How to get started and moving

How to get started

1.  Understand, first, the best way to get started is to just get started.

Fear of the unknown is part of that resistance pushing you back which does not only appears at the eve of the game, but when doing something new in the game; when repositioning, creating strategy shifts and risk-overcoming mechanisms. It strikes where there is nothing else to stand against it, where there is no confidence and self-belief within oneself.

Believe in yourself, just start. Keep that faith as you progress. There is a difference between a work that has been done without doubt and the one which has been done doubtingly. When venturing into something, it’s not only about getting started its about getting started powered by self-belief too. But you better have that knowledge pertaining to what you are undertaking, apply it accordingly. And you better have the best knowledge of all… the knowledge to apply knowledge.

2.   The reason for starting something is to get it done. The few you have can make it happen (if perfectly utilised).

Gather up what you need – capital, books, assets etc, but do so with effort and intense desire as you move forward. If you cant find all that you need to get started don’t let this turn you down. Just swiftly adjust yourself to a wartime budget. Remove from your savings and timetable everything that is ruining the progress of something you have envisioned and want it done.

When there was no bank to offer me a loan, which wouldn’t have ended up a loan if I had managed to secure earlier, but capital, my greatest tool to tackle my business, I allowed it to be four years of nothing but finding means to have the capital in my hands without the bank. In those four years, I earned knowledge of applying knowledge, another of tools essential to me which does not come cheap.

What is a tool? A tool is both a tool and a name. Both the tool and the name were invented by the human, for the purpose of having a noun, a word that would refer to a tool in his language, and for the purpose of having that tool to use for a particular task of many he faced. So, If you want something that may need a tool, a tool you don’t have, don’t wait but do yourself a favour. Invent your own tools.

3.   Empty everything. Focus!

Friends, parties, sports and games; as much as they entertain and makes our lives better they may ruin our time-to-focus. They occupy our weekends, they influence our decisions and change our direction. Therefore, if they are distractions or hindrances, keeping them out of the reach of our dreams as we aspire makes it better. You shall always have the time to enjoy, that is the beauty of it, but if now is some time for something else, it better be something else only at this time.

Distracting your distracting-behaviour makes it better.

Don’t even think of failure, if it comes along it is a part of your road to success. Failures are just like road humps. It will be good to take them as minor delays to your success and best to take them as something calling you into focusing.

You’re the best opportunity available to yourself and not anything else is. Look, the convenience of having yourself as a number-one opportunity available to you is you are always there for yourself even after anything negative like being fired.

4.   Have a goal to be addressed everyday and anytime suitable.

Goals just like in a story where a hero may have several missions to accomplish can never all be accomplished, because if they do they make a bad story; a story that ends in the thirteenth minute such that we have our hero Liam Neeson an Honest Thief surrendering millions of cash he stole and the two assigned FBI agents hands it over as evidence instead of what they actually did in the plot, which is attempting to steal it and have their biggest payday their government never afforded for them, pushing the story further. The thing is, you will fail a lot to have a classic story at the end of it. Many things will try to stop you, including people you trust. But the worst stopping that you must be afraid of is one caused by you.

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As you wake up in the morning make up a goal to get it addressed by the end of the day. Let their failure be nothing to stop you from fighting for your main goal.

Pin on the wall three-week goals, five-month goals, yearly goals and five-year goals. Long term goals are your main goals or your main mission. Don’t overload yourself with these main goals. Have some means to record bigger things in your life for future reference.

5.   Habit is not something within one’s system by birth: Create it!

Being accustomed to what you are fighting for is good. Once you dive in, allow yourself to be completely immersed. When you are immersed let your heartbeat for what you are immersed in. Don’t stop until you come out right, until you are capable of breathing under it, until you are a different breed of survivors. Habits are created in a slow build-up. Build habits that are more than necessary in what you intend to come up with.

Bring formality to your habits. What’s being said here is, it’s building a good habit to have more of your reading time increasing monthly you are a reader. But formality in such a habit is reading while seated on a chair and a reading desk/table than on your bed or the sofa.

6.   Stop procrastinating

It has been said procrastination is a waste of time. It is actually, but it was said also to be a habit of making something that was supposed or intended to get done today to be done on the morrow. Here we say, when you find yourself pushing things that are supposed to be today’s do to the morrow then you must know that there is something in you that keeps fooling one ‘you’re advancing’ whilst he is stagnant.

The future is not a place we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths to it are not found but made. That was a political theorist J.H. Schaar bringing these words to us, and I love the way he said it. You don’t travel to the future, you, right there, create it and you can only have it if you crate it. And if you need it urgently, why not creating something now.

Don’t do something because it makes you feel contented about your progress as you go through it, do it because it’s worth it. Aim to develop further.