Appreciating time you have, creating happiness & future of it.

Appreciating time you have, creating happiness & future of it.

Appreciating time you have.

Appreciating time you have is the doorway to appreciating the current happiness it gives and the future it’ll make for you.

13Jul2021, Tue. I got up minutes after 07:00 and headed outside where I basked in the sun’s warmth. Standing alone, my ears caught a sound that was not unique to it’s hearing history. It was a small bird that flies higher than its size only to have its wings take a serious beating at its body. It’s a statement that can be heard a few hundreds of metres away. It speaks its happiness alone, and it doesn’t take a single bird another partner to be in this kind of this element. None, therefore, can rob this bird’s happiness.

You may be beating yourself, appearing to cause pain to yourself and be happy about it. Happiness is putting in less or even the opposite of what it may take others to attain it and harvesting much of it.

When crossing a river of this life you don’t balance on rocks you didn’t put. Just know that you have the best time somewhere in the future to do the best and not messing around. The best you can do with time is the best way to appreciate your time.

It is the only resource you can turn into your happiness or sorrow.

Appreciating time is:

  • Being thankful and satified by the resource, but failing to allow your satisfaction to be the end of it all. Knowing that that you have it now is the beginning of having it now for the best of then. Satisfaction is the beginning of a feeling that you don’t need any other time to prove that time is special to you except that time you currently have.
  • Being conscious to the being fact. What they call life is you alive, therefore the purpose part of your life.
  • So, it’s putting devices and measures in place to have it belong to you and others who you care for and mean more in the attainment of your happiness then anything including your success. Happiness is the most important state of being fact and your physical ableness, and a happy mind is a maker of many positive things.
  • Knowing that you have it now, that it is there to pass just as you are there to make the best of it.

Knowing that you have the time now. And that it’s there to pass, and that you’re there to make the best of it is appreciating time

I have it (the time) now, that’s the first response a human can give to what’s current, to the time. The subconscious translate that to: (1) it is there to pass or (2) I exist to make the best of it.

Because time is there to pass, the reality is you don’t control it. Only you can have it. Time is there to pass and your human powers can not change that. Your capabilities are limited already. You limit yourself more if you cover your part, that is making the best of the time you have.

To repeat that again, you don’t control time and time alone makes any history. You’re there to carve a better history.

The detail emphasis perspective 

This is my way of appreciating time. And I wanna share it here with you.

What’s that? Who is that? A human’s life is a timeline of asking questions and answering them

That she is your mother and that there is a connection you can’t visibly see and a feeling you have about it that you can’t run away from is your answer to the question, who is she? The way we treat situations, fellow humans, places, thoughts and ideas depends on our subconscious characterisation of the said situations, humans, etc. 

I can use an example of a king who spent years fighting far from his home. His wife, through a messenger, lied to him that the child born months after his departure was not a boy. She had her reasons for doing such including the safety of the child.

Past his teenage, the boy left following his father. Since stars know no sunsets, it was his dream to bring him home. But in one of the days, the boy would meet his father who was just preparing to conquer the people who had treated the minor fine. The two, having volunteered to be in a match of two legends that would then be all to determine which side to be declared a winner, had to fight. When his father finally shouted his name, announcing the mightiness of his achievements as a conquerer in less than six words, he was delivering a death strike. The failure of the son to stop it was not because it was a big blow but it was because he had found his father. The first moment the two were together became their last. Since hiding identities were part and passel of the war tactics, someone’s father had introduced himself to his son in a battle.

Who is that? Although your physicality is a bigger part in making the answer, you don’t ask yourself this question physically and answer yourself in a flash to be the one freezing to let an enemy deliver a death strike when he suddenly ceases to be your enemy to only become your father. Build parts of the answer to this question from the physical side. Allow yourself to remember things or discover them through recording them also.

Knowing how much are you earning, in what pattern, and the way you spend, and the things you spend on, is the starting point of greater things in life. Even when a payslip is there to have you know that easily, a second layer of recording your finances to have some details you can use somewhere in the future is far invincible than not having it. It is through that layer that you can discover bad spending habits, etc.

The detail “Who is that?” or “What is that?” is for building “What can work” in your life.

The visible and invisible poverty perspective

Even among the richest among us. We can all be poor. An acquisition race inhibits us from knowing the meaningful things in life or even build achievements. We address the visible poverty and forget the invisible.

Real wealth goes first into addressing “how you feel” not “how you look”. Real wealth can be a few dollars. It is in the way you feel that you are happy or sad. Even when you look the “owner of the best car in your world”, you may feel sad.

Appreciating the time you have is allowing your feeling good to be addressed first by you and not by anyone else.

The magic is in the morning: How to be productive with your time?


We may think that the morning is the start of the day. But most mornings are the peak of any day’s productive activity. If you don’t wake up at the peak, you are only creating a downfall. It’s all about time.

1. Don’t begin by with the worst things in the morning, unless they are not the worst

You don’t wake up and start watching a movie or playing video games on a normal day unless you are paid that way, or made better that way. Take a bath, read a book or focus on your work just as the day starts.

Then if you have a job or bigger things to attend to you have bigger things to attend to. Don’t fail your day from its start.

2. Rest is luxury. Cut it short because you can afford it at serious cost

I’ve seen lizards trading it with their lives, enjoying basking the sun on rock surfaces that can get very hot, and dying out of such heat as the sun approaches midday.

Where I come from they say work is morning [sic]. So, some can get to an extend of filling their tummies at midday after hours of serious work. The idea is to push something before your mind changes about it and before you can mix with some people who can influence you off your tracks. You wake up alone or with the very few, then more and more people fill your day. Again, when you are on your own or with the few.

I also had a friend from a culture that believes that a human is only born again each time he gets up, and male or female erection happening in the morning without arousal (when it happens, especially to the young boys) was thought of as being rebirth. This may not be so, according to you, but science thinks you’re much better in the morning, efficiency-wise. And construction companies may love to have their manual force working from around 06:00hrs.

3. The count of ten: Waking up against hesitation

I love it. When I am awake but resisting to be really awake, stuck in the sheets, or when I am about to resist an alarm. I count to ten quickly, cleanly. Only to find myself standing aside the bed at seven. Amazing.

I don’t want to betray this strategy, so I keep it working.

You can find ways to break out of procrastination. Don’t betray them. Because they can rescue a moment from being lost in your life.

4. Move your day from not then, from not that morning, but yesterday

Because the morning is already the peak. Let yesterday be its starting point. Planning ahead is always great.

Means to get out of each crisis are like water in the river. They don’t get into their sea of crises without having originated from the source on some day or days before.

5. Don’t be a beigginer at managing your morning time everymorning.

You don need to be knowing what you wanna do way before you do it except when what you wanna do comes in as an emergency. You plan it, right was before. In the passage above we said you move your days from yesterday but you can also have your yesterday seven days back or a year back moving just one morning and one day you’re in today.

I’ve found myself throwing a different calendar at myself so that when it’s July I know what to do most. I rest in July. September is my intellectual month, I read as much as I can and connect myself with the greater minds.

6. If you care for yourself shorten the time you care yourself (or attend others) in the morning but fail to shorten the quality.

This quite explains itself. And I quickly taught myself that.

If you cook for yourself, make up, dress, love yourself and others, find the means to shorten the time you take at that. Because that care is not productivity itself as it is a prerequisite to productivity.

You may resist it but we are now serious consumers. The only thing we can do about our being consumers is to buy things that can help us achieve big, and here the message is, buy stuff that can help you to shorten the time you take care of yourself. When it took us, humans, six minutes to prepare ourselves a cup of coffee, it was taking us six hours or a quarter of a day on preparing sixty cups of coffee separately. The espresso machine was our answer.

Your duty is to know how much time a certain activity can rob in your life per month or per year if you want to regain your time. Regaining your time is not denying the coffee you prepare yourself some coffee but giving yourself a machine to do so but also not forgetting that the biggest machine is you and you can only become more and more efficient.