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Bringing the starting line to where you are


Of all the things that determine an outcome, that should make us super afraid when any outcomes of our undertakings are about to be spelt out, time is a big decider. We don’t quite have our hands over it. Our purpose is usually to do good things the soonest we can. When conditions say “no!”, bringing the starting line closer and start anyway is tremendous respect for time.

The courage to draw the starting line where one is standing just now and without waiting for then, without waiting for all the requirements to be there first, works. The line itself can only look upon one drawing it and see that courage but zero or few of its requirements that it can take as right for a start. When that happens that courage should bear its fruits in one attempting to takeoff.

It takes starting low and having that low produce some. Some that are then harnessed to mean some more, then bounty. This ‘offspring approach’ requires concentration on each of the inputs s/he is employing, because if the employing fails then there is a challenge in finding the replacing input. Deciding is for once, redeciding is for the start not the middle of each phase. Wiser choices are those done through a spectacle that looks deep into the future, not the day after tomorrow. Good choices are done knowing that tomorrow is not for nothing and that tomorrow can add value to the future.

Good choices are not wasteful about time. They are progress.

People are afraid to run without the shoes, the shoes wonder if best runners are people who first put them shoes on before learning to run only to get their talents out of them shoes. The fear of not having when you must have, is the fear of getting to have when you are not having. You can’t have the best you yourself when you are afraid that you don’t have that requirement which is an essential for a good start to get you where will definitely get to have.

23May2021Sun A friend passed by while I was working in the garden. A conversation we had with each other was good. We were discussing about job opportunities, and I had some tough time to convince him to avoid waiting for a job which is never readily available in our Southern African country, Zimbabwe. Above were my words to him after convincing him to do some form of production then sell the produce.

Through a microphone on my $2 set of earphones I recorded my words after pausing the FM radio. This is for you.

Meeinrad Socien

This is impact from SubjectMe

In the darkest moments of my life, I open up my diary which is greatly digital now, and read for solutions. My diary is quite a big one, and I had to find means to share its little scraps with you.

The Impact edition of Socien’s personal diary shorten things for anyone without the need to read the full version of the diary, SubjectMe. You are never alone in the extremes, and you, me, him, her, can find a way out.

Oh, hey, the above entry was first taken as an audionote via “My Diary by Diary App and Notes & Audio Editor & Voice Recorder” and its available on Play Store. A proper top 10 by us is coming soon, and “My Diary” qualified.

Because nothing can break our addiction to it, and to other modern gadgets like it as well, let’s help each other here to give that phone a tool position in our lives. We can’t keep it robbing our precious time.

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