My reasons for dropping college: How do I get paid through the mind?

Reasons for dropping out of college

Why did I drop out of college?_Chapter_2_Paid through the mind

In this whole world, if you work intending to get money out of what you do, you’re either paid through the certificate/qualification or the muscle or paid through the mind or your mind.

Chapter 1: How do I get paid? Paid through the qualification and paid through certificates
Chapter 2: (Current Chapter)
Chapter 3: Learning is being taught or teaching yourself or being answered
Chapter 4: Some of the things I was taught that kills the possibility of my growth and success, and the growth of my nation

I don’t have many ideas to give but it is someone’s idea that pieces of software are what we buy now instead of getting them free. A college dropout is among the first sellers of software, if not the first seller himself. Bill Gates is not only a founder at Microsoft but also a founder of big industry. Windows and MS-DOS were not just pieces of his software but bits of his mind. He needed not to be a superhuman to deliver such to the market, he simply had to choose being paid through the mind and be persistent as someone out there is when chasing after a job. What wasn’t simple was having the best idea or mind to sell, so he had to be persistent like a student who wants better passes. He had to believe not in the salary but hate it.

While anyone who is not the man himself understands Elon Musk as a superhuman, it’s only him who thinks of himself as a human being like anyone else. The fact is, greatness doesn’t target a person. It happens to a person whose target is becoming as twice as efficient each day in his life.

When the history of such people is written it is written so colourfully that we can’t think of ourselves to be capable of being that colourful. Historians choose the most colourful part to write not only as history but praises or criticisms that can sweep readers. Thus they create a deformed narration preaching superhumanism. Business schools start at the height of such men and women’s careers. They ignore the start. They ignore that police officer who had to quit his job following a court decision and a divorce which left him on an emotional roller-coaster and a financial disaster which then became his starting point into greatness.

When you’re paid through your mind, you are likely to grow than the one salaried. Wealth is minds paid.

The more the people chose their minds to be the paid the more wealth was created. When all this happens, the government comes in to the rescue, put legislation and protection to keep this wealth in place and give room for more wealth to be created. That wealth them pays others, employs, so that it can keep multiplying. A salary is, therefore, a result of someone’s wealth. When salaries get better and better, a few are jobless and the nation gets out of poverty.

Britain industrialised ahead of France because she was the first to give freedom to those who chose to be paid through their minds to be paid that way. More fields of knowledge were opened. Scholars like Newton became more of heroes than they were in the past, and inventions came in daily like newspapers.

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In established economies, most exports are a result of numbers paid through their minds. Each new phase has its own industrial waves. Now we are in the internet/AI age. In the past two decades, America is beating Europe combined because she seems to be answering the wave of time, having a good number of those getting to be paid through the mind. Japan in the east seem like losing all her magic she had before. There are no startups to turn her up as was in the time before the mid-1990s. Her productive population is in a decline, so is her population overall. Nothing in Japan as big as Netflix came to be in the age of Netflix. Old dogs like Hitachi are all that the nation is banking its progress on but they are the 1910 wave.

Understanding all this as a sub-Saharan is the starting point proper to get me to believe that I can make a better choice, be paid through the mind and leave the certificates behind. When Europe’s average/poor performing is in the discussion forums topics like the British Exit, the Eurodrachma and the Euro mark problem, the migrant crisis is what to expect, the unconsolidated debt system and ECB, but the reality is also, fewer people are choosing to get paid through their minds and selling their ideas not themselves. Wealth is created by numbers going up, and inequality, just like poverty we have here in Africa, is solved that way.

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a big name in studying Accounting. I have been reading their magazines for a long time in the library. They rarely write articles to tune their readers into getting paid through their minds. Learners in the category of finance, accounting, business and economics are groomed to manage wealth created worldwide, and the disaster is the one we are living in. We don’t imagine ourselves creating something unique for our economies.