Resources and clues. This is how to be resourceful.

clues and resources motivational

Clues are:

  • Prerequisites to creativity and vision
  • attained by being not wasteful about the resources you have, and not waiting for more resources but just going with the few you have
  • attained through discovering what you’re fully capable after tuning in to your best efficiency or what resources you have and people around you are cpable to produce inside you
  • attained by the most senseless waste of time, money and resources on what others can immagine themselves doing through the same resources and time
  • products of not eating your Newton apple but questioning why is has fallen downwards instead of upwards
  • products of dissatisfaction out of what you’re getting through the resources you have, the time you have and what you are currently foing. That dissatifaction is the lust to have more made out of where they can’t be made. That dissatifaction is a desire to have the least erased and more taking up the place of least
  • what makes the future break out of the stuck present, have what it will need to be a better future. Clues move the present to a better place, so that one day when you future will not have to ask, what were you doing back then to be deserving this?
While creativity is creativity and vision is the best container to put your creativity. Clues are what must power your creativity since greatness is a hidden treasure that a few discover.~SubjectMe 2021, July.

Greatness is a hidden treasure, it takes clues to unlock it

A long-time ago, someone watched an apple falling. He didn’t eat it and it didn’t fall on his head. It only found a man in a contemplative mood. He couldn’t waste chances but have that incident as something that stays with him more than his best childhood memory. History was waiting. A breakthrough in the world of science was all the world was waiting for to get the world to believe in a bit of more science.

A clue is in everything around you. You can only work on the means to get it out. That clue will lead you to your next stage just as it took Philips’ lead in the lighting industry to take the disc into the laser disk. At a personal level, clues are manufactured by your giving the most personal positive use to any resource in your hands. When a smartphone a TV is for entertainment be the only one educated through them. See yourself stuck in a phase your world had been and your ancestors have been.

Find means to break out of that stage of watching apples fall and doing something about it. You can’t stop an apple from falling as you can’t stop your hours dripping into a smartphone. Since you cannot win in a battle of refraining from it, you don’t have to avoid the smartphone.

You simply give it some positive usage in any sense to power your creativity.

Clues and positive utilisation of resources, my personal experience

I was introduced to the internet at seventeen (in 2013), just after I had made my first interference with the digital world. Three months, to be precise, after I had made my first phone call.

Two years after the introduction, I became a mobile game developer, obviously the first among the learners who went past the school that introduced me to it. But because I had none to finance my dreams with, the following four years downgraded my hopes and I shifted into only wishing. I then hoped to become a blogger. I had no resources. Owning my second PC between 2016 and 2018 didn’t get me to meaningfully blog as a few to several hundreds of dollars were what I required.

“My parents are the problem!! They earn enough to pay up to $2000 (a lot of money in my home country, equivalent to $51,000 somewhere) yearly in having me educated.” That’s what I got stuck into from 2017 and up to 2019 as a means to explain my failures. I distanced myself from my failures and enjoyed having someone in my place standing inside my failures. Instead of having two hundred taken off the two thousand and compromise my accommodation, I stayed flat. The solution, I thought, was not in my hands.

When you distance yourself from your failures, you become a double loser. Mandela’s art of going through obstacles was in his famous quote. “I’ll never lose. I either win or learn.”

I’l never lose. I either win or learn.

Nelson Mandela

When I dropped out of college in my final semester, I deleted my Facebook and my WhatsApp accounts (WhatApp is forever deactivated) and blocked any potential callers from the college just to mute my college past. I momentarily became someone with a phone, an outdated Lumia device running a glitchy and discontinued Windows 10 Mobile (charging only up to 80%) with no purpose in my hands.

As a PC productivity addict, the only person to ever use a laptop in setting up an alarm to wake him up from his energy boost sleep which happened between 17:30-18:45hrs as a prelude to a big night study, the phone had to cover up. Although apps like UC Browser were being pulled by developers from the app store as I witnessed, the Windows Store was still open functioning just as it were from the start but a disgrace to Microsoft’s name. I downloaded expense trackers, installed any productivity stuff remaining and bought word for mobile.

A satellite TV service by South Africa’s eMedia is free. It functions through ads, and channels are limited. The TV at the home I stayed at was even far outdated than my Lumia device. And instead of watching movies, I could go straight into currents affairs (BBC and a few news channels available), type all that I could very short but enough to give me a hint in the future. The result was a library of current affairs bigger than a thick volume book when the year ended. It was not my privilege to have the best TV service, but in the same country, someone had not known the very shape of a TV.

The true thing is a mind opens up like a fissure on a rock being weathered. It takes ice to develop it further, but first water collected finding its space in. It takes a tree developing on that rock, but rain and sound nutrients powering the tree in its growth. The water before ice is a clue. The rain before the tree expands its roots and cracking more the rock is another clue. Collect your rain. Allow your water in.

It doesn’t require resources: My world of clues is bigger

I now believe that we are all surrounded by clues essential to open gates to our next stages. The image above is from mechanically sliced slabs of meat. I simply stopped eating only to have it in my right hand. I took a knife and perked off excess meat. “It qualifies as a company logo.”

It may not qualify. But crowding clues out of everything helps to boost your confidence. You kind of see yourself moving to where you wanna be even when evidence is proving that you are not. Having the logos first before achieving anything helped in boosting my faith. On the other hand, logos require hiring someone online to do it or having Premium software running on a big price PC. When I am not with anything in my hands that allows me to hire someone. Clues are there to be with me.

How helpful are clues and being clue-centric in your path to success.

  • With them you are like a player of some pool field games and your winning becomes nothing to do with your starting. You can always find a way out if you finally find your target ball hidden in a sea of obstacles.
  • They boost your faith. Because they create your way out where impossible. Few resources becomes (Tony Robins’) resourcefulness.
  • They create new paths. Hence you’re more creative through them. Where there is a likely harm you create your healing point. A smartphone is a big harm. If you use it for finding your next clue it is not.
  • You to become a productivity addict. So that when you waste you time, you can waste it better and smarter than others. Yeah, its wasting time to be taking all the the news through a smartphone screen as it is wasting time watching a movie all day. But some forms of wasting time are better than others.
  • You don’t wait for another day to be at it. They can help to kill some forms of procrastination affecting you.
  • Clue-centrics force the positive utilisation of resources and fail to stick to the general/agreed/accepted utilisation of resources.