Discover don’t see things and build a proper perspective.

Before I dive into discover don’t see and build a proper perspective, allow me to be listened to by you as I say some things in life can never go without the other. A key needs a lock. The true value of what you do is in how you do it. You may do whatever you think to be the very definition of unique but without a unique method in doing it casual results are the result.

How you do it is packed with either clues or casualness. You are only able to be clueful when you are supposed to be clueless when you discover things instead of seeing them. By discovery, you are helping yourself to better help yourself. When discovering the same eye sees, but this time it allows helpful detail about what’s seen to reign and be available, or to exist.

There is a need to look at the same thing over and over only to find the way you see such a thing changing. When such a change happens, it’s not a change in the way you see things happening. It is a change in perspective. Perspective is always there when you see things, but it needs to be proper perspective, some perspective that is out of discovery. Discover don’t see and build a proper perspective.

Allow me to repeat it again: A proper change in the way you see things is the maker of seeing things through not just seeing things. It is seeing things by discovery. Discovery is a deeper eye with detail, detail essential to where it is needed the most, that detail is not ignorant to what you are capable of.

A perspective is shaped by the one giving it the light to see. Perspective shapes the thinking of one who shapes it. Discover don’t see and build a proper perspective.

You fail to change its shape, i.e. turn it into proper perspective, you only fail to create a person and environment you wish for yourself. Success in changing its shape is more than the success you may desire. Allow your eye to discover most than to only see things the most. The power is in your control. It’s either you win it or lose it. The power to command what you want your perspective to be, improper or proper. We mostly choose to lose it and live with what’s improper.

The harshness with only seeing things or what can be made by only seeing things is always there to stay. An improper perspective can take an individual shaping it to use twice, thrice or a million times the same effort to achieve the same thing or to never achieve it. Navigating is not just the knowledge to steer the vessel in the deeper waters. It is a campus that gives direction. Discover don’t see and build a proper perspective.

If it is a strategy a proper perspective is the most deeper understanding of what needs to be done and how it must be done as it is the most logical among the things put into the whole war you need to win. It is more than an eye can see. Hence, proper perspectives are discoveries.

Through a proper perspective, you don’t run away from your capabilities to be rescued by someone’s. You only learn to understand the value of you capabilities, and therefore discover what you are capable of and become a capable being from what you are.

In resolving conflicts proper perspectives are helpful. To lighten the burden. Things don’t need to be a finger-pointing game when there is a better understanding among the parties involved in the conflict.