Growing in strength on monologue

It is all about going from one stage to another and another stage to another. So, I am not worried about where I am today because I, like anyone else, have the power inside me, the power to grow from strength to strength.  I, unlike anyone else, however, discovered that power, realised that its there withinside me. And I adjusted myself, my mindset and my everything to it. I allowed myself to be pushed by it and nothing else, not to resist that power, the power to grow.

The moment I try to resists it I am no longer moving. I solidify at one place, and I no longer move no matter how much slope, how much good conditions for my movement are there.

Mapping and claiming more of my space around me, at one place is not growth. It is establishment and it satisfies not to be moving and, so, that way, not falling down. So establishment makes its steps, good initial steps, good education, good start into economic life and stable presence in anything but then decide not be any bigger than that.

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Monologue is when we pick up our voice recorders and say things through them on a random topic non-stop, only to do nothing with those words said but to publish them.

Moving inner mountains: The bigger problem may not be them but the one facing it. The solution is not blaming them but one acting on that problem.