Establishment vs growth.

Mapping your success: The growth factor

One of our articles dwelled much on the topic of wealth-making, arguing it is an art and that those who master that art are guaranteed to have greater things in life. As per my notice, chapters in the art may need you to differentiate between establishment and growth in your economic life and choose growth instead of the more-easier-to-fall-for. We will not be saying anything of the two is bad but we will pick growth as the main topic of discussion here in this blog because it is what brings success if it is allowed by you to come first the establishment after it.

If you are minding growth as a producer of a certain product or service you don’t have to be a producer of any other related products that satisfy you or makes you feel active when you produce them instead of leading to your growth. Bees produce honey. If they ever wanted something else with their nectar they would never filled the hive with honey in the very short time they usually do.

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An appropriate example may be just of a game developer who knows any sort of coding that is not only for developing games, right. Instead of building the game with tools she must pay for like the Unit 3D software which can be available to her at a thousand dollars each year, she goes on to develop tools of her own, toolkits she will not be selling, just to develop her games through them. She can be said to be seeking establishment, but a year can lapse while she is still developing the toolkits without having to do any game development. In the final end it is not her income rising through her achievements but her experience over many things that doesn’t translate to an income. So some people come in a few years later and fit in the same industry and have themselves paid fast because they start and focus right on what and where they are needed to.

Correct yourself as a person to your deep down so that you don’t procrastinate, doubt and get satisfied. Be ambitious to achieve great things in life. Put your goals in your ambition. Be patient. Let patience replace confidence. Go up higher. Don’t feel that you are done going up higher.

Establishment when it catches up one it makes him blind to higher incomes. Yet it satisfies more to be established, to know that you are putting all that is in the scope of your passion into practice.

Growth on the other side can understand that in this global village anything can sell or can have you paid, including walking out of your bed and go on to do a yoga session for half an hour in front of the camera. Now, with this method, our game developer can get paid while taking her roundabout way of avoiding to go for what’s cheaper than her choice.

When you are growth-minded you seem to bring the starting line which is far away from you just to where you are, have it be harsh on you because of you not having its asking requirements but also not bending to break and finding means to art with the few you possess. Establishment seeks to own and forget that it is not about possessing but it is about having ideas to get to possess more out of the few. It seeks to have a place of belonging above productive mobility which prompted feminine activists to argue that she needs to be mobile not fixed at a place, and have that freedom to rattle around. That ‘mobility’ can be metaphorical.

When settling down and establishing yourself is necessary

Some scholars argued that there is a time in life when a decline happens fast in life. When it happens there is no turning back. Our stay on this planet as human beings is the consumption of time. As we consume time our efficiency, too, is consumed.

Wiser it is to establish yourself starting from your early forties to late fifties, allow your work, knowledge and experience to be an orchard for the younger talents. You step in and be a life mentor to the younger talents. Because there is always a time in life where doing great is none other than imparting any form of your greatness to where it is needed so that it cannot die with you.

You must be satisfied in this life so that you don’t keep rising for the sake of it.

Growth is not far away, so is establishment

Imagine how best to end up better. Run while you can. Live like one who desperately wants to win. Don’t force your winning path through some people’s watering holes.

In the next article, you will find out that an Asian nation faced the question: ‘How to end poverty?’ Their answer was not matchy-matchy with that of other less developed economies of the time. Exporting as much they could, and prioritising an export economy, setting goals and bigger targets yearly created a better South Korean economy. This is a story of an economy that was under the likes of Costa Rica’s in 1963. But it managed to be more than eight times ahead in less than a decade. The article is however not about South Korea but you and your and your goals.

How to end poverty? This, theorists said, was difficult because developing economies had emerged dependencies and they were being kept under by bigger giants. In Costa Rica, the situation ‘poverty’ was explained through the dependency load. In South America and Asia, it was explained as well. Growth, in any such nations (and growth in a life of an individual), require(d) the leaders to believe that difficult is not impossible.

In South Korea, the situation was not explained. It was addressed. They imagined the best means with which to address it. They realised that exporting was the best means. In imagination and in reality, they worked towards exporting. And we can not dare now to compare them with their once look alikes.

Think. Find the best means to grow.

I had to drop out of college in my final semester and be without a bigger certificate employers (very few in my country) are after. Then avoid a salary in toto. I had grown out of poverty, but my parents and also their parents were salaried. A cycle of a later generation getting a better and better education, be salaried in a cheap labour/high-unemployment environment, not breaking through, and thinking that companies are for those who are born privileged is what I was born to enhance. The means to grow wasn’t a salary and complaining that it’s not much. So I am working harder to be behind a big trademark and a big industry. My wish is not to fight poverty for myself but for many [sic]. And growth is what I am up to.

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