#seeingMinds Approach

This is the SubjectMe’s seeing minds approach where vision is more than creativity or what it takes for creativity to make sense.

There is nothing that beats vision, and you may need to build it instead of coming up with plans. We usually spend much time teaching ourselves creativity but creativity is like water. It flows away when you fail to come up with a container. Vision is a container, the best container you need to make the slightest creativity be equal to just as theirs.

Then there is the detail-emphasis perspective It’s nothing fancy. It’s just that anything from the SubjectMe Personal diary can be a “perspective”, and you will find a lot of such (including the orange theory). Vision can only come when you expose your life into finer details that you teach yourself not to misinterpret or mislead yourself through. Vision requires you to stick or switch to an emphasis on detail so that you can take off from your game-changing origins.

Many of us on this planet earth has or shall have his/her game-changing origins. Mine, for example, was being in the library for just a single hour in 2013, aged seventeen and a quarter and having not made my first phone call or having not been exposed to the simplest digital side of the things of the planet. Pee Price delivered to the whole class and me, the boolean logic but also anything about retrieving information on the web. Needless to say that, he warned all the students against abusing the internet. But after that hour all were abusing it.

That hour but a ton of other events, including the most destressing ones, are my game-changing origins. Knowing also the means to have the origins work on a son, a daughter or a student you’re mentoring the Mentor-style (Capitalised initial on the second mentor is in place to make reference to the original Mentor in Homer’s Odyssey) is great for you. SubjectMe is here to give you the ideal life mentor for free.

Wisdom is not a good word to use. It has been banned for usage in SubjectMe as it suggests that some people are naturally better than others.

Some personalities of people in sport and even in travel or mountain climbing, people in the trade, and behaviours of animals in certain situations are inspiring. Don’t worry when SubjectMe picks up the bulls to give you correct words about standing your ground it follows up with an article with the personality of a gymnast. Referees are underrated but in the Personalities project, they are heroes, selfless people who are worth imitating.

Barbus, the novel, comes in with qualities of leadership. And it exists to be free here on Informativus.


It behaves the mind. It gives the mind a box to think in. A box that is never to be skipped out of damn easy.

The mentality can’t change over the night. It stands up to anything as does graffiti on a wall to rain. So that after the storm one can always see it there as long as the wall is there.

They say attitude is complex, SubjectMe thinks it’s the attitude of the day. How my mentality changed series of articles on mentality change.

The blog, Informativus

Is it wisdom that is with others that are making them better and better in their journey? Is it that wisdom that you don’t have? The blog is in place to explain to you that the best wisdom you should start to groom in yourself is that making yourself more and more efficient all the time.

While also the mission of the blog is to have ‘#seeingminds’ a serious campaign, you don’t have to waste your time reading this blog. It is time you are losing.

Time is the most rebellious thing in our hands. You don’t manage it now for tomorrow. You manage it both now and tomorrow for both now and tomorrow.

After you get the wisdom have some rare power amassing in you. The power to know what went wrong makes the most efficient person out of you. Informativus shall try to break all that stuff to you.

While one walks the journey, also seeking the knowledge, and applying the knowledge, and also amassing the knowledge to apply the knowledge, it is essential for him/her to understand that sometimes the journey is made best by killing the confidence driving it and switching to the lane that says patience.