Stand on your feet hopeful like a bull against situations.

You stand on your feet hopeful like a bull and you can handle tough situations. SubjectMe (Personal Diary), Inspiring personalities.

Be ready to stand on your feet hopeful like a bull. It is where your feet are standing that can determine the results. You don’t expect to win when you’re always on the downside of the slope. The true fact is you establish a good standing, a sound footing to build yourself in before the tussle is on. Your fighting is not over. It stays with you until the day you die. You’re ready to fight as long as you’re challenged.

The sizes of your horns are not your very win or lose. Your win comes through the power you put through them. Dehorned can win also. In the battle against cancer, you can win. It’s not your background that defines your wins, it is your effort and the fight you put. Your horns are just a single tool in a sea of capabilities and without those capabilities, you can’t claim a win. If you can’t win when dehorned, buying yourself some artificial horns can’t change the game. If they can’t love you the way you are they can’t love you in another body shape. Just fight your situation the way should. Losing is part of the game accept it. Learn from it, and be ready to stand on your feet like a bull. You accept losses. You don’t accept decimation. When the fire is thrown at you. You’re the first to quench yourself because you always stand on your feet hopeful like a bull.

You can win today then meet the same challenger/situation tomorrow as if your win today wasn’t enough to make that challenger fear you and never to be a challenger in the morrow. Only you are required to be prepared because that is your game, too. You’re good as well at coming again tomorrow after defeat today to stand on your feet like a hopeful bull. The same winning strategies in the past, you partner them with new ones in the present. That, sometimes, can not be enough to claim your win.

Your feet don’t have to be standing in one place, that is your comfort zone. It’s either you are pushed backwards or you push forward. A typical bull doesn’t keep backwards going for long, it pushes forward where it seems impossible. That being said, your win is you capability in a locked-horns situation to push forward not to be pushed back. You better feed yourself with the right friends that can have you learn something through them, with good pastures which are good choices that can only give you more beef and readiness to fight. Don’t fight out of the pastures you graze because you don’t wanna ruin them. Keep it cool and don’t let emotions fight each other inside for they can ruin you. Don’t regret the choices you have made when you shouldn’t because you will hesitate to live their current outcome you’re currently in.

The battle creates conditions where it’s impossible to blink or to look aside. The battle itself is nothing but immense pain. To solve that pain, you have to face it. Have it all seen through your eyes. And you solve it by inflicting your might and even more pain at it (at the situation). You stand on your feet hopeful like a bull.

It is in the morning when the bulls fight. It is in the noon when they fight. It is evenfall when the bulls fight. They have to see the light not the darkness of the night. Bulls may need also to fight when their tummies are good and when they’re injury-free. They only fight when they are in the mood to fight. In real life, there is something for us here. You don’t have to solve a problem that in your family when you’re sorrily drunk. You can’t mediate when you’re in grief. You don’t write an exam in your life without having attended essential classes in your life. If you’re a storm, in a strong emotional vortex you can only wait for the day you can calm down and to sunshine and clear skies with calm winds under them to start the healing process. Your healing process is usually solving your issues through pushing forward.

Your best collection of fights are those that happen when younger. Fight more than you should before age turns you helpless. Cause winful fights to happen when age turns you helpless. Helpless in the battlefield is helpful elsewhere. Be a driver when the time comes.

Bulls don’t buy guns to make their a battlefield. They fight anyhow. The biggest input to each fight is the bull itself. Except for the fight, there is nothing else that needs to be present when two bulls are present.

The tactic can push bulldozers back.