The motivating 25: blogs on inspiration, creativity, habits, happiness, financial freedom and entrepreneurship.

This is just a list and it’s not ranked. Some motivation, inspiration or self-help blogs can not be on the list or were left out because they include other niches. A good example is Lifehacker. It is a good place to get some inspiration content but I simply left it out for being multi-niche-ish., a great site, could have made it to the list but it failed because it last posted new articles in 2019.

To have the list appear fair, I also wanted to pick one or two from Africa (South Africa, Nigeria and mostly former British colonies), New Zealand, Oz and India (which I did), but I found nothing from Africa, except multi-niche-ish. Laminita Savic’s got a nice ticket as a Balkan inspiration blog in English, and it does more than great. With all that said list could have been closed at twenty, but an urge to add five more was massive. By decision, classy blogs that utilises the f-word were left behind.

1. by Nicole Crimaldi

This is a safe place for womankind. Nicole started a part-time job, and blogging was one thing he could try to do before going for her work. A woman deserves a special home in any field, to have her be considered as history failed to be kind to her, and it’s here where you can expect good career advice and self-finance management.

MSC are now a small team, a family or a shedom. And they’re writing a lot. Their territory now includes Medium.

2. by James Clear (The Author of Atomic Habits)

It’s like a whole Udemy on creativity, self-help and motivation and it is the best you can expect from such an expert. His email arsenal comes in the best package, and it tempts you to end up in a browser tab very early in the morning, to be inspired earlier like the birds of the sky that shout loud at that time of the day.

3. by Dani Savaker (this is a very unique approach in the field)

After reading a book in the category of self-help, personal development, inspiration, happiness, personal finance, etc., you can be lucky to encounter a well-illustrated info diagram explaining that book in the most informing summary in the history of summaries. Use it now to discover books you haven’t read because authors like Tim Leberecht have reasons to come to her before or soon after publishing so that she can capture all between two covers in an artistic touch that beats what we casually know as an infographic.

As we’re done with this pure artist, she’s yours to follow on Pinterest.


When motivation comes through videos it is impactful. Great is watching Jai White in the gym for two seconds then a marathon athlete on the journey, etc., when the underlining fact is Tony Robbins’ voice shouting “resourcefulness” as the jacket to put on when the lack of resources is the cold biting you.

Motiversity’s YouTube channel is open for subscriptions.

5. by Lori Deschene (Author of Tiny Buddha: Simple Wisdom For Life Is Hard)

If this was a ranking for sites focusing on the pursuit of happiness, Tiny Buddha would have made it to number one. Happiness is not a thing you can find all of a sudden because it’s not a commodity or the air you breathe or the income you make. Here is a site to help with achieving a state that is happiness.

They do have a lot of articles, a lot of quotes including Tiny Buddha’s own, then desktop wallpapers with motivating massages and a perfect email arsenal.

6. by Laminita Savic (The author of 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy)

At my first glance, I concluded that this is a blog with a very calm Christian message. It’s no longer a one-author blog as Tiny Buddha is now. Spirituality, happiness and finding happiness are what you will get.

7. by Mr Money Mustache/ Peter Jonathan Adeney

 Were you lucky to watch the box office flop, A million ways to die in the west? If you were, you may get a sense of what money and moustache meant when together on one person. But, since he was born in Canada, Mr Money Mustache is not the kind of a guy who takes. He can help you to get your “financial freedom” only “through badassity.”

8. by Joshua Becker (Author of The More Of Less)

They deserve a million views, for sure. The idea is, sometimes in life, if not all the times, “when things aren’t adding up in your life [you must] start subtracting them”. Through them, I discovered minimalism and then I taught myself that, When you plan to be greedy, try balancing your lust with starving yourself always.

I love this site.

9. by Jeff Busche and two other founders

Jeff Busche is said to have become “a pioneer in the infancy of procuring domain names”, so it is not strange that their blog is Between the domain name bubble, three founders (who had more to write but created other blogs for that stuff to keep the motivation site cool) and now is a lot to read in chapters like parenting, career, relationships, passion, purpose and leadership.

10. by Joel Runyon

Joel’s story was impossible from the start as it started to happen in the banks of the 2008 global crisis. But he founded a six-figure company and visited a lot of destinations as he had hoped. The purpose of his blog is to push readers into extremes. Difficult isn’t impossible.

11. by Brett McKay (Co-author of The Art of Manliness: Classic Skills and Manners For The Modern Man)

To have what you are less toxic to what you are and others around, I wrote in my diary, be what you are, and fail to believe that you’re superior to one who isn’t what you are. More than 3500 articles as of July 12, 2021. This blog will take a man into a better husband not a “roommate” to a wife, a man who isn’t damaged by toxic masculinity.

Workout as a category is not left outside.

12. by Eric Barker (Author of Barking up the wrong tree)

Idiot!!! I am not saying you’re an idiot. Idiot is what bakadesuyo means. And it’s there to tell you that the thing you need is to be working on your definition of success.

An extensive archive of articles and a lot of work put on makes this blog great.

13. by Tony Robbins (Author of Awakening The Giant Within)

The list of articles may not be extensive as what you are likely to have as artofmanliness or very extensive as tinybuddha’s but Tony is a massive life coach. He podcasts, too.

14. by Marie Forleo (Author of Everything Is Figureoutable: Marie’s Supersoul Session)

Podcasts, interviews and articles. She knows how to introduce herself and her ideas to you without offending you and this is a goodie in podcasts. Everything she says is clean and smart, the result is always a message that can move you. Plus between 23 and the current 45 years after her birth is nothing but a life coaching experience, studies and books written.

15. (Author of The Desire Map Experience: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul)

In her about section, we’re informed that Forbes took hers as “one of the top 100 blogs for women”. She deserves a lot.

If you wanna truly be cared then be ready to care. If you wanna speak from the heart or have your heart fixed or strengthened, this is for you. In this zenith of inspiration where you can get inspired through a dozen ways. There is a podcast for you.

16. by Gretchen Rubin (Author/Creator of Four Tendencies

She’s a featured speaker and, as Mario, she made stunning achievements in the industry. Her four tendencies explore happiness and great habits. A very active blog, a weekly podcast, Happiness with Gretchen Rubin is more than an inspiration to find your happiness.

17. by Simona Rich (Author of Palmistry [With Celebrity Palm Examples])

Born in Lithuania where she would grow up a daughter to an abusive father and a caring mother, moved to the UK for her tertiary studies and finally India after all that. Such a journey in life awarded readers online one great blogger. Her presence in the home of yoga, Hinduism and Buddhism, helped in creating a blogger who doesn’t leave any culture and religion behind. Besides, you can get a bigger perspective in life if your inspiration comes from the whole globe.

Including her personal diary, she built a lot of self-help material, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism, meditations, inspiration, culture, mindfulness and self-healing but some on yoga, Taoism, minimalism, abundance and abundance theosophy.

18. by Zeenat Merchant-Syal

India’s well-known blogger. Zeenat is no small name in the counselling industry and there’s a degree in Counseling and Motivational Psychology behind her talent.

Material on her blog is technical stuff you only have to take heed, it will fix a lot of the problems behind the coils of your moving life. But when articles are not enough, you can enter her email, instant chat, and Skype zone after paying forward anything between 18USD and 45USD. Half an hour per session is enough and it saves you fuel or money to take yourself to a physical counsellor.

19. by Actspot

They provide courses online on communication skills, time management, selling skills, self-development, leadership and creativity.

Blog articles written between 2009 and 2021 June counts to 718, while 345 of them were written in 2010 alone.

20 Jack Hornfield (Author of A Parth With A Heart: A Guide through the perils and promises with spiritual life)

Jack is a Buddhist monk, a founder at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre California, great at speaking and writing into the reader’s deep downs. There is no longer a need to repeat that his writing skill is a foundation to the industry he presents. He’s also the usherer of the Vipassana movement in America. Vipassana is one of the earliest forms of meditations, and the term means to see things as they are in their make (you can follow this link to know more).

Clarity, loving-kindness, honest development of the wise heart and mindfulness are among the topics Jack writes and podcasts in.

21 by Leo Babauta (Author of The Power of Less)

The oldest article on the site is dated 09 January 2009. Years immediately after 09 January, that’s when Leo used to write a lot. 2 000 000 readers is a crown a leader in the industry of inspiration like deserves.

In my blogging journey, zenhabits is the first to tell me that I should do content, content, content instead of 33,3% content and two-thirds marketing and chasing after dollars.

22 by Steven Aitchison (Author of the Belief System)

Growth, lifestyle, relationship, health, spirituality and business. Just that! A Heathrow blog in the British inspiration ways. His message takes a soft approach and, when there is a need, he puts himself in meekly. Steven didn’t waste time building his about page in making such a good blog to follow.

23 by Chris Guillebeau (Author of The Art of Non-Conformity)

Non-conformity, to him, is “lack of orthodoxy in thoughts or beliefs” or “the refusal to accept established customs, attitudes, or ideas.”

Call him an Alchemist in this industry. He managed to be in every country on this planet, so he’s a big inspiration when you love travelling and adventuring. He also lost even more of his ink writing in areas like personal development, life-planning and entrepreneurship. His was of seeing things: $100 can make a startup, and for sure here at Informativus we started off one or two $100’s.

24 by Kevin Biggar

It’s not his blog that is finding a place on this list but him. He helps people to face challenges, and he is an any-stage motivational speaker. Except for several inspiring articles, his blog is not with much but he can be hired.

25 by Marc Dussault

You expect to be told “to think like a champion” and “to perform like a champion”, when you’re messing into a blog of a three-time and one-time squash silver and squash gold medalist, respectively. From getting to do the best to get best grades to the definition of a term he invented [antimimeticisomorphism] the collection of articles there is massive.

Again, this is technical stuff from a growth strategist by a man in a variety of what he is and it can get someone to breakthrough in business.

Success is the depth of success in your definition

Success is the depth of success in your definition. A river is any river of any depth. The depth of a river is defined by mother nature. Sometimes you don’t need to stay a river of a shallow depth because you can pour your muscle into theirs free, and build them into rivers of greater strength and depth.

Your depth must not be limited by anything. You’re in charge. Wake up every morning to cook your future but don’t do this out of the most shallow vision if you want to grow deep.

Any definition of a discourse is a starting point to the discourse itself. Success is practice. You cannot come up right after defining it well the then forget to work for it.

What makes a person successful is discipline, and not discipline alone, hardworking, and not hardworking alone, persistence, and not it alone, knowledge and experience applied and not these alone—capital and one’s capability to harness is, but not it alone. It takes a wonderful gymnasium at home to build your body but not it alone. Success is a packed dish, if more ingredients are to be packed in it, its success is in the time and attention given to each by the chef.

You cook for yourself.

Success is like a facade. Bricks or wood rarely go alone from foundation to the roof. Success is a facade, the kind of you have no authority to hire contractors to work on it on your behalf if it is yours you’re building. So you’re the one to learn how to lay a foundation and lay it, how to stick bricks together with cement of work, and how to mix the right mixture of cement in your brains, and who to hang out with to inspect your work as an advisor and helper. When you get to the roof clear, you cover facade well knowing that your persistence and patience made you great, that each day that ever came to life in your sight was like a patient visiting your private surgery in need of intensive attention and with a suitcase loaded with cash just for you when you get the surgery right.

After all, real success, when it comes, should never get you into regretting why coming your way, or why coming your way that was. Not ever.

Learn to admit that you’re wrong and it’s not their fault. To end up correct.

In eighty per cent. of the times when there is a wrong either involving you or hurting you be either wrong inside. I say eighty per cent. because it is not much of the time you admit a wrong just to be punished for doing so. I say admit because when you do, you don’t blame someone. If you don’t admit much of the wrongs involving you or affecting you don’t see the right course of action to pick; you don’t create solutions but dead ends. You blame that’s the end of it. An end that is you visually impaired.

Admitting is the start of any quest. Admitting that you don’t have for example can result in you getting to look for what you don’t have. And if you admit that you’re poor you are different from one who thinks that he is not poor when he is. You are likely to walk out of poverty and be the most balanced individual with respect to the human race. Admitting the wrong (which is your poverty) instead of taking it as solely a problem by someone is a good starting point.

You need to start by admitting because most of the time when you take a wrong as yours or partly yours you correct it. When you find yourself in tension with a loved one admitting that the fault is partly yours can help to create a common solution. If they accept their part, if you do, the solution to come after is a solution with both contributions to the problem it is neutralising. You act quick when you admit. You throw some action where it is needed. Some solutions works depending on the angle you are putting them from. Hot solutions can burn. Calm ones with your part in them give you the power to make more and be meaningful in life.

Life is a one-time event but it’s a container of millions of wrongs, perfections, mere misses, good deeds, follow-ups and more. You as an individual must make the lanes. The requirements behind perfections are fault-free actions behind, including wrongs that are corrected to bake corrections. You don’t correct without having to admit much of the wrongs you are involved in, your history is involved in, their part of history is involving yours. Admitting is the first step behind a correction. Admitting that a correction is needed begins by accepting the wrongs that define the extent to which a correction can go. The level of perfection is a mileage that you can go with accepting the wrongs. When you’re not happy, dive into your part causing your lack of happiness before you look into theirs. Gather the long-term causes involved in your sadness first. Flirt with the short-term causes last.

It’s courage. To face yourself and say “you’re wrong for being this, for getting used to this, for being bad at this, for not mending this.” It is frightening not to be looking at them and say “they caused this I am, they harmed me, they were sleeping and I am covering their job, who am I to clean up someone’s mess.” Courage is bravery. You’re brave when you face yourself.

It’s someone’s mess. It may be. But it is yours now when it is involving your life. Your dad wasn’t a good dad. If you keep on being a bad child the pain is yours to feel. Admit that you can be a bad child before you think of someone behind that. For a reaction is big when the catalyst is inside. For reaction is zero when there is not a catalyst. She is your wife but are you being her husband. Admit so that you give first before you expect to be given. So that you understand that a loss is a gain.

You’re not in the court and no one can punish you for being wrong. Admit. Close your eyes. Open your mind and have it see deep inside you. For closing your eyes is not sleeping and inside you there is a bigger word to see. See and put what you must put to shame to shame. You are a human. Shameful is not you. Shameful is what you may contain. You’re a container.

You must admit that wrongs can be you without you having been there when they were made. Admitting is the first step. Doing something is another. Doing something with your doing something is again another. Engineers keep on modifying their work in the inside and but it’s natural and artificial forces it is designed to face, forces that are outside. When they put their work that way the result is the best work ever done.

Someone who is guilt doesn’t sit down and relax. He stands and fights like one involved. He doesn’t have to wait for them to fight for him. Be guilty in eight if the ten times and save yourself.