Passion: Doing what you love.

Passion: Doing what you love

A passion is where and when your heart allows you to do what you do, be good or bad, fail and fare not well, and find no reasons to stay but still stay emotionally attached. That persistence comes from your heart and it’s not alone. There is an approval. An approval from the heart is the greatest of all. It is greater than the one you can get from anyone close to you, a sibling, lover or parent because it works on the inside to give you patience, confidence, hope, discipline, in any second you want it. All ingredients are thus made available. Passion sets the time to cook is set to anytime.

It is the heart wholly at it.

Learning about passion from Neil Armstrong and his crew

Passion and the things we do. DO what you do with love. If you don’t love it there must be no you doing it. It’s a simple equation. It can solve itself through like terms. No like terms nothing solved. No like terms nothing solved.

In 1900, the first powered Wright Brothers plane had not taken off. But in 1969 it was possible for humans to make it to the moon. The only people who first made it to the moon were not medical practitioners, they were astronauts. People who had their hearts and love in being what they were. They took their time training and defining a career, and they are historical heroes.

Do what you love. You are a hero.

You should rather feel the hate in what you love than feel the love in what you hate. Passion directs preferences. It can tell you how far you can go in a certain walk of life.

Neil avoided interviews as if he had taken an oath of secrecy upon joining NASA. It’s said that he did avoid them so as not to instil fear among future astronauts, or tell them things they haven’t experienced and he preferred a conversation rather than an interview. He avoided celebrity status and stayed low-profile.

When doing what you do you don’t have to do it to be the world’s high-ranked individual because having people addicted to you is not your destination but loving what you do and have it done perfectly with results that please you is.

How to find a passion

A passion is found where see no results but keep your patience on. That’s where your passion is. Where results are just an inch but you have hard times in pressing on and staying at it. That’s where your passion can’t be. It’s easier to find a passion if you are searching for it. What’s not easier is simply hoping to find it while you are not looking for it for you to find it. People who can find a passion are people who have tried a lot. They are not people who do nothing or little or stay at nothing or at little.

The golden rule when finding your passion is: “Fall in love at the first sight. No with the things you want to possess but with the things want to do and how you want to do them.”

Finding a passion must be that. You don’t have to fall in love with the harvest you hope to get. You must fall in love with the technique you can afford to put in and hope but wait for good harvests. If you are in love with only the outcome, and if you are using an outcome to lure yourself into loving something, you are far away from finding a passion.

Why you do it is the maker of how you do it.

Simply put I found it as your loving loving heart over something else. Some say it is not found in that you don’t wake up one morning loving this instead of that, and it takes more than discovering it to have it as your passion. It more than a matter of emotions, that you have something in your mind running there irrationally and growing or changing radically into something rather different than when it first showed up in one. You heart on something is one thing, attending it so that you grow stronger in it is another.

Curiosity disease

It was in 2014 when I started to seriously want to know things that are beyond my stuff in such a way that if they were not given to me through the formal education I received, available to you from the school etc., I had to find means to have bits of them into your knowledge base at any cost. This curiosity must be unstoppable.

My first google search query happened when I was a high school student when our school had installed its WiFi system just for less that sixty computers donated in our library. I didn’t go on and read some Divinity notes and download works by T. Constable as were told do but I started dig deep into what was internet.

The best you can do when this disease catches up with you is not to cure it. You just have to move into its direction and give it its best to sustain it and make it prevail in your system at any cost.

A year later I was with all the knowledge about how payments are done online, and how each participant in the internet world from Wikipedia to Facebook and from a Game developer to a blogger earns or not, and how some bad things happen there. Whilst computers sucked all of my input into having some knowledge inside me, my grades were falling down.

A passion building up is known to break through its barriers including the need for good grades.

An answered call

There is a time when a passion is left alone to fight its barriers alone and there shall be a time when it will be defended.

When the call of the passion is answered, if you sort of go against it and the path you are picking through can become wrong. Where there is a sense of danger you see hope. For defending what you love is one of the things you learn to do just as you get to love them. Hence, it is the extend of that defense that may explain the depth of the passion.

The unwelcoming start

When the starting line is miles away from us we reason that it is far away. Well, when a passion catches up with what we do, we don’t reason we work very hard to bring the starting line to just where we are. This stage of having a start where a start is difficulty happens with the few who keeps going, a few who now have an understanding that difficulty is not impossible.

This phase now is part of the buildup process. It is the start that happens against all all odds.

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When you suffer for something that gives you weaker results for the sake of pleasing no one but you alone, and still stay pleased without results at all. You have found your passion.

Growth doesn’t mind a zero. Because it doesn’t give you a room, it doesn’t give you a room. Every time you are with a zero in your hands you are negotiating to have it going up, that where a passion fits in. Your love for something wants you first to have some freedom of loving something to give you that patience.