Against blaming

Motivational: The big problem in my life is me not them …I blame


Give me the A words and the F words. I will call myself stupid or any derogatory word. If that is all to wake me up, it will be my pleasure.

I haven’t tried all alarms to wake me up. I think the one that says I am the vast problem in my failing to wake up is the greatest choice. This time I want to be in charge. I know where to take the jersey. I wait for someone to cover me up. As I wait, I forget that I can do it myself. I suffer. I pretend not to know the cause.

I blame someone. And it’s easy. But I need to stop.

I conclude that I am not finding without learning that I haven’t searched. When others fight hard I think I am doing the same. Their success is a result of them correcting their inner selves and increasing efficiency. I think it’s all because they are on the right side of luck. That the greatest opportunity in my life is me, I forget.

I think it is always someone not giving me the keys and the elevator to the stories of my success façade. I blame. It’s easy but nothing is getting to flow smoothly.

I want to be up there flying. I detest to uplift myself. I want to be happy but I keep others sad. I don’t pay. I want to be paid. They say money is the medium of exchange. I exchange it with the worst junk in my life. I buy pleasure, the commodity available to us all despite our poverty or wealth. I buy only pleasure, I deny my responsibilities. I am satisfied. I blame.

I want common problems to be solved. I never admit my part in the whole problem. So when the solution comes it misses my part in it. And I expect it to be a common solution.

I see a king. I see a queen in myself but I am nothing. Only seeing greatness in myself without working for it keeps me grounded. I am satisfied. I don’t act. They told me the human mind and body works by addiction. My addiction is in the negative.

When will I learn that those who work both in imagination and reality to understand the world in every sense are the greater part of what populates the world’s history?

As far as you think you know the river, know it’s source. The situation tells me. I just sleep and slump.

The mountain to be moved is not there. It is inside me. I must move that mountain. I will move it. I need to stop blaming.

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