What to chase after? Chase for rare opportunities.

What to chase after in life? This is a good question to ask because every second you meet a situation in which you must decide between two or more things; between what’s good and what’s bad; between what’s present and what’s absent; between what’s satisfying in the present and what may bring satisfaction in the future, and so on. In our journeys to greatness or our demise, the choices we make are then followed by priorities and motives to determine the extent of our success.

Chase for things that you will never have a chance to once gone

If you don’t get into marriage at eighteen it means at twenty you can get a chance, if not so at twenty-five you can get it, if not at twenty-five maybe at thirty-five or later than that. It is exceptionally your thing that one day you will be in marriage if you want to be in a marriage one day. But most of the time we fight hard for the things that are exceptionally ours, the things we can get any time later than now, and forget the things that if not achieved now there is never to be a chance, ever.

If I lose that interview for a top job, chances are I will not find another top job interview earlier. It’s a chance that if erased it’s erased for sure and I can’t have a voice at it. It is what to chase after and fight for.

If a certain type of cancer crouches into a family. Then suddenly it’s curable for the time being before it gets into an incurable stage at a cost that can leave the family three times poorer than it is now. Wasting money on it is better than not. Because curing it now is a chance that if erased it won’t be available two years after whilst money is a different thing.

If you chase for the things that are rare and simply wait for those that are exceptionally yours and, therefore, not rare to you, you can flourish. By doing so you are approaching your desire and have it result in more positives than negatives as desire can be toxic. Because by default we are bound to simply chase after the things that are exceptionally ours, save that money in the account while a family member suffers from that cancer. The thing is those things that are exceptionally ours are enticing.

At the family level, in corporate systems, at the national level and in religious organisations, some decisions made wrongly involved chasing after things that were exceptional and not rare to the group. Nokia foresaw the hints of its downfall in early 2009 when the iPhone’s form-factor was proving to be a big deal. Instead of just delivering a complete device that would be at the market with more than iPhone’s offering they simply put only a camera to their usual hardware, those things they had become experts in delivering. A capable Operating System was needed and the money to even give developers with the most downloads, free, and therefore build a perfect app store by subsidizing developers with numerous downloads. A fluid capacitative touchscreen instead of the “ATM touchscreen tech”/TFT resistive touchscreen was needed. That screen came in November 2009, almost three years after Apple had introduced it.

There are times when new strengths must be built instead of just investing in those we have already. Chasing must be reserved for what’s rare or what’s not in our possession. That being said there are sometimes when something is not rare but just a thing not in our possession. At a personal level, this even inhibits building more better habits. Useful ones we don’t have are always left out in the habit-building system in favour of strengthening the ones in us already.

Success is rare than the opposite of it. Sadness is just an inch away from you while happiness is miles off. Spreading your bed every morning you wake up is a habit as easier to live in than other habits that must be involved in building your true path. So, it’s success, it’s happiness, building the true path to success, among other things, that you must chase after.

I will still breathe the same~Monologue and minimalism.

Give me a quick coming-fast elevation to the top of the mountain. I will still breathe the same. I am not superhuman, and that means any other can still make it to the same top of the mountain.

I will still breathe the same. Quote
I will still breathe the same

Decorate me with the most expensive jewellery on the planet. My nerves won’t change their colour. Deep down the glittering, I am still a human living in earthly terms. Will still breathe the same.

Cove me in and out with your full loyalty. I will not become bulletproof as I will still breathe the same. My end is always near as it appears far. In fact, when I imagine sharing this world with ancestors born hundreds of years ago I think of how lower could have become my privileges from the day I was born. My not totally being invincible is so much of some good news to the future after my departure because someone there in the place called future is waiting to correct my mistakes. That better version of me in the place called the future will be born to work better and correct mistakes in my absence.

I can start the fire and provide warmth for the mindless. But I always burn depleting my power each day until I am no more. That alone is a testimony that I wasn’t meant to run alive forever. I can be classy to work perfectly as a machine. But even with proper conditioning and greasing myself with a good diet, my hands can still get to turn shaky in my trend downwards.

I can live terribly or incredibly. I can live any way I wish. Living the proper way is not in the wishes. It is from defining carefully proper living. It is living purposefully. Therefore, I will live the same.

Long-term benefits must be what I look for when I engage in anything. The true value in me is nothing but my existence. The fact that I am going to die at the end of it is encouraging. Because where I fail there is always someone to come after me and correct it. So I love it when I fail and fail to get it right. The future of mine is infinity.

Get me under the thickets. Lock me behind bars for years. I will come out not shattered. I will come out with a purpose. Because normally my attention and effort goes into my needs and wants. If there is a third thing to put my attention and effort into it must be a purpose.

Hurt me once. I recover before you finish hurting me. I forgive you before you even forget it. It is above all strengths to be strong on the inside than outside. I cherish my inner superiority. It doesn’t die easy, and it’s never polarised to lose its sight to see in the haze.

I would rather be under the feet of the whole world and stay there unnoticed and be well up above in my world, notice myself and discover my capabilities. I am always high when I am down.

And I will still breathe the same.

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Monologue is when we pick up our voice recorders and say things through them on a random topic non-stop, only to do nothing with those words said but to publish them. Here are more Motivational monologues.

“You’re great. Be great!” Motivational words to boost your confidence.

Be great. Don’t wait to be given free. Free yourself from donors. For they are like a whetstone, they can give you the sharpness of the moment that isn’t in your make.

Starve yourself to be able to feed yourself. When you starve and believe that your starving can only end through you, you bring yourself to any rain and thunder and grow yourself through those few things you are and stand up.

Harden yourself through standing firm where others are being given free. Buying is not a shortcut. Shortcuts don’t lead to a destination you’ll love.

Let them be ahead. Let them build their houses. Don’t feel that you’re being left behind. Master building your foundation in the air so that you can be able to fly. Be great.

There are things in life you can only achieve after failing to admire those ahead and the means that got them ahead. They are things in life you can only achieve after admiring yourself and your capabilities. Success is failure to be unsuccessful.

There is always a person who is not up to his/her potential s/he isn’t adding up to the things going on in his/her life. When things are so, be not absent in your life. Stand up and tinker yourself like a smith tasked to supply swordsmen who are about to enter war but with not tools to begin with.

The biggest mountain you can move for yourself is you. You don’t wait for anoyone to move it, you don’t die trying move it, you do it to give to give your life what you intent to achieve. Be motivated by not having and having to have it through mostly yourself because you can be motivated to have more; and believe that more is not the ticket behind more; that it’s you behind more.

Help yourself. The rock is slippery. If you stretch another hand looking for one up above snatch it and help you up, you’re subtracting all you have to get the grip on that rock. It’s painful to be hopeless without the help from the one above you.

Help yourself. Don’t wait to be given free. Yourself is great. Make yourself great. Harden yourself and face the battle with sharpness that can last.

You are great. Be great.

Success is the depth of success in your definition

Success is the depth of success in your definition. A river is any river of any depth. The depth of a river is defined by mother nature. Sometimes you don’t need to stay a river of a shallow depth because you can pour your muscle into theirs free, and build them into rivers of greater strength and depth.

Your depth must not be limited by anything. You’re in charge. Wake up every morning to cook your future but don’t do this out of the most shallow vision if you want to grow deep.

Any definition of a discourse is a starting point to the discourse itself. Success is practice. You cannot come up right after defining it well the then forget to work for it.

What makes a person successful is discipline, and not discipline alone, hardworking, and not hardworking alone, persistence, and not it alone, knowledge and experience applied and not these alone—capital and one’s capability to harness is, but not it alone. It takes a wonderful gymnasium at home to build your body but not it alone. Success is a packed dish, if more ingredients are to be packed in it, its success is in the time and attention given to each by the chef.

You cook for yourself.

Success is like a facade. Bricks or wood rarely go alone from foundation to the roof. Success is a facade, the kind of you have no authority to hire contractors to work on it on your behalf if it is yours you’re building. So you’re the one to learn how to lay a foundation and lay it, how to stick bricks together with cement of work, and how to mix the right mixture of cement in your brains, and who to hang out with to inspect your work as an advisor and helper. When you get to the roof clear, you cover facade well knowing that your persistence and patience made you great, that each day that ever came to life in your sight was like a patient visiting your private surgery in need of intensive attention and with a suitcase loaded with cash just for you when you get the surgery right.

After all, real success, when it comes, should never get you into regretting why coming your way, or why coming your way that was. Not ever.

Learn to admit that you’re wrong and it’s not their fault. To end up correct.

In eighty per cent. of the times when there is a wrong either involving you or hurting you be either wrong inside. I say eighty per cent. because it is not much of the time you admit a wrong just to be punished for doing so. I say admit because when you do, you don’t blame someone. If you don’t admit much of the wrongs involving you or affecting you don’t see the right course of action to pick; you don’t create solutions but dead ends. You blame that’s the end of it. An end that is you visually impaired.

Admitting is the start of any quest. Admitting that you don’t have for example can result in you getting to look for what you don’t have. And if you admit that you’re poor you are different from one who thinks that he is not poor when he is. You are likely to walk out of poverty and be the most balanced individual with respect to the human race. Admitting the wrong (which is your poverty) instead of taking it as solely a problem by someone is a good starting point.

You need to start by admitting because most of the time when you take a wrong as yours or partly yours you correct it. When you find yourself in tension with a loved one admitting that the fault is partly yours can help to create a common solution. If they accept their part, if you do, the solution to come after is a solution with both contributions to the problem it is neutralising. You act quick when you admit. You throw some action where it is needed. Some solutions works depending on the angle you are putting them from. Hot solutions can burn. Calm ones with your part in them give you the power to make more and be meaningful in life.

Life is a one-time event but it’s a container of millions of wrongs, perfections, mere misses, good deeds, follow-ups and more. You as an individual must make the lanes. The requirements behind perfections are fault-free actions behind, including wrongs that are corrected to bake corrections. You don’t correct without having to admit much of the wrongs you are involved in, your history is involved in, their part of history is involving yours. Admitting is the first step behind a correction. Admitting that a correction is needed begins by accepting the wrongs that define the extent to which a correction can go. The level of perfection is a mileage that you can go with accepting the wrongs. When you’re not happy, dive into your part causing your lack of happiness before you look into theirs. Gather the long-term causes involved in your sadness first. Flirt with the short-term causes last.

It’s courage. To face yourself and say “you’re wrong for being this, for getting used to this, for being bad at this, for not mending this.” It is frightening not to be looking at them and say “they caused this I am, they harmed me, they were sleeping and I am covering their job, who am I to clean up someone’s mess.” Courage is bravery. You’re brave when you face yourself.

It’s someone’s mess. It may be. But it is yours now when it is involving your life. Your dad wasn’t a good dad. If you keep on being a bad child the pain is yours to feel. Admit that you can be a bad child before you think of someone behind that. For a reaction is big when the catalyst is inside. For reaction is zero when there is not a catalyst. She is your wife but are you being her husband. Admit so that you give first before you expect to be given. So that you understand that a loss is a gain.

You’re not in the court and no one can punish you for being wrong. Admit. Close your eyes. Open your mind and have it see deep inside you. For closing your eyes is not sleeping and inside you there is a bigger word to see. See and put what you must put to shame to shame. You are a human. Shameful is not you. Shameful is what you may contain. You’re a container.

You must admit that wrongs can be you without you having been there when they were made. Admitting is the first step. Doing something is another. Doing something with your doing something is again another. Engineers keep on modifying their work in the inside and but it’s natural and artificial forces it is designed to face, forces that are outside. When they put their work that way the result is the best work ever done.

Someone who is guilt doesn’t sit down and relax. He stands and fights like one involved. He doesn’t have to wait for them to fight for him. Be guilty in eight if the ten times and save yourself.

The pleasure is mine (A motivational monologue explaining satisfaction/comfort zone ruining success)

It came before money. Give me a life under a dollar a day, I can still enjoy. Pleasure is not defined by an income. It satisfies. I cannot argue that it’s happiness. I expect it. I yearn for it. I go for it. It is my income that buys it. It can never buy my income or my success.

Like a generation before me. I couldn’t reason that while young, income-wise, it is wiser not to put pleasure first. An income doesn’t grow out of anything that doesn’t buy it. An income is at risk when it only buys.

My other biggest mistake is considering a salary as just a salary, pocket money as just pocket money and donations as donations. Because bigger ideas are baking in my mind. They are a mixture of dough enough to supply a bigger town and a bigger market. For the market to have a bite I am addicted to thinking that I need millions or real money. I forget that I can start low and grow. I relax. I forget to start low. I buy myself more pleasure because any quality or quantity of an income has its own format of pleasure to buy.

I think that I don’t have real money. I think real money is borrowed. When I discover myself not illegible to borrowing real money I stay put. I let my mixture dough to go bad and die undiscovered.

The pleasure is always mine.

I cover my pleasure with drinking where the average crowd does. Pleasure is not opposed. It is justified. I think as well that luxuries are part of pleasure. I buy luxuries as soon as I afford them. Big brands make money through me.

I relax. Waiting for my shallow watering hole to naturally fill up and to quench my thirst. I don’t bake mortar to build bigger things in life. I blame someone for creating an unequal system. Yet, my thirst doesn’t end by drinking. It takes squandering to kill it.

I know that money is a medium of exchange. But when I get it I don’t exchange it with positive goodies in my life. I waste it.

The pleasure is always mine. It is how I define success.

I see life as too short. Everyone do. I then think that its only purpose is to be recklessly enjoyed. I forget to build a positive legacy that will stay after my departure.

They work harder. I do. When they think before working harder, putting their brains first. I also do. I don’t take letting my brains go over the work as an essential step. They do.

When they go the extra mile to turn their thinking into a takeoff.  I sleep. When they fly I wake up and fall into pleasure. For I think life is short, that they will be grounded and under the ground one day as I will be.

When nails holding pieces on my inadequate ladder suddenly turn into something to buy my pleasure. I don’t hesitate. I buy. Someone just turns those nails into something. When my ladder is nothing left or remains nothing I join someone’s or keep myself at someone’s.

I believe that I was born to be given a place to stay at lower part of someone’s ladder. I forget that to climb or have mine back I need to quit some of my pleasures. That to fly I need to mind my own business.

I enjoy killing my time. I detest what I become after wasting my time. Killing the time is a requirement in each pleasure. Requirements sum up to become all I have. All I have is now guaranteed no to multiply. I don’t see pleasure as my worst enemy.

The pleasure is mine. I see it as good life.

Others I pleasure with ruin their houses as I do. They however build new ones in the horizon with the same rubbles so that they can fly. The difference is what they are deep down that I don’t see when we are together. I failed to build my deep-down-self. I don’t see it as a position to have my wings fixed. But any plane flying is with wings connecting with inner components.

Motivational: The big problem in my life is me not them …I blame


Give me the A words and the F words. I will call myself stupid or any derogatory word. If that is all to wake me up, it will be my pleasure.

I haven’t tried all alarms to wake me up. I think the one that says I am the vast problem in my failing to wake up is the greatest choice. This time I want to be in charge. I know where to take the jersey. I wait for someone to cover me up. As I wait, I forget that I can do it myself. I suffer. I pretend not to know the cause.

I blame someone. And it’s easy. But I need to stop.

I conclude that I am not finding without learning that I haven’t searched. When others fight hard I think I am doing the same. Their success is a result of them correcting their inner selves and increasing efficiency. I think it’s all because they are on the right side of luck. That the greatest opportunity in my life is me, I forget.

I think it is always someone not giving me the keys and the elevator to the stories of my success façade. I blame. It’s easy but nothing is getting to flow smoothly.

I want to be up there flying. I detest to uplift myself. I want to be happy but I keep others sad. I don’t pay. I want to be paid. They say money is the medium of exchange. I exchange it with the worst junk in my life. I buy pleasure, the commodity available to us all despite our poverty or wealth. I buy only pleasure, I deny my responsibilities. I am satisfied. I blame.

I want common problems to be solved. I never admit my part in the whole problem. So when the solution comes it misses my part in it. And I expect it to be a common solution.

I see a king. I see a queen in myself but I am nothing. Only seeing greatness in myself without working for it keeps me grounded. I am satisfied. I don’t act. They told me the human mind and body works by addiction. My addiction is in the negative.

When will I learn that those who work both in imagination and reality to understand the world in every sense are the greater part of what populates the world’s history?

As far as you think you know the river, know it’s source. The situation tells me. I just sleep and slump.

The mountain to be moved is not there. It is inside me. I must move that mountain. I will move it. I need to stop blaming.

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Monologue is when we pick up our voice recorders and say things through them on a random topic non-stop, only to do nothing with those words said but to publish them. Here are more Motivational monologues.

  • Grow don’t establish yourself. This mentality created the likes of Samsung from as little as what can only be $470 in 2021. They had to start and grow without a Stock Exchange or credit line functioning in Korea.

Growing in strength on monologue

It is all about going from one stage to another and another stage to another. So, I am not worried about where I am today because I, like anyone else, have the power inside me, the power to grow from strength to strength.  I, unlike anyone else, however, discovered that power, realised that its there withinside me. And I adjusted myself, my mindset and my everything to it. I allowed myself to be pushed by it and nothing else, not to resist that power, the power to grow.

The moment I try to resists it I am no longer moving. I solidify at one place, and I no longer move no matter how much slope, how much good conditions for my movement are there.

Mapping and claiming more of my space around me, at one place is not growth. It is establishment and it satisfies not to be moving and, so, that way, not falling down. So establishment makes its steps, good initial steps, good education, good start into economic life and stable presence in anything but then decide not be any bigger than that.

More from the motivational monologue

Monologue is when we pick up our voice recorders and say things through them on a random topic non-stop, only to do nothing with those words said but to publish them.

Moving inner mountains: The bigger problem may not be them but the one facing it. The solution is not blaming them but one acting on that problem.

Motivational: I make my money run, I am not kind to it

Money is at the center of everything now. They way I behave around it, concerning it, for it, etc., and handle it, is the way it will treat me. So I tell myself to make that money run, not to be kind to it but to give it the best run out of my pockets, but running out o my pockets with my very thinking brains smeared at it. After that I must be sure that it can do nothing except running back into my pockets five-fold.

Me and money, it goes beyond tit-for-tat. It’s tit-for-more-tats. If I am to spend it by throwing it into fire today, tomorrow it will throw me into the fire five-fold. Our friendship can end at any time or start at anytime, and I know the rules that I am expected to put myself under to keep our friendship alive.

I am never afraid of money losing me and it losing me because each time I lose it I make sure it is in a way that allows it to look back at me and give me a tat that is positive, a tat that mean my wallet balance going up. In the Western world they couldn’t explain this ‘tat principle’ for me so they invented the word risk and flooded it to many of us, while this ‘tat principle’ was kept secretly by the few, the few who rule it.

More from the motivational monologue

Monologue is when we pick up our voice recorders and say things through them on a random topic non-stop, only to do nothing with those words said but to publish them.

  1. Don’t grow yourself don’t establish yourself. The motivational monologue takes the campaign higher. A poor Korea without a credit line or a Stock Exchange System plus what can be $470 in 2021 was Samsung’s start.