Catching and not having it in your hands

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29Apr2021-Thu. During this time of the year, the distance increases between the sun and the southern hemisphere, where my home is located, resulting in the temperatures going cooler there. After casting my nets for the night’s catch on 28 April on a deep site which is what catching fishermen do when the river gets colder (the fish occupies deeper pools to bask in stock of some warmer layers of water and this may allow them to keep feeding).

I felt the season’s chill punishing. The following day when I went to the river to check if my nets had achieved something, my decision was to pull the nets straight from the water while standing outside and pack them for the home where I would pluck the fish from them. All was haste until the unexpected slowed it down not only for the moment but for the day. While I dragged the nets off the water in the manner stated, a fish (Labeo forskalii/Plain Shark) that was reported by a database of fish species, Fishbase, to reach a documented maximum length 36 cm), was in for the drag and it was around 36cms in length. It could have become my personal record but it didn’t because it slipped from the nets; it being caught partially through its dorsal fin and its fleshy lips that makes it a labeo.

The call, one not to be resisted, ‘is come again, and come again next time not only knowing this but ready to do what you know if you are to succeed’.

The frustration of losing what would have become my personal trophy led me into kicking stones enraged. It was a great personal loss a fisherman could not wish to come across because those personal records can make one fisherman feel like a fisherman for sure. As for me, the whole village could have gathered around to see it and I imagined myself placing a ruler aside it and photograph it. But I lost it before that could happen.

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I didn’t lose. I won something. Next time, so I learned, if I am to have something of this magnitude in my hands, I must be in the water not on the river banks, I must be in the cold not in my jacket, taking the unpleasant cold not the warmth because those few minutes are what gives records or shatter them; compensate fairly the fisherman’s patience or dispirits him/her. I caught a fish, in a big size not documented before in the river as a fisherman, I lost it before none could witness it. Such happen in real life when you get so close to something and have nothing in the final end. The call, one not to be resisted, ‘is come again, and come again next time not only knowing this but ready to do what you know if you are to succeed’.

The best opportunity available to me was me. I lost it because I couldn’t push myself further to get what was mine. Because I couldn’t be in the water, worrying about catching a cold what was mine ceased to be.

That best opportunity available, if it is to be available to oneself, requires oneself to push him/herself further if it is to be realised. You the best opportunity. Prove that you’re there for you.

Meeinrad Socien

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