How to maintain your success gains and keep yourself succeeding

To gain is to obtain something you desire through the only input, effort. That effort need not to be wasted, and for it not to be wasted, an extra effort should be put forward by you to know your challenges and understand what you can do to overcome them.

1.      Develop an intense desire and positive qualities

Talents are always existing from within, but intense desire can help to make a talent more utilitarian. Those talents geared up by passion are the main drives of our success. Whatever the skills you might apply, there is always that next lever you can never reach without loving intensely what you are doing to be there.

To keep yourself at the top you also need to breed up two positive qualities, positive character and wisdom. Build your own set of ethics relevant to what you are trying to build. Maintain your ethics and let them govern your moral conduct. Be imaginary always. Maintain you good repute when dealing with your customers, never attempt to loot from them. Maintain your earlier habits if they were good and kill all the fear, hesitation and the habit of making all the things to be accomplished today to be done tomorrow.

2.      Knowledge is a great prerequisite ingredient. Keep seeking it.

A seeker of many things should understand the importance of knowledge. It is scarce yet it is the most important element. Without it one is just like a a 17th century sailor crossing the Atlantic without a compass. You can never keep up doing something if your knowledge base is not on par with the best expected in the arena.

The beauty of knowledge is it never ages. Also, it is never enough. Here we say there are three kinds of knowledge, including one of applying the knowledge you have appropriately, and they must work together within you.

3.      Observe and correct mistakes

Watching some people’s (and your own) past mistakes is like watching a chess game as an outside spectator. You can easily notice all of them all and what the player should have done to make a perfect play. Now, consider life as different game of such a sort. Understanding the past mistakes will help you to avoid the risks — unnecessary risks. You may get into them but you are now aware of how to avoid a foul.

4.      Choose friends and partners wisely

We are living in an age where we can’t resist people. Sometimes you need a capable team to get things done. Sometimes you need friends.

One thing about friendship when compared to you family is they come and go. But even for a single year before your friendship break up a friend can influence you more than a family does in 12 years. You are always ready to accept their values or to accept them into their work, and even their ideas as well.

Friends and partners can influence your business and conduct. They can either fill your future with haze or help you to focus more. When maintaining your gains try to choose those people (not really with focus) who can find sense in what you do to make the most innerly of your circle.

Sometimes your friends bring ideas. Do not resist, accept them. But do so after assessing and weighing up their ideas.

5.      Don’t diversify your income source as they say. Diversify what you specialise on!

The Netherlands once became a victim of having one product on the international market, specialising on it and having it the main pillar of the economy. When one day markets turned upside down on the natural gas and by-products, the country tumbled into what is still known as the Dutch disease. The Netherlands is a nation, here we discuss about you and me as individuals, persons who have been influenced to love big numbers. Yeah, we are biased towards numbers. We think there must be many more of it to have many more as an outcome. We are wrong.

Don’t have many balls to throw to get your income going viable, just make sure you are diversifying on what you are specialising on. Keep building more different cousins to your venture, learn about ways to make waste an input another product will need, have the knowledge, apply it, have the knowledge to apply the knowledge, put more capital into the business, master what you are doing, love it with all your heart, develop your own pattern of doing things, study your particular market, fix where vulnerable in you play, don’t just judge what you do judge yourself as well and allow yourself to be on the wrong side, make solutions that gives an upper hand to what you do, and don’t ever sleep thinking that tomorrow things will wake up fixed for you.

You don’t need to be a lawyer and a salesman. Remember that.

6.      Don’t take all obligations.

Life is full of obligations.

Take what’s necessary, positive and constructive.

When we’re are with no choice but to register our presence on various things in our lives. We are in obligations and we either receive them from the inside or the outside. But sometimes you just have to be absent. I am not saying stop being a mother, but I am saying challenge some things, when the you think you must be in the kitchen be out there for us, at least try, the society will catch up on you and will respect that you are no longer a domestic item.

Negatively, some obligations may ruin our time, strength, vision and purpose. There is an inclusion of various facets; addiction, habits, dependency and time destruction.

7.      Stop blaming

How easy and how convenient is it for us to blame everything and everybody for the things we have gone on in our lives. …stop being a bum-*ss lazy person.

~   Tyrese Gibson

 Dwelling your life on blaming, makes you to remain slothish. You can’t proceed either. Because a blamer is always blindfolded, he closes the chance to fix the main thing to all what his life is, himself. He can’t see that he can make himself better. He always think he missed the chance already and it was because of someone.

Now, if life is about chances, then it is always a good time to make it better, because chances and opportunities are endless just like the air you breath. You will definitely have it till the last breath. It’s never too late before it’s too late.

Here, at Informativus, we say the best opportunity available to you is you, and the convenience of it is you are always there for yourself. To be the best thing available for yourself allow yourself to be corrected by yourself, to get to know and accept that you can be wrong, and work on fixing what’s wrong about yourself. You need to be more and more efficient day by day if you are to keep proceeding, building yourself up.