Inspirational SubjectMe Twitter Quotes: On Twitter-09July2021

Money. SubjectMe twitter quotes

Money is a medium of exchange. When exchanging, we need all to be exchanging it with good items that can add value into our lives. Here are bits of the SubjectMe diary, and they’re on twitter. Being the last words my uncle, the man I call my life mentor, told me as I left his home and launching myself into another stage in my life, the last of the quotes is my favourite.

Leadership. SubjectMe Twitter Quotes

The intensity of the #SubjectMe this week on Twitter is on leadership. The world we live in is a powerful place, is the most powerful message. Influence is don’t fight. An inspirational novel Barbus is coming soon and chapters will be here free or in one book selling in online stores like Kobo. Quote number two is not from the SubjectMe diary but Barbus’s own words.

She’s a dishtail barb and her adult size is a little less than fifteen centimetres. But she managed to lead the fishes of the Kairezi river into fighting the fishermen who now used blasting cables to kill all the fish in any pool they wished, and harvest. Her words will be inspiring. They moved all the fish.

Family and parenting. SubjectMe twitter quotes

In my own language, there is a proverb that translates to the one in tweet number one. You can try but you can never be the most perfect parent. This is the fact.

You’re required to strive for efficiency that grows day by day as your kids grow and finally reach a moment where you just have to let them be responsible. Since one who is responsible is one who is free, you can only retain your voice in her/him by having bought enough respect. And respect is like an income, you also need to work for it to get it.

Freedom. SubjectMe Twitter quotes

Freedom, I love freedom who doesn’t?

Time management and success. #SubjectMe Twitter quotes

Time is a resource that tons of whatever carat gold cannot buy. It must be there when anything happens. And we don’t live here forever. We must do something with it and through it before we depart.

Wake up every morning and begin by throwing two of the first hours into playing a video when you’re not to be paid through your playing it. All tweets about time management couldn’t fit in the count of twenty-two but what comes next is: The sunset is the beginning of the day.

But in the meantime, the #SubjectMe Quotes are all about informing you that money can’t buy time.