Motivational: I make my money run, I am not kind to it

Money is at the center of everything now. They way I behave around it, concerning it, for it, etc., and handle it, is the way it will treat me. So I tell myself to make that money run, not to be kind to it but to give it the best run out of my pockets, but running out o my pockets with my very thinking brains smeared at it. After that I must be sure that it can do nothing except running back into my pockets five-fold.

Me and money, it goes beyond tit-for-tat. It’s tit-for-more-tats. If I am to spend it by throwing it into fire today, tomorrow it will throw me into the fire five-fold. Our friendship can end at any time or start at anytime, and I know the rules that I am expected to put myself under to keep our friendship alive.

I am never afraid of money losing me and it losing me because each time I lose it I make sure it is in a way that allows it to look back at me and give me a tat that is positive, a tat that mean my wallet balance going up. In the Western world they couldn’t explain this ‘tat principle’ for me so they invented the word risk and flooded it to many of us, while this ‘tat principle’ was kept secretly by the few, the few who rule it.

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Monologue is when we pick up our voice recorders and say things through them on a random topic non-stop, only to do nothing with those words said but to publish them.

  1. Don’t grow yourself don’t establish yourself. The motivational monologue takes the campaign higher. A poor Korea without a credit line or a Stock Exchange System plus what can be $470 in 2021 was Samsung’s start.