Who you are is what they must love if they care.

People who must stay are people who are ready to love who you are, not what they expect you to be. That a boyfriend would walk out of a relationship after learning that his girlfriend experience seizures is not any unique story. You must not exist to fulfil their expectations. You deserve your peace and freedom. You just have to be you and there is no harm in being the best you. Let them go.

If you are not you, who are you? If they don’t love who you are what are they pretending to love?

Who you are is the entire you. If it’s rejected. You are completely rejected. You don’t have to keep begging for the care and they don’t have to change who you are to care.

Being not accepted is painful. Allowing the unacceptable to overhaul you is ruinous. You just have to let go and quickly let go. They don’t belong to you don’t force them into your camp. Without them and alone you can even get a chance to feel what you are and who you are.

If you want to have the best experience at the party you might want to stop being the invited and start to invite. Once you try to be a gate crusher at some unwelcoming folks’ festive you are no longer enjoying the experience. And you become a pain to them. How can someone who truly care feel the pain in handling you?

Don’t worry if you’re not loved, and when she is. Because your success, your greatness and happiness, if you’re to fight for it well, and your future joy, may come through the fact that you are the detested one now. Life is a journey—and of the over 7 billion journeys they’re a lot of stories Cinderella-ending after starting and prolonging a Dracula style, and some prolonging well and ending not fine or fine. Tomorrow wants you to close the curtains of today, and cover your skylarks. The new sunshine will come. Once it hits your curtains, open them.

Your neighbour being the kissing a man of your dreams by the roadside that’s a milli-fraction of her journey, why should be yours be peering through the window and exploding in jealousy and pain about it every day.

 The moving of days won’t stop because you’re stuck in one fraction of your life. Move on.

Then they are moments when you must help them to care. If you must help them to care don’t try to change anything in you that’s unchangeable. You don’t walk on a rope. You can’t change that. But you can change your speech from bad to good.

Again bad is not what “bad people” do. Bad is what people do and do it through very bad means. That being said there is nothing called bad people. It is bad deeds that exist. Someone isn’t bad for being a member of a belief system that varies from you. You are not bad because of that. Therefore, if they can’t accept that people can be different and that you are what you are, let them cease to be in your system.

The best joy is total acceptance. You can not enjoy being a visitor while you arrive where doors are locked. The total acceptance is all who you are accepted. All who you are accepted is true care and love. True care and love make a minor fraction of the care and love you are born to receive on this planet. Remember this always.

There are times you better be alone because you can never get the same chance to be alone. Alone in grief. Alone in huddles. Alone during the most critical time of your life. Alone in trying hard times. Alone in failing times. Alone in times when you need their understanding the most and their help. Alone in the most abstract battles against addiction and personal struggles. These times must be when you prove your strength in your fights.

Alone is not lonely as lonely is not alone. Some chose to say that alone means “all alone” to point to the most treasured plurality of one. With that plurality of one, you have the power to look for clues inside where you can find them than outside where you can not. Bigger things in life are also how far can you go without anyone helping you as the wheel.

What to chase after? Chase for rare opportunities.

What to chase after in life? This is a good question to ask because every second you meet a situation in which you must decide between two or more things; between what’s good and what’s bad; between what’s present and what’s absent; between what’s satisfying in the present and what may bring satisfaction in the future, and so on. In our journeys to greatness or our demise, the choices we make are then followed by priorities and motives to determine the extent of our success.

Chase for things that you will never have a chance to once gone

If you don’t get into marriage at eighteen it means at twenty you can get a chance, if not so at twenty-five you can get it, if not at twenty-five maybe at thirty-five or later than that. It is exceptionally your thing that one day you will be in marriage if you want to be in a marriage one day. But most of the time we fight hard for the things that are exceptionally ours, the things we can get any time later than now, and forget the things that if not achieved now there is never to be a chance, ever.

If I lose that interview for a top job, chances are I will not find another top job interview earlier. It’s a chance that if erased it’s erased for sure and I can’t have a voice at it. It is what to chase after and fight for.

If a certain type of cancer crouches into a family. Then suddenly it’s curable for the time being before it gets into an incurable stage at a cost that can leave the family three times poorer than it is now. Wasting money on it is better than not. Because curing it now is a chance that if erased it won’t be available two years after whilst money is a different thing.

If you chase for the things that are rare and simply wait for those that are exceptionally yours and, therefore, not rare to you, you can flourish. By doing so you are approaching your desire and have it result in more positives than negatives as desire can be toxic. Because by default we are bound to simply chase after the things that are exceptionally ours, save that money in the account while a family member suffers from that cancer. The thing is those things that are exceptionally ours are enticing.

At the family level, in corporate systems, at the national level and in religious organisations, some decisions made wrongly involved chasing after things that were exceptional and not rare to the group. Nokia foresaw the hints of its downfall in early 2009 when the iPhone’s form-factor was proving to be a big deal. Instead of just delivering a complete device that would be at the market with more than iPhone’s offering they simply put only a camera to their usual hardware, those things they had become experts in delivering. A capable Operating System was needed and the money to even give developers with the most downloads, free, and therefore build a perfect app store by subsidizing developers with numerous downloads. A fluid capacitative touchscreen instead of the “ATM touchscreen tech”/TFT resistive touchscreen was needed. That screen came in November 2009, almost three years after Apple had introduced it.

There are times when new strengths must be built instead of just investing in those we have already. Chasing must be reserved for what’s rare or what’s not in our possession. That being said there are sometimes when something is not rare but just a thing not in our possession. At a personal level, this even inhibits building more better habits. Useful ones we don’t have are always left out in the habit-building system in favour of strengthening the ones in us already.

Success is rare than the opposite of it. Sadness is just an inch away from you while happiness is miles off. Spreading your bed every morning you wake up is a habit as easier to live in than other habits that must be involved in building your true path. So, it’s success, it’s happiness, building the true path to success, among other things, that you must chase after.

I will still breathe the same~Monologue and minimalism.

Give me a quick coming-fast elevation to the top of the mountain. I will still breathe the same. I am not superhuman, and that means any other can still make it to the same top of the mountain.

I will still breathe the same. Quote
I will still breathe the same

Decorate me with the most expensive jewellery on the planet. My nerves won’t change their colour. Deep down the glittering, I am still a human living in earthly terms. Will still breathe the same.

Cove me in and out with your full loyalty. I will not become bulletproof as I will still breathe the same. My end is always near as it appears far. In fact, when I imagine sharing this world with ancestors born hundreds of years ago I think of how lower could have become my privileges from the day I was born. My not totally being invincible is so much of some good news to the future after my departure because someone there in the place called future is waiting to correct my mistakes. That better version of me in the place called the future will be born to work better and correct mistakes in my absence.

I can start the fire and provide warmth for the mindless. But I always burn depleting my power each day until I am no more. That alone is a testimony that I wasn’t meant to run alive forever. I can be classy to work perfectly as a machine. But even with proper conditioning and greasing myself with a good diet, my hands can still get to turn shaky in my trend downwards.

I can live terribly or incredibly. I can live any way I wish. Living the proper way is not in the wishes. It is from defining carefully proper living. It is living purposefully. Therefore, I will live the same.

Long-term benefits must be what I look for when I engage in anything. The true value in me is nothing but my existence. The fact that I am going to die at the end of it is encouraging. Because where I fail there is always someone to come after me and correct it. So I love it when I fail and fail to get it right. The future of mine is infinity.

Get me under the thickets. Lock me behind bars for years. I will come out not shattered. I will come out with a purpose. Because normally my attention and effort goes into my needs and wants. If there is a third thing to put my attention and effort into it must be a purpose.

Hurt me once. I recover before you finish hurting me. I forgive you before you even forget it. It is above all strengths to be strong on the inside than outside. I cherish my inner superiority. It doesn’t die easy, and it’s never polarised to lose its sight to see in the haze.

I would rather be under the feet of the whole world and stay there unnoticed and be well up above in my world, notice myself and discover my capabilities. I am always high when I am down.

And I will still breathe the same.

More form the motivational monologue

Monologue is when we pick up our voice recorders and say things through them on a random topic non-stop, only to do nothing with those words said but to publish them. Here are more Motivational monologues.

Intoxicating? This is how to deal with digital addiction

It’s hard to imagine how each day new things to drawn us into digital addiction on the tech front are showing up. The pressure is massive we can’t hold the line. The question is how exactly can each one of us deal with that problem. It can be prevented. It can be cured. When these two approached can’t work or can’t prove worthy, digital addiction can be turned into a profit. A serious profit.

Preventing digital addiction

Prevention is avoidance. Avoidance is abstinence. Abstinence is like conservatism. It can work as it cannot work always.

Prevention is having that smartphone and allow it to be there untouched, except when necessary. Through it, you can avoid other pieces of tech and be ok with it. You can gain your time and part of your time that others count on for their happiness.

For it to work you are expected to be aware that:

  • Addiction can be addiction on anything.
  • There is always the helpful side of anything “terribly bad”. You can create a social account and advertise through it. As someone creates one, borrow a loan to buy the services of the best photographer in the town who can help with good photos that can win personal likes and nothing else.
  • Where these is addiction there are promises of profits as well as those of big losses.
  • Of all the forms of addiction existing in this world, digital addiction is the most complex. We can go for three hours in the Candy Crushing Saga and think of anyone else on the same screen doing something else as addicted. The things is, there are millions of addiction on one screen or control. Some may be helpful. I heard that someone quitted smoking by switching to PlayStation.
  • There are many things you can do to be free while not preventing your presence in what digitally addicts. There is one thing you can do when you simply prevent yourself. Preventing.
  • Keep yourself an owner of budget tech since by your preventing much of you are an average user. This can help you in preventing unnecessary spending.

If you belong to the prevention faction you don’t pick up the digital side of things as a quick fix to the needs of your leisure time. “Oh, I have been studying hard. So, after exams, I will spend hours gaming.” This is not good for you.

Every form of addiction is bad no matter whether the narcotic be alcoholic or morphine or idealism

Carl Gustav Jung, Memories, Dream, Reflections

Curing digital addiction

Basing on my experience I give you my eight points.

  1. Just when you need to be there the most. Accepting defeat works. You must act as if you are accepting defeat. This goes for adult sides and addicting games or spaces online. Right in the middle of your writing an assignment you can find yourself stuck in one tab. Close it without hesitation as if you are accepting defeat. Walk away when you need to play the most. “I am leaving this game without a win. Without my satisfaction achieved.”
  2. Allow your digital world to be governed by your world of good habits. If doing you bed just as your feet land of the floor happens. Giving that social account only your Friday can be your thing to work on as it is necessary.
  3. Admitting that you are a victim is a fortfying ideal. You see, digital world bring the possibilities of anything through a simple screen, or a simple anything. And that is an immense opportunity. Victims of the digital world are increasingly out of their intention. Admitting that you are a victim instead of benefiary is enlightening.
  4. Addiction can be addiction on anything. Understanding that is key to unlocking much including your chances to see that you are drowning in digital addicted.
  5. You can create ghost accounts for advertising and make no friends online. When new things show up they create an illusion that old things no longer work and old friendship can’t save us. This is not good for us.
  6. The slower return to innocence.Try to get yourself into wasting time on less harmful content that on very harmful content. Once less harmful content becomes your thing. You then try to waste your time on productivity stuff than on less ahrmful content.
  7. Digital desertification can starve your addiction. Try to spend months or a year withouts gadgets you love the most. It can help. You can also delete accounts.
  8. Don’t try what you haven’t tried. I repeat! Don’t try what you haven’t tried!
  9. Devine speration is for those who can afford. If resources can allow, compartmentalisation of your digital resources is ideal. You can have a smartphone for social networking to play that part alone while another smartphone is for productive issues. A room can be for gaming and stuff and stuff. It can free up your tools from being both but to be either productive or otherwise.

Not curing and preventing digital addiction and simply benefit from it.

You can get paid through an addiction. That’s the good part. Find means to sell the products of your addiction. Artists are addicted to their art and they sell it. An addicted gamer is likely to be the one who can be the industry’s most credible commentary.

That smartphone or whatever is not going to cease to be your companion. You cannot change this fact.

All you can do is to stay in the positive. You can join social networks and platforms that can enhance you instead of ruining you. You can learn something when you answer a question on quora than when you post a nice selfie.

Download those productivity apps and give them personal use. Be emotionally attached because if you don’t you will still revert back to where you came from. Emotional attachment is why we are addicted to those sites and gadgets we are addicted to. Digital addiction is not bad because we can use it to achieve greater things in life.

If you believe in the digital world you must defend the fragment of the digital world you believe in and save your world through it. You are more efficient than one who is without. Be efficient.

Appreciating time you have, creating happiness & future of it.

Appreciating time you have, creating happiness & future of it.

Appreciating time you have.

Appreciating time you have is the doorway to appreciating the current happiness it gives and the future it’ll make for you.

13Jul2021, Tue. I got up minutes after 07:00 and headed outside where I basked in the sun’s warmth. Standing alone, my ears caught a sound that was not unique to it’s hearing history. It was a small bird that flies higher than its size only to have its wings take a serious beating at its body. It’s a statement that can be heard a few hundreds of metres away. It speaks its happiness alone, and it doesn’t take a single bird another partner to be in this kind of this element. None, therefore, can rob this bird’s happiness.

You may be beating yourself, appearing to cause pain to yourself and be happy about it. Happiness is putting in less or even the opposite of what it may take others to attain it and harvesting much of it.

When crossing a river of this life you don’t balance on rocks you didn’t put. Just know that you have the best time somewhere in the future to do the best and not messing around. The best you can do with time is the best way to appreciate your time.

It is the only resource you can turn into your happiness or sorrow.

Appreciating time is:

  • Being thankful and satified by the resource, but failing to allow your satisfaction to be the end of it all. Knowing that that you have it now is the beginning of having it now for the best of then. Satisfaction is the beginning of a feeling that you don’t need any other time to prove that time is special to you except that time you currently have.
  • Being conscious to the being fact. What they call life is you alive, therefore the purpose part of your life.
  • So, it’s putting devices and measures in place to have it belong to you and others who you care for and mean more in the attainment of your happiness then anything including your success. Happiness is the most important state of being fact and your physical ableness, and a happy mind is a maker of many positive things.
  • Knowing that you have it now, that it is there to pass just as you are there to make the best of it.

Knowing that you have the time now. And that it’s there to pass, and that you’re there to make the best of it is appreciating time

I have it (the time) now, that’s the first response a human can give to what’s current, to the time. The subconscious translate that to: (1) it is there to pass or (2) I exist to make the best of it.

Because time is there to pass, the reality is you don’t control it. Only you can have it. Time is there to pass and your human powers can not change that. Your capabilities are limited already. You limit yourself more if you cover your part, that is making the best of the time you have.

To repeat that again, you don’t control time and time alone makes any history. You’re there to carve a better history.

The detail emphasis perspective 

This is my way of appreciating time. And I wanna share it here with you.

What’s that? Who is that? A human’s life is a timeline of asking questions and answering them

That she is your mother and that there is a connection you can’t visibly see and a feeling you have about it that you can’t run away from is your answer to the question, who is she? The way we treat situations, fellow humans, places, thoughts and ideas depends on our subconscious characterisation of the said situations, humans, etc. 

I can use an example of a king who spent years fighting far from his home. His wife, through a messenger, lied to him that the child born months after his departure was not a boy. She had her reasons for doing such including the safety of the child.

Past his teenage, the boy left following his father. Since stars know no sunsets, it was his dream to bring him home. But in one of the days, the boy would meet his father who was just preparing to conquer the people who had treated the minor fine. The two, having volunteered to be in a match of two legends that would then be all to determine which side to be declared a winner, had to fight. When his father finally shouted his name, announcing the mightiness of his achievements as a conquerer in less than six words, he was delivering a death strike. The failure of the son to stop it was not because it was a big blow but it was because he had found his father. The first moment the two were together became their last. Since hiding identities were part and passel of the war tactics, someone’s father had introduced himself to his son in a battle.

Who is that? Although your physicality is a bigger part in making the answer, you don’t ask yourself this question physically and answer yourself in a flash to be the one freezing to let an enemy deliver a death strike when he suddenly ceases to be your enemy to only become your father. Build parts of the answer to this question from the physical side. Allow yourself to remember things or discover them through recording them also.

Knowing how much are you earning, in what pattern, and the way you spend, and the things you spend on, is the starting point of greater things in life. Even when a payslip is there to have you know that easily, a second layer of recording your finances to have some details you can use somewhere in the future is far invincible than not having it. It is through that layer that you can discover bad spending habits, etc.

The detail “Who is that?” or “What is that?” is for building “What can work” in your life.

The visible and invisible poverty perspective

Even among the richest among us. We can all be poor. An acquisition race inhibits us from knowing the meaningful things in life or even build achievements. We address the visible poverty and forget the invisible.

Real wealth goes first into addressing “how you feel” not “how you look”. Real wealth can be a few dollars. It is in the way you feel that you are happy or sad. Even when you look the “owner of the best car in your world”, you may feel sad.

Appreciating the time you have is allowing your feeling good to be addressed first by you and not by anyone else.

The seeing minds detail emphasis perspective

The seeing minds’ detail emphasis perspective.

Capture the detail.

Detail emphasis perspective>> To prosper a company must have all the information or detail about itself, its past, future and present, and the detail about all that surrounds it including case studies from the outside, the market structure and anything that impacts the production. You are not a company but you can have the means to capture a better detail about yourself. The detail is better if unbiased and present in infinity quantity.

Don’t be a stranger to yourself. Admit what you are to correct it from that point. It must not take anyone to point what you are not at par. Therefore:

  1. Before you can spend money know how much you’re earning a month, a year, a decade and in what pattern. Because this is essential in building self-made success and success involving money.
  2. Take records on your life as a company efficiently run. Record finances, and it’s a good thing to do if you want to give a smartphone in your palms a more productive stuff. You don’t have to leave it to people who are well-to-do to exercise it.
  3. Your journal and diary, or whatever book of reference  you might wanna come up with and give it a strange name like SubjectMe, must cease to be an emotional ground and a territory for building abstract perspectives like this one and theories that can work in your life or career.

The three points above are in the context of one attempting to achieve financial success. But you can try the same in any aspect of life you may wish to be great in. You can also build your own life principles. The dos and the don’ts. Break out of an existing thinking cycle when you do so.

Admitting what you are can help you to record and interpret an unbiased you. And probably there is more detail apart from what journal can capture, you need it well preserved because our minds are good at forgetting. The detail a life of an achiever requires before it becomes a life of achievements is the detail about what’s going on in it. That detail is input (to your brains), and input is required for a certain output to be achieved.

Even without documenting it, the detail you can have about you (who is that?) is for building “what can work” for you. With all your detail at your exposure, you now have to be a person who prefers to throw to the mind questions as input to get an output that is an answer, not a question or an end to itself.

Here is the logic that doesn’t get stuck, and it answers a situation:




The thing is our minds are powerful processors. It is a good thing to ask them “Why the apple has fallen down instead of up” than to tell them “The apple has fallen down now.” Grammar rules had it that falling is just for down not for up. A good question to the mind goes against the rules and it can make a Newton out of an average or the worst scholar.

By default, we are always what we are in everything we face, and default every one of us is “I am here now.” Greater things in life, however, requires that tweak what’s default and put in our own. Tweaking puts our processors into a new scene to process stuff in.

A processor processes an input, an input to a powerful processor must be hefty if what’s desired is a meaningful output. Giving a $300,000 stone crushing unit a tiny pebble is just as telling the mind “I am here now” and expecting loads of stone quarry. 

The thing is, your presence is not a mistake except when you take it as a mistake. Your presence is already an invitation to the right course of action. You don’t take it seriously, you’re only fighting yourself. Grease your mind and your thinking with a now-and-then contemplative mood that begins by asking unorthodox questions that need urgent and no-compromise answers. A question is the beginning of greater things in life, and it can help you to admit that you’re not there yet and it works with you in creating possibilities of being there.

In one blog post here learning is defined as (1) being taught or teaching yourself and (2) being answered or answering yourself, or asking yourself or being asked questions to answer, or being answered or answering yourself before you even get to know that the question you are answering or you are being answered is even a question. We are all people with Masters as far learning by being taught or teaching ourselves is concerned, but what we all are need an extra higher ground for clarity.

Higher ground for clarity!

A sniper picks a higher ground, questions the wind speed on how it will affect his bullet, questions his caummo; make the adjustments necessary to the current higher ground. Yet he’s supposed to boast to himself “I am going to take a good shot”. He only asks himself: How to take a good shot?

He is a man who received any training imaginable to be the best sniper. When he’s on that higher ground he can’t whisper, “I am good at this, each second ticking.” Appropriate is a question.


He is confident about what he learned in training but he must invite some learning through questions and answering questions appropriate to take a good shot. Sometimes he allows the detail about his previous ground to have some voice in answering the questions.

Have your Game-Changing Origins and allow it to shape the questions you ask yourself and the detail you build.

My name is Meinrad, I was born in 1995, My Game-Changing Origins includes that hour I had in Mr Pee-Price’s class. Pee Price introduced me, and the whole class, of course, to the Internet, just before I had made my first phone call, or before I had made any bruises with the digital world; his presentation was on search engines, their work, the Boolean logic and the bad side of the internet to avoid. What followed were two years ahead of understanding the internet, its structure and attempting to master one or two Web-Programming languages, and of falling in love with game development, all hoping to end up a self-employed game developer.

I was the first in the village to reach that far with the internet outside WhatsApp and Facebook, and I am still the first, and among the first in the whole district. That does have to mean something in my life.

A game-changing origin can be the pluses to a start that are too faint and too early in your lifetime. It must be so so that you don’t take it seriously. It is things that you have been through or just fascinating hints in your background. Like (when you want doubts about making a musician out of yourself) that church choir, among other things, you were part of as you were concluding your teenage that couldn’t sing well and your attempt at playing one or two instruments that were commendable.

It is things you have others, and others don’t have. Why things you have others don’t? Because you must be blind to those things that you don’t have to find the power to utilise what you have and fly high. Normally we are accustomed to thinking that the bigger we have the better we can achieve. We lament over the educations we didn’t have, the capital we don’t have and the connections we don’t have. Allowing the heart to beat in the game-changing origins is necessary when trying to break out of a thinking cycle.

I am the fifth in my village to reach university. That’s a plus. But not having a nice classic suit in my wardrobe is what I am likely to be led astray with and go on to address when my annual earnings are not over $500.

But when I am blind to what I don’t have I find myself writing to through that $120 second-hand laptop I managed to buy out of $370 I earned in 2020 instead of wearing a decent $50 suit every Sunday. And when I write to you I earn. And, finally, when $2000 is all per month I must be blind to what I don’t have just to advance my vision of owning the village’s first trademark(s).

Be blind to what you don’t have. In your backdrop, there are a lot of game-changing origins.

Vision: You must build a vision not plans

A personal vision

Vision: Build a personal vision not plans

At a personal level, a vision is a purpose that is not weakly defined all to create an individual who goes against all odds in proving his/her existence. People who build a vision in their lives believe that life is tenure and we don’t have to change that. To them, their lives must reach a certain value unimaginable before departure.

What do you want to accomplish in your life, your life being a mission?

A vision sticks inside as a foundation to a mindset and as an outline of a dream or many other dreams. A personal vision is how things are done by that exact person.

You can build a vision through:

  1. Your game changing origin and sticking to it. The falling apple was Newton’s game changing origin. He didn’t eat it. He started to work tirelessly on what would become gravity as we know it today, and back in his time his explanation of reality was hated as sorcery.
  1. Asking questions or the logic “Why am I here?” instead of “I am here now!” What’s lacking discover, don’t see it. A vision sort of proves wrong the existing achievements and thinking. A vision is millions of questions answered.
  1. Giving yourself some clarity in yourself and also helping your mind by recording things happening and lessons or theories you are building. If you can read books written by others why can’t you have yours? Don’t be right always when you reach to yourself after anything or before anything. If you don’t question your habits, defend them, they remain extremely wrong.

Apparently when you are always right everything is wrong.

  1. Being alone in building it. If you can’t be alone be with people who can help you to carve up your vision. Carving it up is one thing, creating is another and it’s for you. Don’t pollute it by influences or resistance. The greater the vision the more likely it is to be incompatible with the existing greatest minds of the time around you. If it means to be alone, be ready to accept it.
  1. Since a vision can be something out of nothing you are required to be good at harnessing the few into attaining big results. A vision is an exaggeration of an actual dream but never dystopian. It is reasoning that difficult isn’t impossible.

How to address a vision and get things right

Dreaming is for the dark times. When the sun shows up it ceases to be dreaming time.  The sunshine during the day may not be pleasant but visionaries keep going. Abstract things are planned in the dark, executed when the slightest hint of light shows up.

What you can do in your wake time is a big difference.

Discipline. The SubjectME’s definition is different. Discipline is doing the right things at the right time or doing the right things the wrongs way.  You will need that type of discipline if your vision is different.

Bring that intensity into the game. Don’t be faint at it until you can’t see the paper you are writing the story of your life on. A vision is what you have to be, not what they expect you to become. Have none involved in tinkering it. You surely can attain it. Once you are done building your vision don’t allow those who are not compatible with it in.


Don’t plan. Build a vision instead

Don’t plan. Build a vision instead you will build a future instead of simply having it. The thing with a vision at a personal level that lacks the kind of planning discussed here is it ignores satisfaction in the now to bring infinity satisfaction in the future.

Through a vision suffering endured in the path to attain pays better than suffering endured in accomplishing a thousand plans. A vision seeks to create any difference out of where impossible. A plan simply is a routine, and it may be doing the same thing the same way over and over. 

Don’t plan. Build a vision. When things are impossible, a vision, if perfectly built, is a machine in creating its own possibilities. A plan looks for what’s possible and goes for it. A plan may be doing the same thing the same way over and over.

What is a vision and how it is different from a plan? A vision is a roadmap. It doesn’t have to allow its maker to get stuck in traffic. A plan is a single highway with no ways or means to reverse and pick up other routes. A vision is a detail of what you would become before you could become it. Building a vision is building that detail. Planning means you have an intention to act. Building a vision means you have an intention to attend, be attend and take charge. A plan stays behind as you move into acting. A vision lives with you and you live in it. A plan is a command behind. You cannot remake it.

Ambition and desire. What you must know about these two makers of success?

‘Bambino! Ambition is a strong desire,’ that’s what my grandfather told me, breaking down the word in my mother tongue but Bambino alone (I really hated being a Bambino, as it was a strange thing to be). I was only 8 when I asked him what ambition is, and that was after I had read a book with short success stories. I still remember again the story in which I probably found this word for the first time, and I was struggling to read it. (Grandfather’s hints were powerful and I loved to read in his presence.) It was about an African lady (she played a sales-girl part in this James Bond movie) who co-ended up with a cosmetic company, Kubi. Patience played a big part in her journey. I can’t remember the story well and how she started but I have a lot of my childhood memories to share with someone if only I’m asked to.

Before you get what you desire, give what you want to result in what you desire what it desires to finally result in what you desire.

SubjectMe (Personal Diary)

As a noun, desire can cover usages that are reserved for ambition. It seems, however, that among the two, an ambition can contain a lot of desires. But there are slight differences between an ambition and a desire in that while both are the longing for, the need to get or to do and get over it in the way expected within ambition moves you while desire get you to move towards it or towards what you desire.

Desire as in the book Odyssey

If you desire something, there is a hundred per cent chance that you are not fulfilled. “Are you fulfilled or not?” That may be the question irrationally asked by your heart or that irrational mind. If not fulfilled you move towards what you desire. Desire is all rational. And this is how desire was used in Odyssey [Samuel Butler translation], one of the oldest books in history:

…while Autolycus desired his sons to get dinner ready.


May heaven grant you in all things your heart’s desire.

Odyssey: Ulysses talking to Nausicaa

I am sure he’s an excellent person, and I hope Jove will grant him his heart’s desire.

Odyssey: Aegyptius addressing men of Ithaca

She will be frightened, and will desire you to go to bed with her…

Odyssey: Book X, Aeolus, The Laestrygones Circe

May king Jove grant all happiness to Telemachus, and fulfil the desire of his heart.

Ulysses to Eumaeus

A desire is a special want to the heart, created by the heart, it is a passion, including for sex, and it is a wish. So you feel the desire. You have to achieve to be fulfilled. You have to get to be satisfied. When you are with a desire you are desiring you get to want something done or in your hands because you are by feeling not satisfied without it. Your emotions are in, too. And before you can get what you desire that desire is only a wish.

My ambition was a ‘donated’ one

Sadly, my grandfather died last year, 17 December (that aside), and I wrote this post weeping. He made a fellow I am today and, concisely, he was once my mom and my dad. He induced some ambition in me. A chemist-observer would say he ‘donated’ that ambition as if some fragments of ambition were patched into my little self.

Have you ever cherished something because someone pushes (mine was a soft-push) you to do so, directly or indirectly? My grandfather urged on me, I can say. He induced that ambition in me.

Every month it had became a norm, ‘I can’t buy you something special if you haven’t managed to achieve this …and this’. Life coaches encourage good friends around one because where this can all end is not only ideas shared but ambition. The donors of such ambition should stay to keep donating it.

Ambition as mindful desire

A desire is about satisfying the heart after it questions the status of your satisfaction and you admitting that you are not satisfied. An ambition brings rationality in, to transition any desires existing into mindful ones. You build an ambition through what you want (desire), how you want it (planning and expectations), the best means available to you to get it (your resources). But building an ambition, which is a process, is nothing at all if there is no next stage after the building process. The building process is like a dream, it won’t mean anything if the dreamer doesn’t get out of bed and work according to the dreams of the past night.

There are negative ambitions, too. Pitful ambition. Shallow ambitions. Because ambitions are simply built out of any foundation, negative or positive.

Ambition; Energy and goals.

But he has no ambition and no energy. He will not even go out of his way to verify his own solution, and would rather be considered wrong than take the trouble to prove himself right

Arthur Conan Doyle, Adventure IX, The Greek Interpreter

But he has no ambition and no energy; that is some serious detective talk there. The usage of energy and ambition in one line makes it fair to conclude that ambition needs to be that type of energy with its own goals, not a single goal. You can’t just strive for something you are not yet done registering it as a goal. An aggregate of goals together and a lot of energy powering them behind with an intention to achieve a single destination makes a healthy ambition moving you through a lot of desires towards what you want to achieve.

Goals need energy to be accomplished. The fusion is what ambition contains.

The energy in an ambition is that type of energy that can come and disappear at any time, and goals can exist without it. The uselessness of both when the one is missing and the other is calling for the presence of the other surely stands. A goal can never get addressed perfectly without some inner energy. Similarly, energy without any strategic goals can lead one into a disastrous fate.

Ambition is definitely something quite disputed but it’s never everything. Many agents are needed for one to be successful one day. It all depends on the type of success, the scale of success you may want to achieve and where you want to achieve it. Is it leadership or just loving the human race?

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Ambition can be on achieving negative destinations. A destination is just a name.


Have you noticed the relationship? The energy makes you reach the destination. It makes you move. But how can you move blindfolded, without the goals, you will never reach the destination. On the same note, given the direction, you will never go anywhere without moves.

Why ambition shoud include energy?

English borrowed ambition from Latin between the 14th century and the 16th centuries. The unsettledness of politicians in Ancient Rome when persuading the city to vote for them was unmatched and that was ambitio.

What is patience? This is how to kill confidence and take charge of your success story.

What is patience

Confidence seeks dominance. Persistence may be your will. Patience is bought.

To be persistent is to keep coming back. Patience gets you to be attending no matter what and it seems to be the opposite of confidence to me. Patience is when the time lost in trying to achieve something is not even regretted. Because it’s you at it in your very meek sense. You let the situation treat you badly for what you wanna achieve. While patience seeks a winning end and doesn’t care when and how badly the end can come, confidence seeks dominance. Confidence is about shortening the game.

A Merriam-Webster Collegiate Thesaurus definition “the power or capacity to endure without complaint something difficult or disagreeable” nailed it. Patience is the biggest power you may need to achieve something. Through patience, you can only have the privilege to like the unlikeable, which is ultimately a thing to set you apart. Through patience, you’re in the capacity to endure.

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In a Christian setting, endurance is taken as a dose to persecution. Persecutuion is an enemy to any existing religion yet enduring it strengthens the persecuted. The reward ahead, therefore the purpose behind being in something else is the only thing that buys patience.

The fisherman’s desire to catch characterises his patience.

The fisherman’s desire to catch characterises his patience, and his patience in wating charectrises his desire to catch.

~SubjectMe (Personal Diary) 2020, Oct

He doesn’t desire to cath without being patient. When he doesire he is filled with that feeling of wanting to (catch). In fact, his point of satisfaction is written in his mind before his first toss of the bait into the waters. He must work towards it to achieve it. He doesn’t have it. He must find the right means to have it. Patience becomes one of the means a fisherman utilises to catch.

When there is less fish in the river. The river requires more patience from the fisherman.

A river flowing just close to my rural home is abused by the fisherman who use blasting cables then mosquito net to catch fish. Apparently these two models of fish robs from the river the summer broodstock that is supposed to make the next generation of fish species in the river, and cables kills all int the reach of its radius of death by causing the lung to burst. More to these unethical fishing practises are the population increase in the area that was also increased by immigrants and refugees.

The narration short. The orthodoxy fisherman has been plumating because the river is no longer rewarding and no one wishes to save it.

“It now takes sixty times more wait that it used to take in the old days to finally be able to catch something”, one fisherman told me as I inquired about the river in the pre-mid-1990s.

When your dream is big and its outcome a thing for the very few, you must be patient. Patience required obviously is more that before.

Patience at work and confidence at work: Hopeful losers and confident losers.

A hopeful loser is powered by patience. When she loses she can argue “my chance is not now”. For delayed is not taken away.There is nothing made yet, there is no dream yet true but her main purpose is a reward ahead.

When you are a hopeful loser you don’t doubt your tomorrow, your next move and your finishing line. Eachb time you lose you find more means out of such a lose to eventually get you to a win.

Patience at work. Confidence at work. Hopeful losers and confident losers.

A confident loser can do this: Give up, go on to do this and give up again while entirely confident. Sometimes confidence can’t build when it fails to make a win in the first attmpt. Confidence is blind.

It is the last thing to get one to be emotionally attached to what he’s doing.

How to outsmart your situation like a pool player?

Tackling the situation: Inspiration from pool table games.

Imagine a situation in your life. Play it like a pool player.

When a win is nothing to do with you start. When a loss is a Mandela loss, the one kind of a loss Mandela denied to accept it as a loss but a lesson that will make it into the ingredients of the next win. This is the inspiration we can read from some pool table games and those who play them. These are games where a win is how things are at the finish. A two-year-old cue (stick), outdated resources can win get someone a win over an enemy with the mos capable stick.

All happens through the cue/stick (metaphorical). There is no physical strength, political strength, etc., required to make the statements, to have something that can sink to claim a win. This game reminds us of a Disney movie, Zootopia. There we witnessed a  bunny cop, the city’s most unsuitable candidate for cracking criminal rings, becoming a hero instead of elephants.

But sometimes you create some space in your play just to witness one you’re playing win through it. This mean, in a relationship situation, when you sign up to be in love, to be a parent or someone special to someone, it takes your losing to have a relationship for both, to have the family winning. Sometimes you have to lose for the sake of your winning relationship and winning family.

You can watch O’Sullivan playing against Wilson on YouTube in the F10 finals. But your need to be inspired by the commentator’s words: Generally Speaking he’s not just playing well he’s playing properly.

As if the manual book of pool table games, someone’s game may be all about blocking your path. Obstacles, in real life, can be humans. Don’t fight them because you can never win. Find your jump shot-way-out. Victory is always about how you managed to drive your vehicle to success in a jungle of setbacks and obstacles.

A tough player invites another (another tough situation) and play to win, or lose but still demands another game. You cannot be a single-player playing alone in a single pitch with six pockets and all balls, faking two sides. Because all you can be is a winless winner.

When you’re playing against a tough situation, it is not every single time you win. When you lose let it be your pleasure to learn the necessities of winning your foe (situation). The winner sometimes is not usually the one who takes the last shots. S/he is the one who doesn’t make a mistake at the last. Ahead is one word. Winning is another. You’re not left behind when you’re not ahead.

Forget about style, Bobby Orr advised, worry about results. Bobby’s words targets you when you are playing against one (a situation) who is good at massé shots (a very difficult situation) which you’re not good at, to not be worried but just to feel adequate because results are what you want at the end, and they alone, not the style you don’t have should not be your worry. Awkwardly, as if Bobby’s advice was a negative Charley Gilkey is with another for us: If it matters to you you’ll find a way. So you better make those massé shots. Jumping over obstacles and hitting straight your target is as if you’re realising that the best opportunity available to you can never be anything else except you.

Hard shots may fail to sink balls while softer ones are good at negotiating pockets and sinking hefty. Sloth it, don’t rush it.

In much of the pool table games. Experience is always the count of games you have played as it is how many you lost but still kept finding new opponents (situations) to fight again.

All happens on the table (also through the stick if you still remember). You just have to do what the table thinks you should to win. Keep your attention in one place. Build discipline relevant to where your attention is.

When someone makes a sting of massé shots and triangle shots, all sinking their targets, but still fails to win. The inspiration here is, A GOOD RECORD IS A WINNING RECORD. The best player knows how to do that a winning player should know what to avoid and avoid what to avoid.

Winning is not a decision you can make. It is an outcome of what you have done.

Don’t rush the break shot. Take your time. You obviously have to scatter all balls on the table and have your cue ball in the middle of all the object balls, and then sink them mercilessly while keeping your position in their midst. If you do that you can be the one sinking all before your opponent does before your situation speaks back. Master the game. If you are to win be in the middle of the situation. When you fail, don’t put someone in a sea of your failures (i.e. don’t blame someone). Be in the middle of your situation. Your situation also includes your falling past and the wins you want.

It is your arms that are that should be at service when it’s your time to cue. The part around your elbow is the big deal in the cueing hand, your hand hold the cue in the cueing hand, the joint that connects the arm to the whole body and collaborating muscles plays also a bigger part. The bridge hand stays idle as the cue glides through or over its fingers. The true fact is, while all this happens your body must be inclined, be all in but not to be the big deal to have you take a better shot. You can’t put your legs together like a saluting soldier while taking a shot because if you do, you’re only complicating what you shouldn’t.

Know how to stand it (the situation) and fight it with what you must fight it with. Only you should be all best willing to achieve what you want to and live like an achiever before you become one. Only you must be all in.

~Inspiration from sports personalities: SubjectMe (Personal Diary)