“You’re great. Be great!” Motivational words to boost your confidence.

Be great. Don’t wait to be given free. Free yourself from donors. For they are like a whetstone, they can give you the sharpness of the moment that isn’t in your make.

Starve yourself to be able to feed yourself. When you starve and believe that your starving can only end through you, you bring yourself to any rain and thunder and grow yourself through those few things you are and stand up.

Harden yourself through standing firm where others are being given free. Buying is not a shortcut. Shortcuts don’t lead to a destination you’ll love.

Let them be ahead. Let them build their houses. Don’t feel that you’re being left behind. Master building your foundation in the air so that you can be able to fly. Be great.

There are things in life you can only achieve after failing to admire those ahead and the means that got them ahead. They are things in life you can only achieve after admiring yourself and your capabilities. Success is failure to be unsuccessful.

There is always a person who is not up to his/her potential s/he isn’t adding up to the things going on in his/her life. When things are so, be not absent in your life. Stand up and tinker yourself like a smith tasked to supply swordsmen who are about to enter war but with not tools to begin with.

The biggest mountain you can move for yourself is you. You don’t wait for anoyone to move it, you don’t die trying move it, you do it to give to give your life what you intent to achieve. Be motivated by not having and having to have it through mostly yourself because you can be motivated to have more; and believe that more is not the ticket behind more; that it’s you behind more.

Help yourself. The rock is slippery. If you stretch another hand looking for one up above snatch it and help you up, you’re subtracting all you have to get the grip on that rock. It’s painful to be hopeless without the help from the one above you.

Help yourself. Don’t wait to be given free. Yourself is great. Make yourself great. Harden yourself and face the battle with sharpness that can last.

You are great. Be great.

Achievements and success. What makes up the lives of achievers?

Achievers seek and share Ideas

Ask any achiever… What makes up life full of achievements are ideas possessed and not wasted. But because idea is a big word (even in music melodic subject of a musical composition is an idea) the importance of ideas as a basic makeup of achievements is hard to decipher. Not only to understand but to consider it as so (a basic ingredient in success).

Achievers create, copy, adopt, share and make ideas they possess better and better.

We may live for something. We only live through ideas and what we produce.

They are unique and ‘self-isolated’

They always wake up with a purpose. They then work on their path up thinking of and planning a different purpose apart from the one in their current work to get them further and to wake up in the morrow. Because they are always up with a different purpose. Some achieving people seem to be out of the community or the family they are living with. Some people watching may sense egotism or pridefulness out of these, while it’s not. It’s a line they help to draw that separates them from what’s average, and a line the average side puts half of the ink it stands in.

A change in values push them to the side where few folks are included. That change doens’t come free with the inclination to act toward attaining goals behind anything envisioned.

Always time consciousness

When each generation is alive the choices individuals in it make are bad or good. The winning choices from the bad side or the good make up what the offspring can face. Anything like such happens under the right scope of time. Good things happen through those who are aware of time, that there is no minute to waste and no second for a haste.

Achievers are not only concerned about increasing the time you spent on something but increasing effort and concentration also. Because it may happen out of time, but everything happens through time. Difference is done and made both on time and in time.

Time is always under the owners’ control. It’s a resource, a nonrenewable one, that always exists as a special separate idle entity or asset in life, if untouched. To make it ‘time’ or to utilise it perfectly, an activity has to be assigned to it and done accordingly, and that assigning will be investing time, not spending time. That activity should be a goal.

Eager to share what they have produced

Because they have sought ideas from somewhere on their rise they try to impart some ideas and experiences that made them achievers. ‘A decline’ happening in later years of one’s life, experts have argued, must be populated with leaving your mark where it is needed.

What makes a great rise is likely to be a focus on what you need to and must live through instead of what you live for. Be open as a charity before you rise, you cannot get to. But after achievements or withing your achieving you need to give your life a purpose to leave a mark.

Do you imagine that the only poets in the world are those who print their verses?

Gobseck by Honoré de Balzac

Gobseck is Gobesck, poets who are remebered after departure for good generously print their work.

They possess self-discipline.

What’s discipline? It is doing the right things at the right time or doing the right things the wrong way. Discipline makes you do things anyway in time. Lack of resources can pull anyone down but never as to the determined. The ‘Tony Robbins understanding’ has it that “the defining factor (for success) is never resources it’s resourcefulness”.

It forges a way where there is not. It is an understanding of the situation and is, in practice, actions following the understanding. The rarest understanding gets achievers to do what they do in a way unimagined by others and therefore wrong but not negative. Discipline is the greatest voice on the inside taken out to speak deeds.

Discipline is an essential makeup of one’s future and it is the central factor, a bridge to success. It works with all of the prerequisites to success, money, education, perfect partners, etc., but where it is alone it stand out, it makes a good choice ever to be executed by a generation, that future kids will have a chance to commend on it, citing that their fathers and mothers were not financially sound when they build their sound footings but they did what was right.

What’s important is perfection in everything

Achievers try to perfect everything even those little things they consider to be the smallest things that matter among the list of their priorities. This is a very hard and achievable thing. The scale one puts at attempting to perfect everything surely translate into the scale of his success. Perfection is an extra number achieved added to where the speedometer ends. It is not speed itself. It is the best among the positives one can do when there is a need.

It has been said (and it’s a good thing not to credit the words to anyone since the quote is disputed if not Chinese) when something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. For an amateur boxer told me that him missing a single training session as a boxer subtracts from his winning possibility. Attending it adds up a winning chance.

They lose but they never give up.

Everyone is a loser of some sort. But there is a clear distinction between giving up losers and hopeful losers. A hopeful loser has been in haze and he can be in the haze right now, but he sees light coming through slashing the oblivion away. Nothing will stop him. Losing makes up her winning tactics. Scepticism is not a component of the blood running in her system. Whenever she fails, she always tries over.

Sometimes we lose. That’s part of the game. Losing should make us realise that we are still playing. Trying over and over depicts effort. And to achieve is to gain by effort. Lose! Don’t give up.

No excuses. Hope and patience. They don’t resist themselves. They take difficult as easy, not impossible.

Emilie Cady once said “Men stumble over pebbles, never over mountains.” Everything easy is never easy before the one holding on deems them easy. Most hopeful losers (achievers) takes what’s hard in the sight of the giving up losers as an easy tussle. That is why they always emerge as extraordinary winners. The trick is they added hope were others substituted it with confidence.

Concisely, confidence is dangerous alone because it doesn’t see the future as hope and patience do. So you can do this, give up, go on to do this and give up again while you are entirely confident because confidence is blind and ‘confidence’ confidence is never anything to be emotionally attached to what you do. Patience and hope are the best guys to stand where your confidence is because they are a format of confidence that must be understood ‘confidence’ patience/hope. Achievers know all that.

On the other hand, everyone, we all feel the zeal to act on something greater and achieve accordingly but what hampers our movements is that self-resistance. Both hard workers and lazy workers have buildup their routines in the same way— choices (first) ͢ (later) habits. Both, achievers and failing losers, are habitual to their modus operandi.

The pleasure is mine (A motivational monologue explaining satisfaction/comfort zone ruining success)

It came before money. Give me a life under a dollar a day, I can still enjoy. Pleasure is not defined by an income. It satisfies. I cannot argue that it’s happiness. I expect it. I yearn for it. I go for it. It is my income that buys it. It can never buy my income or my success.

Like a generation before me. I couldn’t reason that while young, income-wise, it is wiser not to put pleasure first. An income doesn’t grow out of anything that doesn’t buy it. An income is at risk when it only buys.

My other biggest mistake is considering a salary as just a salary, pocket money as just pocket money and donations as donations. Because bigger ideas are baking in my mind. They are a mixture of dough enough to supply a bigger town and a bigger market. For the market to have a bite I am addicted to thinking that I need millions or real money. I forget that I can start low and grow. I relax. I forget to start low. I buy myself more pleasure because any quality or quantity of an income has its own format of pleasure to buy.

I think that I don’t have real money. I think real money is borrowed. When I discover myself not illegible to borrowing real money I stay put. I let my mixture dough to go bad and die undiscovered.

The pleasure is always mine.

I cover my pleasure with drinking where the average crowd does. Pleasure is not opposed. It is justified. I think as well that luxuries are part of pleasure. I buy luxuries as soon as I afford them. Big brands make money through me.

I relax. Waiting for my shallow watering hole to naturally fill up and to quench my thirst. I don’t bake mortar to build bigger things in life. I blame someone for creating an unequal system. Yet, my thirst doesn’t end by drinking. It takes squandering to kill it.

I know that money is a medium of exchange. But when I get it I don’t exchange it with positive goodies in my life. I waste it.

The pleasure is always mine. It is how I define success.

I see life as too short. Everyone do. I then think that its only purpose is to be recklessly enjoyed. I forget to build a positive legacy that will stay after my departure.

They work harder. I do. When they think before working harder, putting their brains first. I also do. I don’t take letting my brains go over the work as an essential step. They do.

When they go the extra mile to turn their thinking into a takeoff.  I sleep. When they fly I wake up and fall into pleasure. For I think life is short, that they will be grounded and under the ground one day as I will be.

When nails holding pieces on my inadequate ladder suddenly turn into something to buy my pleasure. I don’t hesitate. I buy. Someone just turns those nails into something. When my ladder is nothing left or remains nothing I join someone’s or keep myself at someone’s.

I believe that I was born to be given a place to stay at lower part of someone’s ladder. I forget that to climb or have mine back I need to quit some of my pleasures. That to fly I need to mind my own business.

I enjoy killing my time. I detest what I become after wasting my time. Killing the time is a requirement in each pleasure. Requirements sum up to become all I have. All I have is now guaranteed no to multiply. I don’t see pleasure as my worst enemy.

The pleasure is mine. I see it as good life.

Others I pleasure with ruin their houses as I do. They however build new ones in the horizon with the same rubbles so that they can fly. The difference is what they are deep down that I don’t see when we are together. I failed to build my deep-down-self. I don’t see it as a position to have my wings fixed. But any plane flying is with wings connecting with inner components.

Establishment vs growth.

Mapping your success: The growth factor

One of our articles dwelled much on the topic of wealth-making, arguing it is an art and that those who master that art are guaranteed to have greater things in life. As per my notice, chapters in the art may need you to differentiate between establishment and growth in your economic life and choose growth instead of the more-easier-to-fall-for. We will not be saying anything of the two is bad but we will pick growth as the main topic of discussion here in this blog because it is what brings success if it is allowed by you to come first the establishment after it.

If you are minding growth as a producer of a certain product or service you don’t have to be a producer of any other related products that satisfy you or makes you feel active when you produce them instead of leading to your growth. Bees produce honey. If they ever wanted something else with their nectar they would never filled the hive with honey in the very short time they usually do.

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An appropriate example may be just of a game developer who knows any sort of coding that is not only for developing games, right. Instead of building the game with tools she must pay for like the Unit 3D software which can be available to her at a thousand dollars each year, she goes on to develop tools of her own, toolkits she will not be selling, just to develop her games through them. She can be said to be seeking establishment, but a year can lapse while she is still developing the toolkits without having to do any game development. In the final end it is not her income rising through her achievements but her experience over many things that doesn’t translate to an income. So some people come in a few years later and fit in the same industry and have themselves paid fast because they start and focus right on what and where they are needed to.

Correct yourself as a person to your deep down so that you don’t procrastinate, doubt and get satisfied. Be ambitious to achieve great things in life. Put your goals in your ambition. Be patient. Let patience replace confidence. Go up higher. Don’t feel that you are done going up higher.

Establishment when it catches up one it makes him blind to higher incomes. Yet it satisfies more to be established, to know that you are putting all that is in the scope of your passion into practice.

Growth on the other side can understand that in this global village anything can sell or can have you paid, including walking out of your bed and go on to do a yoga session for half an hour in front of the camera. Now, with this method, our game developer can get paid while taking her roundabout way of avoiding to go for what’s cheaper than her choice.

When you are growth-minded you seem to bring the starting line which is far away from you just to where you are, have it be harsh on you because of you not having its asking requirements but also not bending to break and finding means to art with the few you possess. Establishment seeks to own and forget that it is not about possessing but it is about having ideas to get to possess more out of the few. It seeks to have a place of belonging above productive mobility which prompted feminine activists to argue that she needs to be mobile not fixed at a place, and have that freedom to rattle around. That ‘mobility’ can be metaphorical.

When settling down and establishing yourself is necessary

Some scholars argued that there is a time in life when a decline happens fast in life. When it happens there is no turning back. Our stay on this planet as human beings is the consumption of time. As we consume time our efficiency, too, is consumed.

Wiser it is to establish yourself starting from your early forties to late fifties, allow your work, knowledge and experience to be an orchard for the younger talents. You step in and be a life mentor to the younger talents. Because there is always a time in life where doing great is none other than imparting any form of your greatness to where it is needed so that it cannot die with you.

You must be satisfied in this life so that you don’t keep rising for the sake of it.

Growth is not far away, so is establishment

Imagine how best to end up better. Run while you can. Live like one who desperately wants to win. Don’t force your winning path through some people’s watering holes.

In the next article, you will find out that an Asian nation faced the question: ‘How to end poverty?’ Their answer was not matchy-matchy with that of other less developed economies of the time. Exporting as much they could, and prioritising an export economy, setting goals and bigger targets yearly created a better South Korean economy. This is a story of an economy that was under the likes of Costa Rica’s in 1963. But it managed to be more than eight times ahead in less than a decade. The article is however not about South Korea but you and your and your goals.

How to end poverty? This, theorists said, was difficult because developing economies had emerged dependencies and they were being kept under by bigger giants. In Costa Rica, the situation ‘poverty’ was explained through the dependency load. In South America and Asia, it was explained as well. Growth, in any such nations (and growth in a life of an individual), require(d) the leaders to believe that difficult is not impossible.

In South Korea, the situation was not explained. It was addressed. They imagined the best means with which to address it. They realised that exporting was the best means. In imagination and in reality, they worked towards exporting. And we can not dare now to compare them with their once look alikes.

Think. Find the best means to grow.

I had to drop out of college in my final semester and be without a bigger certificate employers (very few in my country) are after. Then avoid a salary in toto. I had grown out of poverty, but my parents and also their parents were salaried. A cycle of a later generation getting a better and better education, be salaried in a cheap labour/high-unemployment environment, not breaking through, and thinking that companies are for those who are born privileged is what I was born to enhance. The means to grow wasn’t a salary and complaining that it’s not much. So I am working harder to be behind a big trademark and a big industry. My wish is not to fight poverty for myself but for many [sic]. And growth is what I am up to.

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Wealth is the idea behind it

Wealth-making is an art

Wealth-making is an art, master it.

Wealth making is an art. It’s either you blend colours you like or you do it without any colours like a sculptor on a canvass or not. You will always be allowed to curve it out of something as hard as a stone. The best prerequisite towards fabricating your own financial success is not an expensive canvass, it’s is not a sound financial background, it is you mastering the art.

You may need to wake up and see what art is relevant for today’s terms.

Don’t associate wealth with a place. Don’t. Because, New York, one of the richest cities in the world and the most monied city is with several tens of thousands people that are homeless. They are homeless due to various reasons but I’m so sure one of them is the wealth the city has is not theirs.

Understanding all this, I made it to my rural home, a place that relied heavily on donations from the government of Japan and I started my economic life. Villagers were all against this. They hoped that I could wait in the capital city for an office job in a country with a high unemployment rate and be paid USD500 a month etc., but that was never a fair ticket I needed to walk out of poverty, a ticket I could wait for to get for several years only to find it filling a grocery cart paying a little rent and faint to zero.

I want to challenge you guys, don’t get offended. Allow yourself to see.

Mastering the art is finding sense where others are not. And once you are successful, there is another art you must master to avoid being that man who grossed USD400 million in his career only to end up in the negative

Possessing wealth

Possessing wealth is one thing that makes you rich, but possession is never alone a factor to makes you rich. Creating and not reacting to wealth, when one is possessing wealth, makes one rich. If not creating one must be maintaining.

If we I am to continue with the story of that man who made millions in his career, I can say his talent was a ticket, it allowed him to possess wealth. But he never had the intelligence to create it or at least maintaining it. The idea part of wealth is in ‘creating it’. I can also get into the story of anyone advantaged by winning a lottery ticket, by the history of his family being a member of the aristocracy, Party echelons, being an heir and a master by birth may possess wealth, but the wealth for us the majority is created and that wealth is an idea behind it.

If it is land, for instance my poor mentality some few years back believed that owning vast land is wealth. A rich mind I now have believes owning the vices to make the best possible outcome on the smallest land is wealth, and found myself acting according to what I now believe.

Wealth is an idea within its own art

MC Donald’s, KFC don’t own hactres of spaces in the town, they rent around 300m2 and sometimes half a square metre with a KFC ‘drive through’ shingle if the space may allow. Of course, they may own many 300m² in one town. But the idea is to be there with their hamburger-for-all idea where a folk who then transition into a hungry customer upon seeing them is, not to be there with only land and buildings. If it were about land they could’ve found more space to put their slogans like ‘finger licking good’.

It is about being there in every corner of a busy street, not really with the best eatery or best chefs but just being there. That way any person with some money to buy can turn into not only a customer but a hungry and reliable one.

The modern world, and wealth

Our world is increasingly become global. It is almost a single village where money is one of its appointed rulers. As a village, however, it is a space where money is concentrated on one side and less of another, and where the success of the another side is chiefly but not only defined by how much the another side can find means to have it diffuse to its side. Money as the basis of wealth will always diffuse.

Money is attracted by ideas. When you hear of major economies like Japan being stagnant or in up and down for quite a time it is because they lost the magic with ideas they once possessed. All is driven further by an increasingly aging but dwindling population.

The success of the likes of sub-Saharan Africa depends on how much ideas  are up to the notice of the global village. How much giants like Dangote are in the mix of the village’s competition.

The generation of personal wealth for most of us should know not what our world is now like. But it is an advantage to most who think of exporting into a variety of a market.