College Dropout

Unfair Salary Crusaders! How do education systems trick learners to the bottom of the capitalist pyramid?

Reasons for dropping out of college

What did I drop out of college in the final semester?_Chapter_5_The Unfair Salary Crusaders: How do education systems mislead learners into salary and the buttom of the capitalistic pyramid?

Chapter 1: How do I get paid? Paid through the qualification and paid through the certificates
Chapter 2: How do I get paid? Paid through the mind
Chapter 3: Learning is being taught or teaching yourself or being answered
Chapter 4: Some of the things I was taught that kill the possibility of my growth and success
Chapter 5: (Current Chapter)
Chapter 6: 3 Fallacies taught on wealth creation that discourage a company culture

When I was born, my nation was nine months from its greatest series of strikes and demonstrations in its history. Those taking it to the streets were moved by the mass retrenchments following the IMF’s Structural Adjustment Programme, the decline in wealth then salaries paid by the parastatal sector which started showing its signs before the IMF’s dose and, therefore, according to deeper analysis, a result of abuse targeted to the nation’s wallet and scandals happening in the 1980s, one or two droughts, investment in the human capital (educating the populace at any cost was President Mugabe’s biggest policy and it increased percentage literacy remarkably not wealth, and this is the part that motivates me to criticise not the educators but modern education itself) that translated to nothing. Growth in the private sector had better promises but picked a non-reversing negative trend from 1998. There was also a sharp rise in the standards of living, and it’s the urban dweller who suffered the most.

Everything changed in the last half of the 1990s. There was an opposition movement on the rise, rising from the largest labour union to ultimately become a political party. Jobs, attracting foreign investors and distributing wealth were the three themes dominating the political scene. Better jobs are said to be a result of immense wealth in the hands of large companies we don’t have at home but companies from wealthy foreign nations.

A combination of politics and education emphasising salaries and foreign investment or the distribution of wealth, blind to the fact that we’re capable, believing that we can all end no-longer poor when wealth is distributed but not created, created an economy that couldn’t grow but shrink to its 1980 level in 2008, yet between twenty-eight years population had doubled. Such was none’s fault. It was the education system’s.

We have had good salaries in Africa for a long period, including during the colonial period. My claim “good” seem vague, but it is because I compare Africa during her last phase of colonisation and after to Europe and the West when industrialisation started.

Now there are even better organs than the Chartists who are representing the worker, and they are powerful since they were there when independence was fought for.

Why Africa persists being poor after such good salaries? Because salaries are between poverty and wealth, they are not wealth itself.

That is an offending statement but when salaries can’t make SC Johnsons, funders of more wealth, they remain poverty and a poor demonstrator in the streets of my country’s capital in 1996. Salaries are immense wealth, but they are not. That’s why when 2008 is explained in the global sense by experts we expect AIG and financial institutions like Banks that failed into liquidation twenty times before anything is thrown in. If dozens of numbers are willing to go up through the salary, that salary can be a starting point for great things to happen. But willing to go up is not the starting point to the would-be SC Johnsons, the starting point is believing that many salaries are close to poverty as they are to wealth, that anyone can create wealth, that wealth is nothing to do with gender or social background; that big things don’t start big; they are big dreams first on a pillow with weighing less than a kilo. On the other hand, policymakers should be anticipating those with the SC Johnson thinking but be there to help in tweaking the education system to create such people.

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What is a salary?

Almost everything on this planet earth can’t come to be without its origins. A salary is with a source, i.e. wealth created, wealth in someone’s hands. Countries with better wealth are with better salaries.

A salary is, therefore, a result of wealth created, a stubborn source of income as far as increasing from month to month or year to year is concerned, but a payment for a service, labour and expertise and provided by the worker on an agreed basis (or not) and in agreed amounts which are negotiable (to the worker) in very-very limited means. Either selling his/her to build some others’ or not, a modern worker provides service or labour or expertise in exchange for a salary, and the means to negotiate the salary are limited but s/he is not (or should not be), legally or illegally, a servant.

In the Far East, it took Samsung $25 in 1938 which translates to S470 in 2021 to start. A lot of things happened between 1938 including the fleeing of the founder into Japan after and allegations of illicit wealth, but when there was a good count of people like this guy the government found itself with no choice but to have such people to help the country shine because they are people who influence the world, a world which is too powerful for one to fight it but too soft to be influenced by one.

How can Africa achieve that when we are taught everything big here. That we can’t see a small start which we are capable of having through our salaries which we share in our extended families like the air we breathe to result in others get ‘their $470’ when they are not even engaged in any income-generating activity.

The fourteen-orange-trees perspective: Why Africa is not becoming great our of the salaries and ‘$470’ ($470 is less than what it can take for one to be in Europe through the desert from Nigeria)

The way you do anything you do, the effort you put at anything you do, and anything you put at anything you do is all defined by the motive and the depth of that motive behind your doing anything you do [sic]. You don’t sleep with a gun in your hands when you’re fighting to win.

That being said, Mitsubishi can only manufacture four cars a month if it ceases to manufacture them for a ready market where it sells when it begins to give them away free. Production oriented toward resulting in money or wealth is production that vies for growing from strength to strength to become production that competes well to result in consumers choosing its specific products instead of products from another production [sic].

We were thrown out of our homelands in the 1950s by the colonial government. When we were relocated it was a start without our possessions, including livestock, which previously characterised what was wealth to us. The new land wasn’t friendly to large herds and we had to quit numbers. In 1962, one of the first mango trees in the village was planted and villagers started to follow suit.

That 1962 block mango tree is a legacy. I didn’t get to see the planter, my great grandfather and a man I assume to have been born between 1900 and 1905; one of the two known sons to a female legend in our oracle who married just before menopause, but also, probably, encouraged other females in her district to marry late, assuming that they would retain a piece of their adulthood and have it translate to “productive freedom” and make better possessions before moving into marriage.

Fast forward to 2014…

…when the best education around me was all about erasing “her” capabilities in history but also getting me to take the salary as an only card in the hat to pick. A man in the same village, working for his government in his early forties, having had known phases in chapters of his work when salaries went down without him having the powers to negotiate, got a loan ($1200). His monthly salary at just $500 made it possible to cover this debt three months or more depending on the instalments he would have his creditors take out of his salary. His plan after fencing an area of more than an acre and buying two of the village’s first water pumps in the previous year was to plant orange trees.

But because he said that he was planting for the grandkids, he planted only fourteen plants. Precisely, it was hundred dollars of the twelve hundred he used when he bought the fourteen plants to transplant whilst one-seventy plants were all he could get to accomplish with the loan. The remaining eleven hundred was open for other pertinent mispenditures.

In 2021, customers were pressing a lot, to such an extent that some almost booked the flowers. An orange is cheap. A combination of a smaller economy can translate to seles happening in small bits like two oranges a time, or otherwise, but zero packaging and proper handling expenses. A smaller market needs to be extended, delivering to the cities would require a vehicle but fourteen is not a good number.

The greatest determining factor towards anything is a choice or choices. The motive behind what you will be doing after choosing is the second greatest determining factor.

As lots more than acre were selling for around $500 in the area, he could have planted his one-seventy plants, go on to acquire another lot to fence three months later and plant in 2015, and keep on the cycle or even buy a second-hand vehicle. Labour, around him, including his, is cheap, but he couldn’t turn that into an advantage. I was only learning, but not any of these lessons had unlocked my brains when I received my key of life in 2016. And I am glad someone had to make mistakes, plant for the future not for success because I learned. His mistakes are my mistakes and I love them as they are the only theories in my life, the deepest perspective. He is my father.

Appreciate the present, I wrote in my diary. You’ll appreciate the future it will make.

When you direct your search on google to any information about the percentage of this world that cannot have a simple thing like or phone, hence slightly digitally illiterate you can quickly come up with an answer that it cannot be many of us who are educated the far you got. You’re lucky don’t be wasteful. I didn’t have to be wasteful.

Where I come from we value to be only employed without first getting to employ, that we consider the title ‘doctor’ the same as ‘His Majesty’ but our doctors, educated for their own personal prestige, can only work at a government hospital or leave, heading to where salaries are better and better; while none among those staying get to be involved in discovering new medicine with the very limited resources here as were there when penicillin was discovered. When we attempt production we do it not for money thinking that salaries have got us covered.

We remove money from what we do when we think of producing but we pay for everything. We pay for our education, but we are also taught to take as not an investment as does a wolf that buys shares to gamble with in the future. The result is we don’t see an influx of new players going up among the Hispanics and the blacks in America, those people originally left behind or disadvantaged when the race started.

It seems that it is in the best interest of the education system to keep many under. It is achieving. More sources of salaries (wealth), however, need to be created.

Because we are after salaries not creating their sources we think that money is a place

In America, they were a group of people called the boomers before the post-Second World War baby boom happened. They were boomers in that they were travelling from boomtown to boomtown in the 1920s as they were after the best wage.

A Greek student with big aspirations in business, after being taught about money as a place will not plant any eggs in Greece but move on to start his business in Munich. Teachings settle in our minds to form a mentality. It is, therefore, best for such a student to dive into business without anything of such format in his mind, that money is a place, but with a question, “How to reach a consumer in Germany from Athens?” Such a question can have him solve Europe’s big problem unintentionally. But he can’t have such a question in mind since money is a place, so he leaves for Germany and produces what sells in Germany. He banks in Germany and employs in Germany. He is a twenty-first-century boomer.

If money was a place, why in New York, the world’s all-time richest city, homeless people are in several hundreds of thousands? When we question their homelessness the teaching from formal education is all about how wealth was acquired, not created. In the real world, solutions are about getting votes and distributing the wealth already made not encouraging the creation of wealth.

What the college taught and failed to answer me before I dropped out.

Reasons for dropping out of college

Why did I drop out of college?_Chapter_4_Some of the things I was taught that kill the possiblity of my growth and success, and the growth of my nation are…

  • A job and its salary is all I need. This teaching came with three fallacies joined to have us believe that money is a place. In a chapter dedicated to this you’ll find that I concluded that a salary is between poverty and wealth, and it can toss its beholder anywhere it wishes when s/he doesn’t act on it to prove the invincibility of his/her choice, i.e a better life. The chapter will be no offence. It’s so much about explaining the failure of sub-Sahara to take off as it is about explaining my decision to quit.
  • I should specialise in my learning and in my doing the job, or diversify my income sources. What is this? A paradox? You’ll find out.

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  • I am not poor when I am poor. That we are all equal when not. Yet to be able to find what I don’t have, I must begin by admitting that I don’t have it. Knowing the reality as it is is greatness because it becomes possible to influence the world so that it becomes a better place to me as it is to someone out there. Unfortunately… Our garment is perforated and we are taught it’s not. And there are Two types of poverty I have managed to identify and put into use. I argue that we are taught to ignore one so that we could only have one to address to be able to conclude that we are not poor or unequal to them, and stay unintentionally under.
  • To hate capitalism not much but a bit so that I won’t be an enemy to it but one who avoids but one who avoids going up in the system as going up becomes unethical to him. I stay under and poor or unequal to another so that my own world is influenced in my absence. In the chapter on this one an example of the Jews is given. They learned to admit that they are poor earlier and moved on to address their own poverty, and were finally being able to create more wealth. When they needed a nation, they got it. Kurds couldn’t. Because wealth is influence, it can shape freedom and what’s desired by the current generation in the future. The education system doesn’t think so.
  • To compete not to cooperate with fellow learners who would eventually become the people I fill the society with. Cooperation is the power to do bigger things when without the power to. Without cooperation there is unjustified competition and rivalry which is not a good thing to us who are on the starting line. Because back in my village we can failed to share ideas, hire transport together to deliver our goods to a better market or buy machinery collectively or in small groups. We compete and everything is from hand to mouth decade after decade.
  • A starting point in business is nothing but a big loan or endowed owners who moves in grabbing shares. This is what our business school taught us, that wealth is accumulated or acquired not created. Wealth, however, must be created to end our poverty here in the less established world or inequality in the whole world.
Chapter 1: How do I get paid? Paid through the qualification and paid through the certificates
Chapter 2: How do I get paid? Paid through the mind
Chapter 3: Learning is being taught or teaching yourself or being answered
Chapter 4: (Current)
Chapter 5: Unfair Salary Crusaders! How do education systems trick learners to the buttom of the capitalist pyramid?
Chapter 6: 3 Fallacies taught on welath creation that discourage a company culture

My reasons for dropping college: This is how to define learning

Reasons for dropping out of college

Chapter_5_Learning is being taught or teaching yourself or being answered.

(1) Being taught or teaching yourself. (2) Being answered when you ask, being given a question to answer, or being answered before you know that something is even a question.

Chapter 1: How do I get paid? Paid through the qualification and paid through certificates
Chapter 2: How do I get paid? Paid through the mind
Chapter 3: (Current Chapter)

There is so much the two types of learning in the definition can do to a human. By being taught, you’re only affluent in knowledge without the engine behind your mind affluent. Your mindset and mentality can still let you down after five libraries put in the mind which it exist to move.

Learning through “answers and questions” is a gun powder put into the gun so that your brains, after bullets are loaded in, won’t be silent when you pull the trigger. Among people who learned through “answers and questions” some achieved greatness without having to be educated much. And they made history. It is after such learning when your mind gets you into what you must do and not to what others are doing, and yourself becomes the answer to the situation you have, then you as a nation, and move on to address it.

When you face the situation you don’t isolate it when you’re a ‘student through questions”. You add it to one big situation and then explain it. While I was travelling on foot to the campus a 13.4 km journey forth and back in my last two semesters, I didn’t take this situation as emanating from my parent’s salaries depreciating in value and also overloaded with lots to buy but to see it as part of poverty which became a bigger situation I had to address by avoiding the salary itself and bake an idea to sell and, later, think ultimately becoming an industrialist. I told myself that I am poor, that we have had all of the village’s finest parties before as a family between 2003 and early 2006 while the nation’s economy was in a decline to intensify our poverty instead of building structures that could free us from the salary but get us to employ more than ten people and help ourselves up as well as our country up.

Dear Reader (sorry for the diversion): I wasn’t yet a teenager between 2003 and 2003, my date of birth is not yet far into the past. But in June/July of 2021, I ceased to say “they used to spend a lot and failed us,” but to take it as “we were not good at keeping our family time violence-free” when discussing my past with myself or sharing it to anyone else. That way I hoped to have all the past that includes me as its outcome forgiven by me but not forgotten and it’s all for future reference. As well, I am not writing to offend. The usage of ‘you’, is not a finger pointing at the reader.

When learning through it, the situation must become one discourse as MBA is. The university, just like primary and secondary then high schools behind it, only teaches, that was my conclusion. It doesn’t answer questions. It failed to answer a simple question, “How do we get paid, afterwards?” The university’s own material is immersed into accepting submission, and it works to keep it under the whole capitalist system and to keep poor nations poor. We are taught to write the papers free, not to know how publishing companies work in case we may wish to grow and end up with one such company.

Teachings look at who to give blame and turning any topic personal. Questions and answers are all about addressing the situation, the bigger situation containing any situation at the moment, hence building one’s vision and not only creativity (because creativity without a vision is water being carried in one’s hands, not through a container). The Asian tigers didn’t waste time because they quickly answered themselves in their approach and realised that they needed to export goods with value to end their poverty while others were building teachings conceiving industrialisation and exporting unethical. Starting weak, they industrialised and managed to be far ahead of Ghana, a nation that gained its independence three years after the Korean war in 1957. Their approach allowed them to see difficulty as anyone else should. Difficult is not impossible.

In Ghana, President Kwame dived deep into Neo-colonialism. Only he explained our poverty not addressing it. He is a great name and I praise him but his approach failed because it is what fails the most. When you start to blame or by blaming you have to think a lot to come up with the right material to blame with. (SubjectMe [Personal Diary] says: You have one mind and when it is loud somewhere it is silent somewhere.) You silence your mind so that it can forget to address the situation. Difficult becomes impossible as it was “impossible” for any African nation to industrialise. I did not only go after it but I killed the possibility of my staying into a model, the most respected between the two, that has been grooming me towards a better salary for almost two decades.

My reasons for dropping college: How do I get paid through the mind?

Reasons for dropping out of college

Why did I drop out of college?_Chapter_2_Paid through the mind

In this whole world, if you work intending to get money out of what you do, you’re either paid through the certificate/qualification or the muscle or paid through the mind or your mind.

Chapter 1: How do I get paid? Paid through the qualification and paid through certificates
Chapter 2: (Current Chapter)
Chapter 3: Learning is being taught or teaching yourself or being answered
Chapter 4: Some of the things I was taught that kills the possibility of my growth and success, and the growth of my nation

I don’t have many ideas to give but it is someone’s idea that pieces of software are what we buy now instead of getting them free. A college dropout is among the first sellers of software, if not the first seller himself. Bill Gates is not only a founder at Microsoft but also a founder of big industry. Windows and MS-DOS were not just pieces of his software but bits of his mind. He needed not to be a superhuman to deliver such to the market, he simply had to choose being paid through the mind and be persistent as someone out there is when chasing after a job. What wasn’t simple was having the best idea or mind to sell, so he had to be persistent like a student who wants better passes. He had to believe not in the salary but hate it.

While anyone who is not the man himself understands Elon Musk as a superhuman, it’s only him who thinks of himself as a human being like anyone else. The fact is, greatness doesn’t target a person. It happens to a person whose target is becoming as twice as efficient each day in his life.

When the history of such people is written it is written so colourfully that we can’t think of ourselves to be capable of being that colourful. Historians choose the most colourful part to write not only as history but praises or criticisms that can sweep readers. Thus they create a deformed narration preaching superhumanism. Business schools start at the height of such men and women’s careers. They ignore the start. They ignore that police officer who had to quit his job following a court decision and a divorce which left him on an emotional roller-coaster and a financial disaster which then became his starting point into greatness.

When you’re paid through your mind, you are likely to grow than the one salaried. Wealth is minds paid.

The more the people chose their minds to be the paid the more wealth was created. When all this happens, the government comes in to the rescue, put legislation and protection to keep this wealth in place and give room for more wealth to be created. That wealth them pays others, employs, so that it can keep multiplying. A salary is, therefore, a result of someone’s wealth. When salaries get better and better, a few are jobless and the nation gets out of poverty.

Britain industrialised ahead of France because she was the first to give freedom to those who chose to be paid through their minds to be paid that way. More fields of knowledge were opened. Scholars like Newton became more of heroes than they were in the past, and inventions came in daily like newspapers.

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In established economies, most exports are a result of numbers paid through their minds. Each new phase has its own industrial waves. Now we are in the internet/AI age. In the past two decades, America is beating Europe combined because she seems to be answering the wave of time, having a good number of those getting to be paid through the mind. Japan in the east seem like losing all her magic she had before. There are no startups to turn her up as was in the time before the mid-1990s. Her productive population is in a decline, so is her population overall. Nothing in Japan as big as Netflix came to be in the age of Netflix. Old dogs like Hitachi are all that the nation is banking its progress on but they are the 1910 wave.

Understanding all this as a sub-Saharan is the starting point proper to get me to believe that I can make a better choice, be paid through the mind and leave the certificates behind. When Europe’s average/poor performing is in the discussion forums topics like the British Exit, the Eurodrachma and the Euro mark problem, the migrant crisis is what to expect, the unconsolidated debt system and ECB, but the reality is also, fewer people are choosing to get paid through their minds and selling their ideas not themselves. Wealth is created by numbers going up, and inequality, just like poverty we have here in Africa, is solved that way.

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a big name in studying Accounting. I have been reading their magazines for a long time in the library. They rarely write articles to tune their readers into getting paid through their minds. Learners in the category of finance, accounting, business and economics are groomed to manage wealth created worldwide, and the disaster is the one we are living in. We don’t imagine ourselves creating something unique for our economies.  

As a final-year college dropout, I think the education system ruins us into qualifications.

Reasons for dropping out of college

Why did I drop out of college in the final semester_Chapter_1_How do I get paid? Paid through the Qualification and certificates.

Because anyone’s education is an investment, above (How do we get paid?) is a question pupils are patiently waiting but working to be able to answer one day when they are done. My lecturers insisted writing should be for entertaining an employer who then counts each item written as a qualification. They said I could get paid only through the qualification and the certificate but a quick look at how people get paid throughout the world can prove that there are other means to get paid.

Note: To get the sense of the argument here, you’re required to read, “My reasons for dropping out of college: This is how I define learning”.

Chapter 1: (Current Chapter)
Chapter 2: How do I get paid? Paid through the mind
Chapter 3: Learning is being taught or teaching yourself or being answered
Chapter 4: Some of the things I was taught that kills the possibility of my growth and success, and the growth of my nation are...

Remember, all the learning is a build-up. It is a process, right? And it takes some time. Your nation, yourself, your dependencies will rely on what you can manage to be after that build-up. Looking at the history of my family, my history, three generations including me have managed to get some quality education anyone from my village can only wish to get but fail. Each generation is increasingly getting better and better, but we struggle to get our education. Get the certificate and the qualification. Get the job afterwards, but still struggle to educate our kids or to be having something left to get us by when we retire. We still struggle to put more than half of the basics in place when we need them. 

The qualification and the certificate have failed us. Only we can’t see. We were educated since the day we were colonised that it is all that we can dream for. Our minds are clotted by the thinking of being employed, being under and not taking charge. When I blunder a bit mom screams to me this way, “Where can you get a job with this attitude?” “Who can employ you?” She doesn’t see any better words to throw at me as a piece of advice for I am like a heifer being fattened for the market, for the employer to slaughter and enjoy me at his white cloth table. I am taught in and out so that one day I will be able to do on my own anything I could to get myself to the employer, wait for his word and cherish it.

My sister, five years younger, manages to get up with schooling and gets to be doing accounting stuff at tertiary, and get even better learning equipment as sponsors in the family steps up. When she gets off the groove mom screams, “Who can take you as a wife/With this attitude, your future husband will deny you on the first day”. 

She is being fattened for a husband who then pays her or slaughters her. The husband will be paid by an employer. The dripline to our sisters can never be free of violence directed towards them. More poverty is even the result. And I think poverty is the biggest enemy to freedom imagined or realised.

But we have our minds, can’t they just create a  source of payment for us?

It seems the lower classes and the middle classes are ruined more. My father, the most brilliant man in our extended family couldn’t find a job and it ended with him not far.

Especially when he is drunk. He confronts me with sweat promises of a good life that comes through a job. But there is a history behind it that makes his seducing fail. He promises to go and fetch a loan from the bank to have me collect the passport and leave into the country across the border where English teachers are in demand, and I am glad I can’t/couldn’t have that privilege of having a loan taken just for me to be here blogging.

The man had endured some eight years after marriage without a job. After retirement, his job was just the one that left my grandfather with nothing. The two gentlemen were in the form before it wasn’t really hard to start a business in my country. When the most educated in the village then in the nation fails, the most ‘brilliant’ sleep, what can others who are not educated do? How can the economy perform? Will there be any wealth made? Can a continent get to see the rise that the Western Media claims to be happening? How can a rise happen, in the middle class as the likes of BBC reports, when the middle class is ruined.

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African economies have histories of fluctuating. When there is a commodity boom, some political environment that won’t last for more than a decade, salaries and incomes go up. Farmers buy kinds of bikes for their kids and have the best of their time. Governments increase the salaries or perform their usual worst, and never to fuel growth in production. A very shallow definition of success has been constructed during colonisation and it’s here to stay. It’s simply being in front of a C-Class Benz and getting a pic to take to Facebook and Instagram.

The world over, the habit of teaching learners into the job sector is in place to protect the upper tip of the pyramid. Yet more numbers should be going up. If any distance between the low and the rich is to be closed. Poverty may be here where I grew up, but inequality is all over. And I am so sure the education system is helping to bring it into existence.

A smartphone is now a reality. You don’t have to waste your time trying to avoid it when you feel that you are addicted to it and it may be ruining you. You simply have to turn it into a machine of your progress. Have more productive software running on it instead of any other junk, or even find self-generated income out of that junk. That being said, capitalism is now the thing. We can’t avoid it any longer. Teaching us against it can only create slaves in the system.

By default, poverty does not stop one from being successful. But the way one is taught or taught can stop him/her from being successful.

Book: Why did I drop out of college in the final semester?

Reasons for dropping out of college

Why did I drop out of college_Introduction_Book

By birth, my name is Meinrad Dandadzi. Socien is an addition I couldn’t help but put between Meinrad and Dandadzi. On Saturday, December 9, 1995, I made my first cry and between this day and three years following there is no memory I couldn’t keep an understanding or memories concerning what was really happening but the nation’s economy was endangered by a serious decline or informalisation. In 2004, the teacher inquired about my future trade. My answer came after the whole class had thrown all its thinking about what learning is for. Fellow pupils said they wanted to be pilots and doctors, I said I wanted to be a boss. I was beaten for that. 

Introduction (Current Chapter)
Chapter 1: How do I get paid? Paid through the qualification and paid through certificates
Chapter 2: How do I get paid? Paid through the mind
Chapter 3: Learning is (1) being taught or teaching yourself or (2) being answered
Chapter 4: Some of the things I was taught that kills the possibility of my growth and success, and the growth of my nation...

We are in the knowledge camp, that was the message. A place for learning. This camp is like any other camp, what is done, what is said and what is practised is what is expected to be done, practised and said is within the confines of the camp itself.

The economy was in a decline, hitting almost twenty per cent in the negative. Yet my country wanted only pilots and doctors, not people who could create room for that to happen in the private sector. And I was subdued, I joined others in practice, in words and doings. Whips faded away as career guidances became the tools to carve out my career, and I became a good historian-to-be, but, again, that wasn’t a trade to them.

In 2013, a high school and senior teacher who used Pee Price as his pseudonym introduced me and the whole class to the internet. He was comprehensive at explaining to us how best to search stuff on the internet, and, there, I was made to dive into the boolean logic. Interest bore more interest. In my final high school sitting, I got seven points out of the fifteen as I was focusing on the internet itself, the how and the why it exists.

In 2015, my hopes were on becoming a game developer and I gathered much programming stuff I needed but it wasn’t much. I lost my computer and got another a year later when I was entering college. Python and web programming became history in my life as I became an economic historian who was just a likely candidate for a professorship some years into the future. Other Pee Prices came into my life to awaken me. Each time I got up, I was falling asleep in the sheets put on me by the formal education system and I was blind that I was all it could take to get me up not $1000 from my father (to buy my laptop and even more money to buy premium Game Development Toolkits), and not a salary. I was required to know creating a business out of what I have as business people in the NASDAQ world know their business through what they have. I was required to know all that I have. After all, $470 or $25 in 1938, is Samsung’s starting point.

I had studied accounts. Not to record my earnings and expenditures using a simple mobile app and correctly utilise my entry-level smartphone. I had to kill time chatting with strangers for up to hours a day since the education system wanted it to all end in the class and get back into life after finding a job.

I had to face 2015 and fail to do something so that I would be able to learn and do something in the future. After all, I said to myself, “Know the reality about yourself before you can dream big. Knowing that all year round you only earn $500 on average is a starting point if your dreams are, by the detail in their colours, to come through anything but money as well.

While I hoped to start something, I still wanted to be employed without employing first. I still wanted to be employed in a country without employers and sinking in poverty. When I attempted business I still failed to realise that I was in business. I gave a lot free without selling first.

In 2018, I and other few fellows in my class accompanied our lecture to his office after a lecture. The five of us were an inner circle to the man, and we had the privilege to be around him in lone places without the rest of the class. A man who could buy us lunch couldn’t hesitate to explain to us the whole discourse of writing scholarly papers and publishing them.

Can I get paid, after writing such papers and having them in a periodical, a book released by the publisher who then makes money selling it? A “no!” followed my question. Another “no!” followed: What if I wanna write and get paid?

He lectured me into the reasons. He said we write to get discovered by NGOs, employers who then hire us and pay us in US dollars, not in struggling currency of ours. I took his words and put them into my university’s mouth. The university was telling me that to get paid I needed to do anything free with all my heart so as to be discovered by the employer and get paid. I had to submit, and get paid only through the certificate and any other qualification I could add to the certificate to be competitive. The paper is a qualification. Of course, our currency is not in good shape, but I was also being taught to take what my country is as inferior and salute the US dollars. The system is one of putting many under, have them admit their inferiority, learn to love to be under and be under, while affluence gathers on the tip of the cone, a tip that can be the tip of the iceberg while the rest drown.

Is there another way, that I can write and get paid? That question, just as informal as it is, came after a sea of reasons I had to take and be motivated to write scholarly staff for free, write knowing that it’s someone’s company getting paid through my efforts. The lecturer said there was no other way. My university indirectly, and through him, said this to me. And it wasn’t about just writing. Anticipating an employer, I had to perform any of my capabilities, free, build no vision of mine but build someone’s, a vision of a foreign investor and of those kids from better families at home. Yet there is nothing to beat vision, and creativity is better when it sits into a vision.

So I left. I had to cease asking questions from the university because in my own understanding of the things they don’t answer questions. The question, emanating from our poverty, is how to end poverty? In established economies like the USA poverty, in the question, was replaced by inequality. How to end inequality?

If you’re poor then given all except the belief that there is something at your home and inside you to end the poverty you cannot end it. They want us to be employed. They don’t want us to employ. They don’t teach us starting from a few dollars our parents can afford to give us as pocket money. They teach us an economy in the shape of the likes of Amazon. Our business school sticks to that startup raising millions in its first week on the Stock Exchange when we don’t have such a thing to talk about in our country. We are taught to join as managers of wealth someone managed to build not to create ours.

This is the blog version of my short book, Why did I drop out of college in the final semester?

This book is more than my explanation on my quitting out of college. It is here online to prove that education systems, both formal and informal, including the church, sometimes tend to help our poverty stay longer, our inequality to last. As this site was created to inspire you while you live your life, my writing will have its boundaries but its open ends as I am narrating my own story, not yours.

The mind opens up like a fissure naturally on a rock. It may take years, alternating weathers, then a tree growing there putting pressure, or centuries or a million years. Centuries to mother nature are half a decade to you. Be patient while it opens up to end up having some good stuff for you. Even the greatest minds need the very light to guide them. They must be guided by first opening up to what may guide them.

SubjectMe (Personal Diary) 01 July 2021.

I couldn’t get to write about my quitting like this in 2019. Time passed. I was exposed to situations that told me I did right when I dropped out of college, avoided the salary trap, think of but burning the remaining of my certificates and wait for the time I could become a better providing member in the extended family and a providing father to mine, as I was taught informally to be. As the time to be a better-providing father couldn’t come (I retreated out of a relationship that was a month from a marriage because I wasn’t better yet), I started to believe I could have the power to be an industrialist and contribute to my nation’s betterment. I started to believe that women are capable, too, that when they are left behind we create another Japan unintentionally, i.e. a higher dependency load not caused by an ageing population but a population keeping reserves of labour and brains in a wastebasket but also spending on it in educating it, feeding it, dressing it and abusing it. That I could be an example to cheer the youths that all it can take for a desperate youth and graduate in Nigeria, an effort of two years working as a barber, to cross the desert heading for Europe where better jobs are said to be, is all it can take for one to be any greatest industrialist in history.

It is just that business schools are not bringing in the start of the SC Johnsons to us, and teach us well about them. Yet we are poor. We are unequal. Equality is not brought by distributing the wealth. It is in more numbers going up. When someone goes up he learns to create what’s up. When someone takes. He learns to wait for more to take.