Don’t fight it let it flow.

They say don’t fight it, let it flow. Because flows don’t push hard. They just flow and make it happen. This is the art of a river. It just stays in the right course and earn its respect. That being said, respect is like an income, to earn it you must work for it. Work in whatever way you want to, but work in a flow.

Plan early. Hit late. At least what you have is a hit after some digesting and planning. Water source is today. The river mouth is faraway. Let plans flow it. When they don’t fit in the context. Simply flow it. The flow is simple that other options.

There are times to be slow. Quick cooks go under. Yet those who do too much of it are always unecessarily over. Let it flow. Don’t fight it.

Learn the hard way. Apply it soft. The best way to learn is to get beyond knowing. You haven’t learned anything by simply knowing it all. The river keeps its powers as softer it is as water. It acts alone. It makes historical landforms by persistence and patience. Every second it hits at it. Let it flow.

Create a system that would allow you to polish the edges than simply having blocks. Never communicate in fire unless that fire is in a justified passion. That way you will never burn yourself. Let it flow.

Don’t make statements in loud noises. Stay silent. Act. The best action is simply a simple flow. Silent isn’t dump, and dumb and dumb is capable. If you get a chance to let it flow don’t forget to keep it that way.

Don’t resist the world you are in. Simply shape it. To shape it you simply have to influence it. The biggest changes in this world are made in peace. And the biggest time the world have is peacetime.

New forms are established in any flow by the situation. In order to fare well rivers flow in the situation. They are flows of different kinds. Turbulent is for a bumpy ride. The river simply cope. It quickens when it is being told to do so. Hence it will never cease to flow.

Move with the flow. Don’t fight the current. Resist nothing. Let life carry you. Don’t try to carry it

Oprah Winfrey

The best fight you can put is not to fight it at all but just to address it.

The right was to sleep is to sleep in the flow and wake up at it.

The best chance and opportunity you have is not anyone else but you. Shape it.

The time to make loud noise is the right time to work at it in silence.

Allow yourself to drift in a direction. Don’t oppose. Be confident it. Your sea of dreams is ahead.

In the low keys, they have been known to make high notes.

Do reluctantly. Accomplish with incessant effort. Accomplish in silence. Don’t stop.

Don’t compete simply beat them. Cooperate with varying approaches.

The best way to blink an eye is to let it blink itself. It will simply do its seeing business. Do what you must not what you can.

Do a working work. Stay it it. A working work is one involving a mind that can see. Let things flow your mind can see.

Adapt. You will never go extinct. Flow you will never cease to reach your sea.

be patient not confident. That way, when you fail you will not find yourself out of flow.

Let is flow. Don’t fight it. In life you are not a fighter. You simply have to be a winner. Win it.