My reasons for dropping college: This is how to define learning

Reasons for dropping out of college

Chapter_5_Learning is being taught or teaching yourself or being answered.

(1) Being taught or teaching yourself. (2) Being answered when you ask, being given a question to answer, or being answered before you know that something is even a question.

Chapter 1: How do I get paid? Paid through the qualification and paid through certificates
Chapter 2: How do I get paid? Paid through the mind
Chapter 3: (Current Chapter)

There is so much the two types of learning in the definition can do to a human. By being taught, you’re only affluent in knowledge without the engine behind your mind affluent. Your mindset and mentality can still let you down after five libraries put in the mind which it exist to move.

Learning through “answers and questions” is a gun powder put into the gun so that your brains, after bullets are loaded in, won’t be silent when you pull the trigger. Among people who learned through “answers and questions” some achieved greatness without having to be educated much. And they made history. It is after such learning when your mind gets you into what you must do and not to what others are doing, and yourself becomes the answer to the situation you have, then you as a nation, and move on to address it.

When you face the situation you don’t isolate it when you’re a ‘student through questions”. You add it to one big situation and then explain it. While I was travelling on foot to the campus a 13.4 km journey forth and back in my last two semesters, I didn’t take this situation as emanating from my parent’s salaries depreciating in value and also overloaded with lots to buy but to see it as part of poverty which became a bigger situation I had to address by avoiding the salary itself and bake an idea to sell and, later, think ultimately becoming an industrialist. I told myself that I am poor, that we have had all of the village’s finest parties before as a family between 2003 and early 2006 while the nation’s economy was in a decline to intensify our poverty instead of building structures that could free us from the salary but get us to employ more than ten people and help ourselves up as well as our country up.

Dear Reader (sorry for the diversion): I wasn’t yet a teenager between 2003 and 2003, my date of birth is not yet far into the past. But in June/July of 2021, I ceased to say “they used to spend a lot and failed us,” but to take it as “we were not good at keeping our family time violence-free” when discussing my past with myself or sharing it to anyone else. That way I hoped to have all the past that includes me as its outcome forgiven by me but not forgotten and it’s all for future reference. As well, I am not writing to offend. The usage of ‘you’, is not a finger pointing at the reader.

When learning through it, the situation must become one discourse as MBA is. The university, just like primary and secondary then high schools behind it, only teaches, that was my conclusion. It doesn’t answer questions. It failed to answer a simple question, “How do we get paid, afterwards?” The university’s own material is immersed into accepting submission, and it works to keep it under the whole capitalist system and to keep poor nations poor. We are taught to write the papers free, not to know how publishing companies work in case we may wish to grow and end up with one such company.

Teachings look at who to give blame and turning any topic personal. Questions and answers are all about addressing the situation, the bigger situation containing any situation at the moment, hence building one’s vision and not only creativity (because creativity without a vision is water being carried in one’s hands, not through a container). The Asian tigers didn’t waste time because they quickly answered themselves in their approach and realised that they needed to export goods with value to end their poverty while others were building teachings conceiving industrialisation and exporting unethical. Starting weak, they industrialised and managed to be far ahead of Ghana, a nation that gained its independence three years after the Korean war in 1957. Their approach allowed them to see difficulty as anyone else should. Difficult is not impossible.

In Ghana, President Kwame dived deep into Neo-colonialism. Only he explained our poverty not addressing it. He is a great name and I praise him but his approach failed because it is what fails the most. When you start to blame or by blaming you have to think a lot to come up with the right material to blame with. (SubjectMe [Personal Diary] says: You have one mind and when it is loud somewhere it is silent somewhere.) You silence your mind so that it can forget to address the situation. Difficult becomes impossible as it was “impossible” for any African nation to industrialise. I did not only go after it but I killed the possibility of my staying into a model, the most respected between the two, that has been grooming me towards a better salary for almost two decades.