Badly colonised. My opinion on Sub-Sahara Africa’s underdevelopment status.

sub-Saharans are a thousand times more Christiany than Europeans, someone said in the seminar room. That was as if he had gushed out an obscenity that deserved a death penalty. He meant unless some reformism or renaissance of some sort would happen immediately, Africa will remain underdeveloped. That happened in Europe, and it softened Christianity and virtually every component of the culture and other religions in Europe then to allow new forms of trading, learning and among other things. As ever, what introduced us to modern writing and learning was religion not philosophers, among other things, as was the case with Europe.

Therefore, justice is a simple argument that in the history of being colonised sub-Sahara Africa (and also South America) were colonised the worst. We had no writing technology to preserve some of our useful goodies from erasure. The Chinese had their Confucianism. And it was the only industrialisation that had put their occupiers ahead but without that she simply was the origin of the compass that explored the sees, among other things. Indians still remained Indians ever after. Now their family ties, a thing so strange in the West, are a tool in developing their nations.

The goodies that were lost.

To say the things in our pre-colonial age were useful is not good. But they were some positives and also things that were waiting for us to advance them. But we left them behind.

I envy that jacket from the barks of a Brachystegia tree, Nyamare, a female warrior in our family’s traditions wore. She led a district as a queen. She encouraged females in the offices of her power to marry late which she did as a means to negotiate her position in society.  Only her jacket had to be burned as it were one of the things the newly Christianised patriarchs in the family thought to be evil. Her teachings, as they were done through the word of mouth, simply found the next generation hardened enough not to pass them towards the next.

For it to be religion. Any religion must have an evil or a bad side to fight. From Buddhism into Islam and Christianity and from African traditional religions to those of the native Americans.

When we were colonised. We were made to believe that all in the traditional systems are all the evil side. But technically speaking we had not what we call “devil” before they came to us. Only we had bad omens avenging spirits and bad spirits. 

That wedding in the Bible at Canah is the basis of the Western marriage system (tell me if I am misinformed). It had to be in the big book, the Bible, and the only for Christianity as a religion. If we had a writing technology before I would have met the way we currently do marriages in the Central Bantu and Southern Bantu Africa in a book “Ubuntu System” which doesn’t exist and none undertook to put it into a book that anyone can read. And if we needed salvation as the dark continent changing the way we marry and replace it with their own could have been the first thing the colonists could have done. But that simple marriage certificate could have rendered us, first-class citizens, without a hustle. It also could have been a waste of paper and resources through setting up marriage offices and reporting African marriages of the week in a European newspaper.

The thing is our marriage system was not bad. That’s why, as they are with their weaknesses, they are with their strengths in the fields those of a European style fails. Some other things we have known to be bad were not, and could be improved or even commercialised. But jackets were burned as a symbol of accepting Christ and leaving darkness behind. Jackets we could have reached to the world with and start a luxury fashion brand. Bring in some new materials and make the jackets competitive. Machinery is expensive. But they were times, as they are times and will be times we earn enough to afford it. And we can only buy things that can have us look big in society. A party bigger than none hosted.

We would also rather buy oil from the Ximenia Caffra seed in the pharmacies as an ointment to treat our swelling legs and not care about what it is: Simply allow it to be oil from an African plant but processed in Europe and shipped from Dubai. Because traditional medicines are regarded as traditional. It is also said that in the 1970s and 80s there was an influx of researchers from the West. This is when the Ximenia Caffra was canonised straight from the traditional evil league.

We are locked in lost territory. To have the best of what we can have “us before anything” and still deny “all that is us before anything”.

Two people were seated with me. I said to them that one day I will become a musician.  One laughed. Because that’s how to become a lost and underpaid person. I then faced the remaining one who seemed to understand. “I will gather up a band and be a Sungura musician, try to shorten the songs and change the actual form of Sungura and write in English.” The remaining one laughed and left the fireplace.

Sungura is a music genre filled with nothing but guitars. They are played in the 1.4, 1.5 styles. We hear stories of kids who grew up in farms where their parents worked as labourers and were almost homeless before they made it to the recording studios. And the guitars they played can be found in this decades-old advert (it’s fascinating, please watch).

They play the guitars well in a style the world has never seen. They are talented and unknown by the world. I reached the university. My writing skill can be better and I can sing, too. My bruises with many genres make me sing the Indian style in English but the traditional style in English or anything in anything. I can use my cheeks as an instrument to replace the traditional mbira, etc. What’s needed now is not to have that as pride to defend or compete through. What’s needed is cooperation. Because that pride will never mean anything alone. It is trash. My voice is inferior than of those who could have done such a service to such a genre. They didn’t. They picked hip-hop and other Western genres and they were with nothing in the final end to bring to the international market.

Our developers can’t develop platforms where music and anything can sell our way. Not through Paypal which isn’t available in the larger part of the continent. But through our mobile payment platforms. Our big banks and networks failed to unite and develop a platform that can work across the continent.

It may not be always as some cases of tribal slavery are known but we cooperated in many instances before colonisation. We had to be divided to be ruled. Really?

Back then in the pre-colonial ages. The conquered and the conquerers co-existed more times than we now do. In post-colonial times, genocides and civil wars took place at a pointless scale. Stereotypes developed were turned into true facts. Zimbabwe is where I come from. The Manyika people lighten -mb- syllables that the Zezurus and other Shona complex speakers. They pronounced November and remember well to win the white man’s favour. They worked in hotels all over.

Why are smaller businesses and hotels still using the same pattern, employing the Manyika people where an English speaker is needed? I am Manyika and I don’t like this. There are some still portrayed as lazy simply because they resisted the coloniser. The same Manyika makes an abusive husband. An Anglophone in Cameroon is power-hungry, and the whole ruling system had to develop a proofing to keep their power from taking over and killed an ideal federal republic. This is now a civil war. Bugandans are cultured and peace-loving than others in Uganda.

Educations systems need to evolve and help in battling such stereotypes. Censorship needs not to be one of protecting ruling regimes but fighting bad perceptions. You can not be discussing child marriages and the infringement of her rights in the parliament in the noon. Simply to allow a late-night show on one of the radios advocating for the most primitive woman submission.

Religion must cease to be taught in public schools unless secularly and scientifically taught. Having been raised in a Catholic family and observed happenings in other churches, I am so sure that kids are taught, much stuff every Sunday and at home. The same applies to Islam and the traditional systems.

Three hours a week at the Primary level can be thus free and be utilised for teaching something like “Industrial studies”. We need to change the way our kids learn to have them develop ‘an economic consciousness’ essential to the catching-up exercise.

Policing in subSahara must encourage home banking and investment at home. Governments need to stop treating the one that is green (farming) and the one that smokes (processing industry) or mining as the only industries that exist. A nation can even develop by selling software products. And the smaller the nation is, the less likely it needs too much diversification. Africa nations are small, population-wise. We all can’t be in Agriculture and change the continent.

The Nigerian film industry failed to develop anyways it was never considered by the participants and the policymakers as an industry.

Society’s expectations on me & why I must avoid some

We live in other’s expectations on us, and it’s not always bad. But to fail to defy some of such expectations and have a mindset with what they expect each of us to do or become is not good.

Each time when one of my sisters (I don’t like to use cousin it’s a Western terminology against strict family ties) calls, she must ask about her ‘makoti’ or if I have one already not to keep her in that status but to marry her and have kids, while her knees get a darker and a skin that is as thick as a hide through kneeling in front of me when delivering food (read this one, external source), begging something and doing her chores like cleaning the floor. Borrowed from Zulu where it is the term for bride makoti is a nurse in Shona, my first language. One expected to be a woman with qualities like that what Malan from that Disney movie, Malan, was expected to have and still defied it (polite, quiet, composed, graceful, elegant, poised but hardworking and submitting).

The gravity of my situation is a man flying towards his twenty-sixth birthday without any girlfriend introduced to her sisters just once. It’s the last thing expected in my culture. Sisters must know any of my affairs and I haven’t been in one since 2019, or since 2016 when I last introduced them to a girlfriend. But I am in my most crucial time, and attending a girl who must become a wife like yesterday, especially a submitting kind (instead of an equal who can have a vision and ideas) is the last thing to do. Busy, as I will be until thirty-five, I barely answer a phone ringing on the same table where I type my work. I have a vision to build and a vision to attend.

At the core of my personal belief about success stories fabricated from where it was close to impossible is “doing things they did or you have done in a way they never imagined”. Raised in a farming village where farming never meant anything, new ways to achieve that are all that I have to achieve one day, including my own vertical farming system “Bier”. Bier is my own expectation, can it be achieved by following some others’ expectations and expectations in a thinking system and a culture?

I am not here to defend my attitude but when heading for self-made success you must be aware that we are trapped in cycles. Thinking cycles, outcome cycles, etc. The difference is made by breaking the cycles and shooting up in a straight line.

Following others’ expectations may ruin even your happiness. Someone had the best wedding at the cathedral, and the Bishop said he had never heard of such a wedding in his history of hearing about weddings while four big magazines and newspapers wrote acclaiming it. But seven years down the line things were not working fine, and since marriage is not really love, a divorce was fair enough.

“What people will say?” Such a simple question stopped what was necessary from happening, and still failed to heal the situation and prolonged what was broken. The thing is when you allow the tune of your life to play in their expectations you can only be afraid about what people will say about it if you don’t stay in what’s expected by them.

It is an amazing thing to find a purpose but also not allowing the purpose to find you. Don’t ever let their expectations to find you. Find your own.

Why you do it is the maker of how you do it. Very often as an adult you are expected to fit in the society’s “how they do it”; a crime-free life, or anything that is a choice of many. A crime filled with life is bad, but going past twenty-six without marriage is not necessarily. I am expected not to be a criminal and it’s a good thing to live in that expectation. But because there is a reason now I can avoid what they expect as far as my marital status is concerned.

Society can punish you for going against expectations. A BBC report in 2019 had it that, in Nigeria, people with dreadlocks are regarded as miscreants. It’s when, among other reasons, formal teachings, home and teachings from some religious circles are in a full-swing attack against dreadlocks; the only shape African hair can have without so much effort. Our colonial masters detested dreadlocks especially when they linked with traditional religions, and there is a continuation.

Among people expecting me to be in this shape instead of that are helpers in society, my family and friends. I would have received so much help to get a job if I had graduated and throw that cap in the air boastful of my distinctions behind. That $300 to get a driver’s licence, an expensive emergency passport to cross into South Africa where I can probably find a job, nice suits to enter job interviews with, all funded by either loans in the helper’s name or sacrifices. But I dropped out in the final semester to avoid a job and work on founding the village’s first company. And helpers disappeared.

Greatness is having your own in everything. Your own expectations then choices among other expectations are welcome. And when you are finally alone, suffering because you have decided to go for this and not the expected allow it to be lone showtime.

Stand on your feet hopeful like a bull against situations.

You stand on your feet hopeful like a bull and you can handle tough situations. SubjectMe (Personal Diary), Inspiring personalities.

Be ready to stand on your feet hopeful like a bull. It is where your feet are standing that can determine the results. You don’t expect to win when you’re always on the downside of the slope. The true fact is you establish a good standing, a sound footing to build yourself in before the tussle is on. Your fighting is not over. It stays with you until the day you die. You’re ready to fight as long as you’re challenged.

The sizes of your horns are not your very win or lose. Your win comes through the power you put through them. Dehorned can win also. In the battle against cancer, you can win. It’s not your background that defines your wins, it is your effort and the fight you put. Your horns are just a single tool in a sea of capabilities and without those capabilities, you can’t claim a win. If you can’t win when dehorned, buying yourself some artificial horns can’t change the game. If they can’t love you the way you are they can’t love you in another body shape. Just fight your situation the way should. Losing is part of the game accept it. Learn from it, and be ready to stand on your feet like a bull. You accept losses. You don’t accept decimation. When the fire is thrown at you. You’re the first to quench yourself because you always stand on your feet hopeful like a bull.

You can win today then meet the same challenger/situation tomorrow as if your win today wasn’t enough to make that challenger fear you and never to be a challenger in the morrow. Only you are required to be prepared because that is your game, too. You’re good as well at coming again tomorrow after defeat today to stand on your feet like a hopeful bull. The same winning strategies in the past, you partner them with new ones in the present. That, sometimes, can not be enough to claim your win.

Your feet don’t have to be standing in one place, that is your comfort zone. It’s either you are pushed backwards or you push forward. A typical bull doesn’t keep backwards going for long, it pushes forward where it seems impossible. That being said, your win is you capability in a locked-horns situation to push forward not to be pushed back. You better feed yourself with the right friends that can have you learn something through them, with good pastures which are good choices that can only give you more beef and readiness to fight. Don’t fight out of the pastures you graze because you don’t wanna ruin them. Keep it cool and don’t let emotions fight each other inside for they can ruin you. Don’t regret the choices you have made when you shouldn’t because you will hesitate to live their current outcome you’re currently in.

The battle creates conditions where it’s impossible to blink or to look aside. The battle itself is nothing but immense pain. To solve that pain, you have to face it. Have it all seen through your eyes. And you solve it by inflicting your might and even more pain at it (at the situation). You stand on your feet hopeful like a bull.

It is in the morning when the bulls fight. It is in the noon when they fight. It is evenfall when the bulls fight. They have to see the light not the darkness of the night. Bulls may need also to fight when their tummies are good and when they’re injury-free. They only fight when they are in the mood to fight. In real life, there is something for us here. You don’t have to solve a problem that in your family when you’re sorrily drunk. You can’t mediate when you’re in grief. You don’t write an exam in your life without having attended essential classes in your life. If you’re a storm, in a strong emotional vortex you can only wait for the day you can calm down and to sunshine and clear skies with calm winds under them to start the healing process. Your healing process is usually solving your issues through pushing forward.

Your best collection of fights are those that happen when younger. Fight more than you should before age turns you helpless. Cause winful fights to happen when age turns you helpless. Helpless in the battlefield is helpful elsewhere. Be a driver when the time comes.

Bulls don’t buy guns to make their a battlefield. They fight anyhow. The biggest input to each fight is the bull itself. Except for the fight, there is nothing else that needs to be present when two bulls are present.

The tactic can push bulldozers back.

3 fallacies taught on wealth creation that discourage a company culture

Wealth creation is not for us. It took the education system beatings, career guidances then a learning mode biased towards building me as an asset to someone’s empire but a foundation to all this is a teaching, that a salary is all I need.

It won’t be an understatement. That the education system kills the possibility of creativity but the possibility of a vision, a vision which is a container where one’s creativity fills into. They’ve made formal learning into a football pitch. Halfway the match, when you become aware of the goalkeeper’s failures but also comes up with the means to solve them, you can’t resign from your defence position to take the goalkeeper’s place, or at least advise him. Advising him is for the coach. Your position is not really what you’re capable of but what you can’t change because you have been taught to do so.

Fallacies of modern education that culminated to four ways seeing things concerning wealth creation that prevents a company culture in Africa and the rest of the world

Chapter 1: How do I get paid? Paid through the qualification and paid through the certificates
Chapter 2: How do I get paid? Paid through the mind
Chapter 3: Learning is being taught or teaching yourself or being answered
Chapter 4: Some of the things I was taught that kill the possibility of my growth and success
Chapter 5: Unfair Salary Crusaders! How do education systems trick learners to the buttom of the capitalist pyramid?
Chapter 6: (Current Chapter)

1. Someone must be doing the setting up of companies, we are for salaries and salaries are not enough to result in wealth creation or any form of family business, but they must be better. This is how we’re taught to see things as. Someone is gifted to be a boss to us, not us.

In the chapters ahead MBA and other fields of studies in business, micro-economics and finance will be blamed for teaching us that millions and billions are the first steps towards the setting up of companies so that we can only stop at managing the wealth already made, become employees, and not creators of the wealth but managers. The $470, which is Samsung’s start, is not in the interests of MBA and company. The intention is to blindfold.

Myths in our existing cultures join the league to reinforce the way we formally learn about wealth creation. And I remember a dozen times I talked to my mother, fellow villagers who were hoping that I could get a nice job in the town but simply betrayed them by returning to my rural home, that my intention is to have trademarks in my name and avoid a salary from the start; their responses were, “such fancies are for the white people”.

My guess is right. Someone in Europe of pure European descent there is thinking as well that starting something new is for the established giants. So s/he cannot start but accept his inferiority before s/he’s even superior.

Those salaries here are not even enough. Where I come from labour is dirt cheap and the unemployed are the majority. It is not are to spend seven years waiting for a job in some parts of my home continent, Africa. To me, that was not a disaster but an encouraging factor that resulted in bigger hopes for bigger things to come. If I had chosen to take it as a disaster this article would not have been written, a $120 second-hand PC that is building this blog could not have been bought. I should have become someone raising enough to cross into another country looking for a job, or someone stuck at someone’s home hopeless.

2. Money is a place.

That’s what we all think. And, sadly, we have been taught into this. I gave two examples before. The first is a Greek graduate who must be in Germany to have his startup in Germany. The second is Nigerian graduates who wage a two-year battle, becoming a barber man etc., to be able to raise less than $1500 to take him into Europe through the desert. The failure, both can see, is a failing system, not theirs or that of the education system.

The education system taught us into this. Cultural myths quickly join what’s formally taught.

3. We must work for what to consume not to consume what must work for the betterment of our future.

This is an illusion. We are taught into it. That to be able to consume we must work for it.

We consume. That’s what we are by nature. The cycle is (1) we must work for a salary, which is technically ‘something to consume with’. (2) When we have something to consume with, our consumption must be the end of it, because it’s consumption that doesn’t lead to anything. (3) But because consumption is like the air we breathe and we don’t live without it, and it’s the end in the cycle. We’re always back to work for ‘something to consume with.’

When we work for something to consume with and consume always by intentionally or unintentionally make our consumption the end of it we only keep ourselves only looking to the source of ‘something to consume with’, i.e. the employer and the wealth in his hands.

Yet it is possible to turn “something to consume with” and start something out of the cycle by “consuming what must work”.

We’re taught to be slaves to the source. Yeah, it is being a slave when you live your whole life to suffer greatly to make it one day to the best employer after going past college, after becoming a fifth, or so, university graduate in the village. I was beaten to accept this form of bondage.

I closed the chances of falling for a job. Without anything big I finally found my consumption being what must work for the betterment of my future.

Out of the $370 I earned in 2020, a second-hand laptop at $120 and a second-hand smartphone at $40 were bought. I am here blogging in the middle of nowhere out of $16 a month. I shall make sure that earnings out of my toils online will not let have me into hotels for I understand that my poverty is not in me alone. I can only build more things on the land and on the internet, just to convince others that money is not a place.

The reasons why I dropped out of college

I dropped out of college to look at myself and dig into my mind for clues to build as I had avoided building qualifications. I dropped out of college to consume what can work out $370 I was earning per year so that my earning would not be the end of it all but the beginning of my exodus and the exodus of more other people I would touch out of poverty, of my fellow villagers who had less than twenty representatives like me in the deeper fields of knowledge, but greater capability.

I dropped out of college to prove that the salary is not what I need. Not to be wasting my $370 towards attaining a driver’s licence which an employer needs but a few gadgets to put my dream, my vision and idea ahead.

Hope in 2020, became a vision. A vision is the best container to put creativity in. I said I would end up an industrialist, that is a vision. To get to own the tools to lay the foundation with, I had to be creative. As creativity to me is like water, putting it into my container was a no miss. The formal education system doesn’t want us to be creative.

How do Choices, priorities and motives make a weak or better you?


A choice is a starting point to everything. The fact that my mother met my dad, got engaged and married is evidence of a string of choices leading to my absence, right? The result of a choice is an outcome.

We choose now and then and sometimes we’re forced to take what we don’t want. But either way, each choice or forced choice is a seed to what comes next.

I dropped out of college in my final semester. That being a choice killed the possibility of ending with some other outcomes. Disadvantaged and with less to end up in a formal job I started to believe that there are two ways people get paid (through certificates and qualifications and through the mind), and my choice allowed me to look at what was in my mind instead of gathering more certificates and qualifications.

It’s a choice to believe. To believe that you’re satisfied when you’re not, or that you’re not satisfied when you are. When choices are made the beginning of something starts. The beginning more other choices, more other outcomes, etc.


You’re a host already of a string of choices that makes (or not) even commitments you can’t walk out of easily (you can’t cease to be someone’s father). Because they’re many they conflict sometimes. Each choice asks for your attention and the intensity of your attention, to be given by you, your best sweat, best brains, money, your presence.

You can spend three minutes on your studies because you feel that your drinking should be seven hours. But, inasmuch as drinking is your bigger priority, you made your choice already to study. Priorities thus become choices within choices. And you are the minister of policymaking, right? You only define where to put much of your intensity.

Priorities make a man or break him. They crown a queen or enslaves one.

Motives (Why are you doing what you do?)

If you’re in love for fun, then it is your motive in that relationship is to get that fun without giving anything or committing yourself. Your loving is limited and it will not go past your attainment of fun. That motive can chip off bits of the relationship by having you prioritise less in it.

Because we usually turn a blind eye to what’s inside us, but look inside others and blame, see them as wrong and causing us to fail, some motives inside us are what we barely see.

A motive tells you when to end so that you can end far less than where you can end. Successful people are people who put a big motive in what they do. When others want 10, these rare breeds come in and do what they do to come up with a hundred.

What is patience? This is how to kill confidence and take charge of your success story.

What is patience

Confidence seeks dominance. Persistence may be your will. Patience is bought.

To be persistent is to keep coming back. Patience gets you to be attending no matter what and it seems to be the opposite of confidence to me. Patience is when the time lost in trying to achieve something is not even regretted. Because it’s you at it in your very meek sense. You let the situation treat you badly for what you wanna achieve. While patience seeks a winning end and doesn’t care when and how badly the end can come, confidence seeks dominance. Confidence is about shortening the game.

A Merriam-Webster Collegiate Thesaurus definition “the power or capacity to endure without complaint something difficult or disagreeable” nailed it. Patience is the biggest power you may need to achieve something. Through patience, you can only have the privilege to like the unlikeable, which is ultimately a thing to set you apart. Through patience, you’re in the capacity to endure.

Related: Discipline is doing the right things at the right time, good things the wrong way

In a Christian setting, endurance is taken as a dose to persecution. Persecutuion is an enemy to any existing religion yet enduring it strengthens the persecuted. The reward ahead, therefore the purpose behind being in something else is the only thing that buys patience.

The fisherman’s desire to catch characterises his patience.

The fisherman’s desire to catch characterises his patience, and his patience in wating charectrises his desire to catch.

~SubjectMe (Personal Diary) 2020, Oct

He doesn’t desire to cath without being patient. When he doesire he is filled with that feeling of wanting to (catch). In fact, his point of satisfaction is written in his mind before his first toss of the bait into the waters. He must work towards it to achieve it. He doesn’t have it. He must find the right means to have it. Patience becomes one of the means a fisherman utilises to catch.

When there is less fish in the river. The river requires more patience from the fisherman.

A river flowing just close to my rural home is abused by the fisherman who use blasting cables then mosquito net to catch fish. Apparently these two models of fish robs from the river the summer broodstock that is supposed to make the next generation of fish species in the river, and cables kills all int the reach of its radius of death by causing the lung to burst. More to these unethical fishing practises are the population increase in the area that was also increased by immigrants and refugees.

The narration short. The orthodoxy fisherman has been plumating because the river is no longer rewarding and no one wishes to save it.

“It now takes sixty times more wait that it used to take in the old days to finally be able to catch something”, one fisherman told me as I inquired about the river in the pre-mid-1990s.

When your dream is big and its outcome a thing for the very few, you must be patient. Patience required obviously is more that before.

Patience at work and confidence at work: Hopeful losers and confident losers.

A hopeful loser is powered by patience. When she loses she can argue “my chance is not now”. For delayed is not taken away.There is nothing made yet, there is no dream yet true but her main purpose is a reward ahead.

When you are a hopeful loser you don’t doubt your tomorrow, your next move and your finishing line. Eachb time you lose you find more means out of such a lose to eventually get you to a win.

Patience at work. Confidence at work. Hopeful losers and confident losers.

A confident loser can do this: Give up, go on to do this and give up again while entirely confident. Sometimes confidence can’t build when it fails to make a win in the first attmpt. Confidence is blind.

It is the last thing to get one to be emotionally attached to what he’s doing.

The world pays, you chose how

In the subjectMe diary I will prove how in my view I have found formal education broke, especially the one I received in my country. Here I just want to consider any for of education we receive until we become adults as a buildup, right? It’s a buildup. Once that buildup is done most of us have no choice, after college, high school or after earning some skill, but to face the world asking their payment to come just as they have worked for it during the buildup. The world around around them pays us because we deserve it.

The kind and quality of our buildup plays a role on how we get paid, and the environment we are stemmed in. We, however, also choose how best we can get paid, and through what what medium.

Paid through the muscle

There are some who must sweat to get their income in. This is where I started while I was raising the capital for my business. Behind my muscle was a good (not really smart) mindset a primate can have.

After all that I avoided being paid in the way explained in the next heading.

Most choose to have their certificates/qualifications being the paid

Formal education, in the background, teaches throughout its students that good grades are for a higher job and everyone must get good grades for a higher job. It doesn’t look much into the other side where there are employers to groom more of them, and the result we have have a lot of us created in the final end who values to go through that interview and stay unfired after the buildup.

So, already, we are in sort of a situation where we are already taught to pick being paid through the qualification of all what the world is with for us. We lost our powers to decide.

A few choose to have their minds being the paid

Wealth is the idea behind it. It is some people’s ideas that we are this connected today, that we speak of activating a software on our PCs that costs more than hundred dollars. It is also some people’s ideas that we pay for for being connected, for buying services offered through a software, a network service, etc. We also buy machines, vehicles, clothing and anything else the way it never happened centuries back, etc.

The beauty of choosing to be paid through you mind is you will never have a have a box to think in. You are free to bring any solution that can have things in track that if profits are low you find means to get them up high a thing which can not happen with an income that is called a salary or a wage. After all you don’t have to be a great mind that can master anything new in seven hours to choose to be paid through your mind, you just have to possess a good mentality, have the appropriate knowledge, apply it, and have the knowledge to apply it rightly.

The world needs both of the two sides, one that chooses to go by the mind and another that choses to go through qualification for it to prosper.

How to maintain your success gains and keep yourself succeeding

To gain is to obtain something you desire through the only input, effort. That effort need not to be wasted, and for it not to be wasted, an extra effort should be put forward by you to know your challenges and understand what you can do to overcome them.

1.      Develop an intense desire and positive qualities

Talents are always existing from within, but intense desire can help to make a talent more utilitarian. Those talents geared up by passion are the main drives of our success. Whatever the skills you might apply, there is always that next lever you can never reach without loving intensely what you are doing to be there.

To keep yourself at the top you also need to breed up two positive qualities, positive character and wisdom. Build your own set of ethics relevant to what you are trying to build. Maintain your ethics and let them govern your moral conduct. Be imaginary always. Maintain you good repute when dealing with your customers, never attempt to loot from them. Maintain your earlier habits if they were good and kill all the fear, hesitation and the habit of making all the things to be accomplished today to be done tomorrow.

2.      Knowledge is a great prerequisite ingredient. Keep seeking it.

A seeker of many things should understand the importance of knowledge. It is scarce yet it is the most important element. Without it one is just like a a 17th century sailor crossing the Atlantic without a compass. You can never keep up doing something if your knowledge base is not on par with the best expected in the arena.

The beauty of knowledge is it never ages. Also, it is never enough. Here we say there are three kinds of knowledge, including one of applying the knowledge you have appropriately, and they must work together within you.

3.      Observe and correct mistakes

Watching some people’s (and your own) past mistakes is like watching a chess game as an outside spectator. You can easily notice all of them all and what the player should have done to make a perfect play. Now, consider life as different game of such a sort. Understanding the past mistakes will help you to avoid the risks — unnecessary risks. You may get into them but you are now aware of how to avoid a foul.

4.      Choose friends and partners wisely

We are living in an age where we can’t resist people. Sometimes you need a capable team to get things done. Sometimes you need friends.

One thing about friendship when compared to you family is they come and go. But even for a single year before your friendship break up a friend can influence you more than a family does in 12 years. You are always ready to accept their values or to accept them into their work, and even their ideas as well.

Friends and partners can influence your business and conduct. They can either fill your future with haze or help you to focus more. When maintaining your gains try to choose those people (not really with focus) who can find sense in what you do to make the most innerly of your circle.

Sometimes your friends bring ideas. Do not resist, accept them. But do so after assessing and weighing up their ideas.

5.      Don’t diversify your income source as they say. Diversify what you specialise on!

The Netherlands once became a victim of having one product on the international market, specialising on it and having it the main pillar of the economy. When one day markets turned upside down on the natural gas and by-products, the country tumbled into what is still known as the Dutch disease. The Netherlands is a nation, here we discuss about you and me as individuals, persons who have been influenced to love big numbers. Yeah, we are biased towards numbers. We think there must be many more of it to have many more as an outcome. We are wrong.

Don’t have many balls to throw to get your income going viable, just make sure you are diversifying on what you are specialising on. Keep building more different cousins to your venture, learn about ways to make waste an input another product will need, have the knowledge, apply it, have the knowledge to apply the knowledge, put more capital into the business, master what you are doing, love it with all your heart, develop your own pattern of doing things, study your particular market, fix where vulnerable in you play, don’t just judge what you do judge yourself as well and allow yourself to be on the wrong side, make solutions that gives an upper hand to what you do, and don’t ever sleep thinking that tomorrow things will wake up fixed for you.

You don’t need to be a lawyer and a salesman. Remember that.

6.      Don’t take all obligations.

Life is full of obligations.

Take what’s necessary, positive and constructive.

When we’re are with no choice but to register our presence on various things in our lives. We are in obligations and we either receive them from the inside or the outside. But sometimes you just have to be absent. I am not saying stop being a mother, but I am saying challenge some things, when the you think you must be in the kitchen be out there for us, at least try, the society will catch up on you and will respect that you are no longer a domestic item.

Negatively, some obligations may ruin our time, strength, vision and purpose. There is an inclusion of various facets; addiction, habits, dependency and time destruction.

7.      Stop blaming

How easy and how convenient is it for us to blame everything and everybody for the things we have gone on in our lives. …stop being a bum-*ss lazy person.

~   Tyrese Gibson

 Dwelling your life on blaming, makes you to remain slothish. You can’t proceed either. Because a blamer is always blindfolded, he closes the chance to fix the main thing to all what his life is, himself. He can’t see that he can make himself better. He always think he missed the chance already and it was because of someone.

Now, if life is about chances, then it is always a good time to make it better, because chances and opportunities are endless just like the air you breath. You will definitely have it till the last breath. It’s never too late before it’s too late.

Here, at Informativus, we say the best opportunity available to you is you, and the convenience of it is you are always there for yourself. To be the best thing available for yourself allow yourself to be corrected by yourself, to get to know and accept that you can be wrong, and work on fixing what’s wrong about yourself. You need to be more and more efficient day by day if you are to keep proceeding, building yourself up.

How to get started and moving

How to get started

1.  Understand, first, the best way to get started is to just get started.

Fear of the unknown is part of that resistance pushing you back which does not only appears at the eve of the game, but when doing something new in the game; when repositioning, creating strategy shifts and risk-overcoming mechanisms. It strikes where there is nothing else to stand against it, where there is no confidence and self-belief within oneself.

Believe in yourself, just start. Keep that faith as you progress. There is a difference between a work that has been done without doubt and the one which has been done doubtingly. When venturing into something, it’s not only about getting started its about getting started powered by self-belief too. But you better have that knowledge pertaining to what you are undertaking, apply it accordingly. And you better have the best knowledge of all… the knowledge to apply knowledge.

2.   The reason for starting something is to get it done. The few you have can make it happen (if perfectly utilised).

Gather up what you need – capital, books, assets etc, but do so with effort and intense desire as you move forward. If you cant find all that you need to get started don’t let this turn you down. Just swiftly adjust yourself to a wartime budget. Remove from your savings and timetable everything that is ruining the progress of something you have envisioned and want it done.

When there was no bank to offer me a loan, which wouldn’t have ended up a loan if I had managed to secure earlier, but capital, my greatest tool to tackle my business, I allowed it to be four years of nothing but finding means to have the capital in my hands without the bank. In those four years, I earned knowledge of applying knowledge, another of tools essential to me which does not come cheap.

What is a tool? A tool is both a tool and a name. Both the tool and the name were invented by the human, for the purpose of having a noun, a word that would refer to a tool in his language, and for the purpose of having that tool to use for a particular task of many he faced. So, If you want something that may need a tool, a tool you don’t have, don’t wait but do yourself a favour. Invent your own tools.

3.   Empty everything. Focus!

Friends, parties, sports and games; as much as they entertain and makes our lives better they may ruin our time-to-focus. They occupy our weekends, they influence our decisions and change our direction. Therefore, if they are distractions or hindrances, keeping them out of the reach of our dreams as we aspire makes it better. You shall always have the time to enjoy, that is the beauty of it, but if now is some time for something else, it better be something else only at this time.

Distracting your distracting-behaviour makes it better.

Don’t even think of failure, if it comes along it is a part of your road to success. Failures are just like road humps. It will be good to take them as minor delays to your success and best to take them as something calling you into focusing.

You’re the best opportunity available to yourself and not anything else is. Look, the convenience of having yourself as a number-one opportunity available to you is you are always there for yourself even after anything negative like being fired.

4.   Have a goal to be addressed everyday and anytime suitable.

Goals just like in a story where a hero may have several missions to accomplish can never all be accomplished, because if they do they make a bad story; a story that ends in the thirteenth minute such that we have our hero Liam Neeson an Honest Thief surrendering millions of cash he stole and the two assigned FBI agents hands it over as evidence instead of what they actually did in the plot, which is attempting to steal it and have their biggest payday their government never afforded for them, pushing the story further. The thing is, you will fail a lot to have a classic story at the end of it. Many things will try to stop you, including people you trust. But the worst stopping that you must be afraid of is one caused by you.

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As you wake up in the morning make up a goal to get it addressed by the end of the day. Let their failure be nothing to stop you from fighting for your main goal.

Pin on the wall three-week goals, five-month goals, yearly goals and five-year goals. Long term goals are your main goals or your main mission. Don’t overload yourself with these main goals. Have some means to record bigger things in your life for future reference.

5.   Habit is not something within one’s system by birth: Create it!

Being accustomed to what you are fighting for is good. Once you dive in, allow yourself to be completely immersed. When you are immersed let your heartbeat for what you are immersed in. Don’t stop until you come out right, until you are capable of breathing under it, until you are a different breed of survivors. Habits are created in a slow build-up. Build habits that are more than necessary in what you intend to come up with.

Bring formality to your habits. What’s being said here is, it’s building a good habit to have more of your reading time increasing monthly you are a reader. But formality in such a habit is reading while seated on a chair and a reading desk/table than on your bed or the sofa.

6.   Stop procrastinating

It has been said procrastination is a waste of time. It is actually, but it was said also to be a habit of making something that was supposed or intended to get done today to be done on the morrow. Here we say, when you find yourself pushing things that are supposed to be today’s do to the morrow then you must know that there is something in you that keeps fooling one ‘you’re advancing’ whilst he is stagnant.

The future is not a place we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths to it are not found but made. That was a political theorist J.H. Schaar bringing these words to us, and I love the way he said it. You don’t travel to the future, you, right there, create it and you can only have it if you crate it. And if you need it urgently, why not creating something now.

Don’t do something because it makes you feel contented about your progress as you go through it, do it because it’s worth it. Aim to develop further.

Things to say about Talents

A talent is anything that makes one better able in something else without effort, except when that effort is to enhance the talent, playing its part.

Some rare talents are never to respect their own existence, they only show up to the world to waste themselves there, go down so fast.

So, where one’s talent (the host) is detested, and not the host, there’s not the future for the host of the talent.

And there are a thousand ways to kill a passion. One is not really staying away from it but staying away from where it can be addressed by you, and so rightly. A passion is not a talent, it is rather intangible and it is grease to many things including the talent itself.

If it is forgotten to be treated well and to lifted up by its host no one can be there to do better what the host of the talent is destined to do for it. No one will keep going through the host’s breakdown spots to crane someone’s talent out without self-interest or rare love driving him/her.

The best to succeed are not really people with a talent over something but persons who curves out many out of the few they are or they possess. It takes a lot–pain, sweat, disciple and many other positives, to curve out a many out of the few.

A talent itself has its surroundings in its host— the host’s education or the lack thereof, the lust, justified or not, for pleasure or otherwise, the host’s excessive hardness to external pressure vowing to mold it into bitterness or your softness, the hosts hardworkingness and the minds and mentality behind it and so on. Some surroundings of a talent within the host like the lack of education or too much of it can’t be changed but can be toxic when allowed to be above all the positive ones.

The surroundings of a talent discovers a talent, kills a talent and are what makes a talent big. They can be anything possible to it, an enemy or a saviour.