, desire can cover usages that are reserved for ambition. It seems, however, that among the two, an ambition can contain a lot of desires. But there are slight differences between an ambition and a desire in that while both are the longing for, the need to get or to do and get over it in the way expected within ambition moves you while desire get you to move towards it or towards what you desire.

Desire as in the book Odyssey

If you desire something, there is a hundred per cent chance that you are not fulfilled. “Are you fulfilled or not?” That may be the question irrationally asked by your heart or that irrational mind. If not fulfilled you move towards what you desire. Desire is all rational. And this is how desire was used in Odyssey [Samuel Butler translation], one of the oldest books in history:

…while Autolycus desired his sons to get dinner ready.


May heaven grant you in all things your heart’s desire.

Odyssey: Ulysses talking to Nausicaa

I am sure he’s an excellent person, and I hope Jove will grant him his heart’s desire.

Odyssey: Aegyptius addressing men of Ithaca

She will be frightened, and will desire you to go to bed with her…

Odyssey: Book X, Aeolus, The Laestrygones Circe

May king Jove grant all happiness to Telemachus, and fulfil the desire of his heart.

Ulysses to Eumaeus

A desire is a special want to the heart, created by the heart, it is a passion, including for sex, and it is a wish. So you feel the desire. You have to achieve to be fulfilled. You have to get to be satisfied. When you are with a desire you are desiring you get to want something done or in your hands because you are by feeling not satisfied without it. Your emotions are in, too. And before you can get what you desire that desire is only a wish.

My ambition was a ‘donated’ one

Sadly, my grandfather died last year, 17 December (that aside), and I wrote this post weeping. He made a fellow I am today and, concisely, he was once my mom and my dad. He induced some ambition in me. A chemist-observer would say he ‘donated’ that ambition as if some fragments of ambition were patched into my little self.

Have you ever cherished something because someone pushes (mine was a soft-push) you to do so, directly or indirectly? My grandfather urged on me, I can say. He induced that ambition in me.

Every month it had became a norm, ‘I can’t buy you something special if you haven’t managed to achieve this …and this’. Life coaches encourage good friends around one because where this can all end is not only ideas shared but ambition. The donors of such ambition should stay to keep donating it.

Ambition as mindful desire

A desire is about satisfying the heart after it questions the status of your satisfaction and you admitting that you are not satisfied. An ambition brings rationality in, to transition any desires existing into mindful ones. You build an ambition through what you want (desire), how you want it (planning and expectations), the best means available to you to get it (your resources). But building an ambition, which is a process, is nothing at all if there is no next stage after the building process. The building process is like a dream, it won’t mean anything if the dreamer doesn’t get out of bed and work according to the dreams of the past night.

There are negative ambitions, too. Pitful ambition. Shallow ambitions. Because ambitions are simply built out of any foundation, negative or positive.

Ambition; Energy and goals.

But he has no ambition and no energy. He will not even go out of his way to verify his own solution, and would rather be considered wrong than take the trouble to prove himself right

Arthur Conan Doyle, Adventure IX, The Greek Interpreter

But he has no ambition and no energy; that is some serious detective talk there. The usage of energy and ambition in one line makes it fair to conclude that ambition needs to be that type of energy with its own goals, not a single goal. You can’t just strive for something you are not yet done registering it as a goal. An aggregate of goals together and a lot of energy powering them behind with an intention to achieve a single destination makes a healthy ambition moving you through a lot of desires towards what you want to achieve.

Goals need energy to be accomplished. The fusion is what ambition contains.

The energy in an ambition is that type of energy that can come and disappear at any time, and goals can exist without it. The uselessness of both when the one is missing and the other is calling for the presence of the other surely stands. A goal can never get addressed perfectly without some inner energy. Similarly, energy without any strategic goals can lead one into a disastrous fate.

Ambition is definitely something quite disputed but it’s never everything. Many agents are needed for one to be successful one day. It all depends on the type of success, the scale of success you may want to achieve and where you want to achieve it. Is it leadership or just loving the human race?

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Ambition can be on achieving negative destinations. A destination is just a name.


Have you noticed the relationship? The energy makes you reach the destination. It makes you move. But how can you move blindfolded, without the goals, you will never reach the destination. On the same note, given the direction, you will never go anywhere without moves.

Why ambition shoud include energy?

English borrowed ambition from Latin between the 14th century and the 16th centuries. The unsettledness of politicians in Ancient Rome when persuading the city to vote for them was unmatched and that was ambitio.