The amazing courage of a mountain climber can have you achieve to grow big?

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Have the courage of a mountain climber and an I-can-do-it-now attitude to climb your mountain with what’s not enough.

There is not enough, yet. Yes! The courage of a mountain climber doesn’t get you to be worried about that. Don’t wish if there can be enough. Don’t wait for someone to have it be enough for you. Chances are what you want to be enough before your climb will never be now.

With the courage of a mountain climber, you don’t wait for a chance or an opportunity because you’re the best opportunity available to you. A mountain climber knows not more than belay devices, anchors, crampons, ice axes, harnesses, helmets and among other things. When s/he plans, plans like s/he wanna win. To climb a new terrain the knowledge s/he must have is not tons of it but just knowledge oriented towards climbing that terrain.

Time is not compulsory to utilise for the good. That’s why very few can achieve a lot in their time on planet earth. Act as if you’re compelled to utilise the time to create what’s enough for them. They normally get back to their training gyms over and over. They don’t quit hope.

When obstacles are existing but not stopping it to happen it may be because obstacles inside you are eliminated. The Buddhists explain this better than anyone else through the five hindrances. Each peak you reach is an encouragement that you can be on another. Another challenge is not enough to stop the courage of a mountain climber.

The courage of a mountain climber attains meaningful peaks. Image: Canva

Are you still waiting for what’s enough? Chances are they will never be enough. Waiting is a big obstacle to movement. If you wanna wait you don’t move. Moving or waiting are two choices that you can’t live in at once. None knows an expedition as challenging as a mountain climber’s because your mistakes but those of nature can cost lives. But you have the courage of a mountain climber to be up there not fearing heights. Your next step is always letting go.

How to be there? You’re not there yet and you’re not with enough to fire up your pistons. The way you answer this question keeps you either grounded or makes a statement for you. Makes you the first to climb with another angle. Overconfidence is always your enemy. You have the courage of a mountain climber.

When you go around the mountain walking at its foot, keeping your eyes up high and observing it before you climb you’re better than standing at one position waiting for what’s enough. After all your tools box as a climber doesn’t cost thousands and thousands. It’s the cheapest kit in the history of achievers. Climbers live like achievers before becoming one.

A mountain climber wishes to be on the wrong side of the cliff. When he gets there, it doesn’t take him/her a helicopter. S/he enjoys most his/her cliff time than any savoury moment in his/her life. It doesn’t take him fancy equipment to be on the wrong side of the cliff. For he is what it all takes to be there. S/he possess the courage of a mountain climber.

You better have good boots to climb. Good clothing to cover your body. But mostly the strength in your heart to move than anything else, to keep on or to take you to the height feared most. It’s an I can do it now attitude flowing through your veins that the strength in your heart pumps. After all, the only thing you trust is the rope carrying your weight. It’s your lifeline. It is all you require to achieve the peak.

A trained climber is a trained climber. Yes! The best part trained is not the physical body. It’s his heart. S/he is a person of courage. The strength inside beats the obstacles outside. You better have the courage of a mountain climber.

Rocks are hard. But it must be your only wish to climb up through them. Your grip is final, it’s a statement made. You are the best belay to stop you from falling.

~SubjectMe (Personal Dairy) Inspiring figures or animals in sports, trades and wildlife