Understand it. Fight according to your understanding of the situation

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to motivate. Not to enhance a political view or agenda, if any.

How to fight a situation? Motivating are the deeds of the Atatürk

In 1917-1918 on the Caucasus front, Atatürk again distinguished himself in leading troops into battle, becoming a national hero. Through careful study of an enemy strategy, he was unusually successful in anticipating what the other side might do. In a crunch, if his superiors asked him to move in ways not keeping with his analysis, he would disobey orders so he could defeat the enemy. His intensity and determination helped inspire his troops, who were willing to engage in pitched battles even when facing almost certain death, sometimes without adequate ammunition or supplies.

~Ezra F. Vogel, “Nation Builders: Mustafa Kermal Atatürk, Lee Kuan, Deng Xiaoping & Park Chung Hee,” in eds. Byung-Kook Kim & Ezra F. Vogel The Park Chung Hee Era, eds. , Harvard University Press, Massachusetts, 2011, p.523.

You and the situation…

The moment you face each other war is declared. Your strategy comes first. The situation throws its own.

To win, now, you need to forget that you have a strategy. But learn the strategy the situation is possessing in its intention to win over you. You then make a version 2.0, a strategy based on what you’re learning from the situation.

You don’t win after exaggerating the situation and considering it too advanced to your capabilities. You think like someone who more than desperately wants to win. You draft your plans and goals exaggerating roles each piece in your stocks of ammunition and capabilities are to tackle. You fight through the best means you can. The intention is to not avoid a setting whereby your ammunition and capabilities are playing exaggerated roles. It is also failing not to win in the final end. Capable is not what you are. Capable is what you can become after trying hard.

Guns are guns. Guns are not war. Idle guns, if they are to be the best, cannot win the war. A situation is a situation. You are you. Don’t be idle. You can win without being the best. You can win by acting your best both in reality and imagination.

Buy your freedom

Buy it where impossible to get it. Because a winning general is one who is free to have his best appropriate strategy–also a strategy of the moment, driven from what’s understood at that moment–work. The Nazi generals in the Soviet Union can answer us better on this because they couldn’t have that freedom to command as they wished, to push retreat where it was necessary.

Your efficiency is not what you can do. It is what you can afford to do when the situation calls. It is in what you can manage to understand and utilise that understanding. Affording to do, is not affording to buy, heroes who made it from the most gloomy background understood that.

To avoid understanding a situation but with no powers to fight it as you understand it personal freedom is what you must have. Personal freedom is being answerable to none when the situation require it. It is obeying yourself

Obey is defined halfway

To comply with the wishes, instructions or commands of~Random House Webster’s Dictionary

To act in conformity with~American Heritage Thesaurus

To comply with wishes , instructions or commands of… …of what? Discipline is obeying as they say. Where obey was defined a room was left to let a better definition of what’s discipline.

Discipline is doing the right at the right time and the right things the wrong way. In order for that discipline to be at your exposal, you need freedom. Personal freedom so to speak. That form of discipline allows you to make a better strategy after understanding the situation.

Buying your freedom

How to prevent a situation whereby you don’t start, or where by you start without tackling the situation the way you understand it?

You need to be conscious, first. Know deep down where the freedom relative to your success (FRTYS) is lacking, believe that you don’t have it and find means to end up having it. FRTYS is not greater freedom per se, and you can manoeuvre to have it.

Mustafa Kemal ceased to follow orders. His freedom was minimal so he had no choice but to utilise it by winning over the situation not losing. It was only he who knew that his understanding of the situation, then a fighting strategy, made sense before getting into the battle. He got into the battle free to be him, his strategy and his senses.

I am poor. I need to walk out of poverty. That was the situation. Avoid the salary. Drop out of college in the final semester. Create wealth. That was my strategy.

Labour is cheap in my country, Zimbabwe. The rate of the unemployed is high and estimates range between 5% by Zimstat and 90-95% by the likes of Forbes and ZCTU. I have known a salary in Zimbabwe better growing up in a family that was salaried and grandson to a government schoolteacher. A nickname was thrown at me by the bullies from my first year at a secondary school up to my last/fourth to explain that I was poor (it’s a popular name so I won’t throw it here but, as I now love it, it’s soon to be a trademark).

Real wealth is not salary. I reasoned. I was poor while my parents were salaries. By dropping out of college I freed myself from the salary by losing the top certificate. Now I am working towards building real wealth and be there to industrialise my nation. I understand to be employed you need to employ first. There is no low unemployment rate without a higher employer rate.

While others argued otherwise I reasoned that my village and my country is poor. This is an understanding.

Money is not a place (I need not to emigrate or leave my my rural home). Homeless people are even there in New York. This is an understanding.

Wealth is created. Wealth creation is art. Start low and find means to grow and don’t forget that money is now a communicated thing in a world that is swiftly turning into a single village like the one you grew up in. That was the strategy, a version 2.0 that came after my dropping out of college.

A friend asked: How to be a significant woman now that I am learned but ours is an unequal society? Marry a bit late. That was my answer.

Attending the university she realised it’s only fifty-fifty in the lecture room but female lecturers were less than five in the whole campus.

She had her self-do aspirations. The culture said that she must wait for the providers to provide. In the rural space where we grew up, a girl child must wait to be married first to get possess anything including a house. After marriage, she must submit. What about few others who think they must be different.

Time-wasting was getting into the streets and protest and hope to be heard. And then walk straight into her aspirations after the impossible victory in the street.

We were poor. That was our start. To be able to do what you want to do as a strategy to win over your situation without restrictions was all we witnessed multiplying. Studying the culture we grew up in (which we didn’t want to change) my recommendation was not bad. Marriage at twenty-eight or higher not at twenty-one or lower. Marriage after building something tangible, perhaps in the town was better.

My friend is doing great. She said that she is happy that she didn’t sell her poverty through a marriage. And she will enter marriage through her terms so that when love ends she can have the privilege to pull out of it without fear of losing a provider. She transformed. Started seeing through the home education that groomed her with an intention to make an ideal submitting woman and the culture with another eye. Where things are not straight she managed to see that things are not straight. She had to wage her freedom transform into a woman different to one who is usually groomed, to unusually get her winning strategy ‘walking out of poverty’ after understanding her situation better.

Freedom is freedom. But freedom relevant to her success story required her, among other things, to be free to travel, to be answerable to herself while laying the foundation and the walls. She moved on to build before allowing a life partner.

Discipline is doing the right things at the right time, good things the wrong way

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In my own way of defining it I see it as doing the right things at the right thing and doing the right things the wrong way. I say wrong way because discipline goes against the current. It persist to see its win against the pressure.

You must hear from this job interview at a certain company. My father made it there, having completed his high school with good grades in Accounts which he excelled in without a teacher available at their school then Geography and a Language instead of mathematics which he so loved. So, when all others arrived for the intake they were instructed to sit at a foray of benches outside in a partially wooded but lawned area.

Gardeners were maintaining the lawn, shifting sprinklers to where there was the need and them working so close to where the interviewees were as if to grab words they were saying. It was precisely then when my dad sprang up from the crowd and started his string of mischief, first snatching an envelope from one girl’s hands and opening it (it wasn’t sealed) and then read aloud the grades from one of the certificate starting with an F(ail), then last a single A that compensated other weak passes and fails behind it. He then moved to the next guy but couldn’t get an access to the certificates, and announced thereafter that none was a shinning star than him as far as qualifications available for the interview room this day were concerned.

The guy tending the lawn was all listening to this, his overalls looking brand new and him trying to get the work done like an expert.  Each time he left with a load of leaves he swept underneath the tree in the cart he had to fish out his walkie-talkie from his pockets and hiss something straight into the interview room, and it was easier to make reference concerning any of the interviewees because they had tags with numbers written boldly from 1 to 19 stapled their clothing right on the chest, given to them upon entering the gate.

The company here understood the importance of having a team of people who try to behave or behave when there is that need, so the interview process started at the gate. People with good grades, and grades without teachers (because accounting teachers back then had to be expatriated from the former dependency, Britain), qualification-wise smarter people like my father, were required not to be that but to have that discipline first before anything else, then have their qualification-wise smartness as an advantage over the competition. Precisely, this is how things work in the real world.

Discipline is the right background for any image you can have for yourself. Just when life wishes to know if you are the person with the right measure of it that allow yourself to do it anyway, at the right time and the wrong way but to do the very best good expected be ready not to answer to it asking about your discipline by words but by practice.

Learn from this one. The company here, because it wanted to know the extent of the discipline each of the candidates possessed got itself some means to extract that discipline and have it straight into its disposal, a thing which is now easier now that even FBI guys like Joe Navarro are publishing books telling us about how tricks for extracting information in the dark rooms can be in anyone’s syllabus. The girl whose qualifications were read in front of the crowd responded by doing nothing except returning another envelope left at her laps into her handbag and zipping it for good, a move which was taken by our gardener as good for those who would be the staff, qualities that would save the company in tough times that even the company couldn’t relocate to outside its operations when the economy of the country crumpled without her.

Before you move on to secure what is no longer in your hands, right, or something that is even lost, you need to have what’s in your possession already. That is discipline, again, because discipline must pay off. That even I can’t resist to say that, here our girl, if my father would have torn the envelope he had snatched from her into pieces, would have left with the true copies of her certificates, which she wisely put into her bag before more trouble could happen, more trouble which didn’t happen.

Discipline is not a dumb thing, it is not silent and it is not just discipline. It converts itself into anything good anytime. The discipline with our girl here was loyalty to the company, the vision of the company and the future of it.

Backstage by Meinrad Socien

This article was written in twenty minutes on the 26th of April 2021, but it took the whole night to get it published as my internet connection was weak. I give you the numbers behind it.

Eight: Was the number of Gigabytes of mobile data I purchased during the first week of the month April to kickstart this article.

6.8 Was the number of GBs my Opera browser running on the PC I hotspotted had swallowed by 27 April.

16: Was the amount in USDs each 8GB of data costed.

4: Was the amount of money in USDs I had on 27 April.

3: including mine, the count of personal computers in my village (a village with around 600 people).

4: My adult years without a personal computer. 2 of them without access to any computer.

25 and a quarter: My age in April 2021.

Four: The number of years it took me to finally possess my own self-hosted blog, Informativus.

15: The amount of money in USDs that I had earned since the start of February that was an outcome of my own sweat.

130: The sum of donations in USDs from friends and family to get my blogging dream back in track in 2021Q1 and April.

50: My count of punches hitting walls due to frustration, and hurting or paining myself that way.

Countless: My hopes that Informativus would not only end up only a big successful blog but a big Media company challenging censorship in my developing country and abroad.

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