Poem: They made it treason to question

They made treason to question, till,
None questioned, still,
None found a wrong,
Quicksand not seen as wrong,
Made it treason to see it as wrong.

Not to think but blink,
Blink and sink,
Ink a contract's ink,
To hoodwink and I groupthink,
But I'll fly like a distelfink,
In eyewink, unlink the cufflink,
Not to groupthink, jink where I'm outdrink.

We're to relax we must reason,
We don't reason we're indoctrinated,
Indoctrinated are in the past,
None questioned.

Made it treason to question,
We inherited,
A good bake was to be me,
An icing was put on,
I took a bath, washing it,
Ate the cake,
Mi life's no confection,

The poem “They made it treason to question” is adopted from the book Why Did I Drop Out Of College In The Final Semester by Meinrad Socien. You can download it here or sponsor us on Patreon.