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Poor or not: The visible poverty and invisible poverty perspective. 2/2.

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Invisible poverty

Defining invisible poverty out of the first question: How poor is my world not how poor am I or how poor do I look.

The detail-emphasis approach/perspective brings in the “Why am I here logic” and it seems a question is a better starting point to handling anything happening in life than simply telling yourself “I am here now”. Now there are two questions on the same issue, poverty, and at the same individual level. Whether you like it or not you have to answer one among the two questions or both. Answering what can give a life a purpose and meaningful question (How poor is my world?) is ideal.

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Answering the first question allows you to include yourself. You can not only become an individual in a lone world but part of a big world and room. The first question is:

How poor is the world (or that little room I am in)?

It’s very poor, even among the places it looks so damn rich. To admit that this world is very poor even in places and occasions it looks so rich, you are not given an option to see poverty. You simply feel it when there is any need or when you allow yourself to feel it only to be able to answer the first question. If we choose not to feel it we can’t get to see it through our eyes, since it’s invisible. Only to be addressing visible poverty (How poor am I?) and giving no answers to the first question.

Visible poverty gives you a choice to feel and also to see it, and even to think about it. So that it can be clearly visible to you and lure you to addressing it alone. And one day you will be “poor” for not having that fancy car. The race is always on.

Poverty or the other side of it were badly defined long ago and we can’t change it.

Those living under a dollar a day are poor, extremely poor. Thousands, millions and billions. We believe that the definition of poverty is all about how much you can buy or not buy. The definition is good but there is a fault it creates in us, and it is expected that someone who grew up in a disadvantaged position, a poor location in Africa, the city locations where disadvantaged populations and the traditionally left behind live, becomes suddenly the society’s noteworthy income-wise. Diamonds are bought countless times, instead of, for example, building a community library in that location or establishing a substantial business or even keeping the wealth in his hands. Yeah, it may be better for your future to keep it to yourself than to plunder it.

We can see that your wedding ring is the cheapest. That you don’t have a private jet or you have it. But what we can’t see is I am the fifth person to reach the university in my village since the beginning of college times in my country. I can’t even see it either because I just feel it to be able to buy a fifty-dollar shoe instead of a much expensive one and utilise the remainder of what I possess to create bigger chances for my success or the success of others in my village, nation or world.

It is focusing on invisible poverty alone and, therefore, addressing the first question that can have some of us win a financial journey starting from the very little despite myths about wealth creation.

The biased human logic

Knowing what to address between visible and invisible poverty is great. It is the best thing to do in wealth creation as a process. Human logic, however, is biased. For example, it takes what’s bad as what bad people do instead of what people do and do it through very bad means, and therefore bad is considered as lack of purity to the would instead of lack of purity to the mind which drives anything. As it is biased. Poverty automatically becomes what’s visible instead of visible.

When we can’t see a certain thing it doesn’t mean that thing doesn’t matter. We need to capture what can only be felt and visualise what we can do about it. We may need to stop seeing things to discover bigger things in life. It is when we bring in that sense of discovery that we can discover what we are capable of with what we are and what we have not what we can be capable of once we come to possess the things we currently don’t.

We are not invited to live our lives; simply, we are entitled to live them; and if one of us can’t do that properly no one will.

Because of our biased logic mindful to only visible poverty instead of invisible poverty we:

Five myths about wealth creation that ruined wealth creation.

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Five myths about wealth creation that ruined wealth creation.

“Five myths about wealth creation that ruined wealth creation”, I am living to see that being a book title one day. We have myths that kept the majority of us in struggles, the traditionally disadvantaged group of earthlings and those once the poorest in the society, poor, and they are only five.

Money is a place.

We need mostly to be in a place where we see the good structures of wealth in existence, banks, stock exchange systems, connecting trade routes, employing business people, a subsidising and pro-business government, inter alia. The thing is we are locked into two options when it comes to changing that (wealth acquisition and wealth accumulation not wealth creation). I learned this after I took an inquiry into why Northern Italy remains the better part of Italy as it was five centuries ago.

The problem with treating money as a place. People who are supposed to have a task of changing their actual place always leave in pursuit of greener pastures. And it can cost far much more in making the journey to the greener pasture than building something at the actual place.

Where I come from we are very much close through family ties. Someone can suddenly become your brother when you share the same totem. So, at each’s exposal can be a lot of help in my society from well-to-do relatives, and they can help you get a passport to Europe instead of giving you ideas or helping your ideas up since money is a place. This, I assume, is the same in a world outside mine where a lot of other connections can exist. They must help one in getting in places and offices with the better money instead of creating it from scratch and build structures through it without going anywhere.

Among the myths about wealth creation, this is the most damaging in the history of the progress of humanity.

The only type of poverty that exist is visible poverty.

What’s formally taught is a poor person can buy the least. That’s why parameters like “living under a certain amount of money a day”, numbers of TV sets owned and etc.

Give me $300 a month, I make sure that I buy the latest Pro IPhone after months of saving just to run Candy Crash saga and WhatsApp in it. Its a Hexacore Bionic chipset giving you the best mobile processor in the world, and 6GB of ram for tasks that a $200 smartphone can tackle. When I capture photos through that device Facebook downgrades the image resolution to the very level of a $200 smartphone. But still, I buy what I buy to look good not to create what’s good.

When you stick to addressing visible poverty you will never have a chance to stop. Because you can find yourself poor without that million-dollar diamond. Buy it. But still struggle afterwards. When you address visible poverty alone you are in a never-ending race.

But when you stick to addressing invisible poverty you cease to work for what to consume with and start working for what can create what to consume with (this is one of the three fallacies about wealth creation formally taught), and consume as necessary.

You need a salary and a job, and there is no other way.

The education systems both formal and informal crowd us into jobs and salaries. In fact, they create salary beings. That is not wrong. What’s wrong and terrible is being taught that there is no other way for most of us who are disadvantaged and can’t acquire or accumulate wealth.

Through the same salary, the SC Johnson is a living legacy. It is wealth created and it lasted in the family. But this myth about wealth creation is preventing the same story from happening again and again.

Wealth is accumulated or acquired…

And since it takes geniuses and millions we don’t have to acquire or accumulate we must be ready to serve those with wealth until the last breath on earth.

In creating wealth you need to discover what the things you possess are capable of, and utilise them perfectly. Writing this article, I am using the $120 laptop I bought in 2020 out of $370 earned throughout 2020. I also bought a second-hand smartphone as well in 2020 and it’s what gives me access to the internet through mobile data and hotspot, and an opportunity to be making something through this blog. Such an approach, when dealing with a poor start, is usually a lot in a decade. It means much instead of buying nice suits I don’t have out of that $370.

But in most cases, we only see the things we possess instead of discovering them. Seeing $370 is buying a suit to shine in at a Sunday service in Budiriro while waiting for anyone who can donate a thousand for my blogging journey to begin. Discovering $370 is turning it into a starting point. After all, Samsung’s $25 start in 1938 which equals $470 on this day is a great start.

In creating wealth you don’t try to get yourself to the starting line, to that amount of anything you wish to have for a start but anything you don’t have because it’s impossible. You invite the starting line just to where you are standing and have it let you start in your terms and current capabilities.

Ladies and gentlemen, that wealth is only acquired or accumulated is a myth about wealth creation. Wealth can be created instead of being accumulated or acquired. Creating wealth is an option available to virtually all of us.

Since savings is accumulating we can start to serve what is for our pension at 22

We save a lot and we are taught into this one earlier. My first savings account was created while I was seven. Beverley the bank together with my savings account went bankrupt five years before 2008 as inflation heightened in my country, Zimbabwe.

You must have enough to consume with. It’s a one-sided approach and we don’t want the other side which is creating what to consume with. The other side is as well missing in the official business studies and those who must depend on it have been wronged.

Accumulate at your own pace, that is the doctrine from the business school as they refuse the existence of or ignore wealth-creation.

The world pays, you chose how

In the subjectMe diary I will prove how in my view I have found formal education broke, especially the one I received in my country. Here I just want to consider any for of education we receive until we become adults as a buildup, right? It’s a buildup. Once that buildup is done most of us have no choice, after college, high school or after earning some skill, but to face the world asking their payment to come just as they have worked for it during the buildup. The world around around them pays us because we deserve it.

The kind and quality of our buildup plays a role on how we get paid, and the environment we are stemmed in. We, however, also choose how best we can get paid, and through what what medium.

Paid through the muscle

There are some who must sweat to get their income in. This is where I started while I was raising the capital for my business. Behind my muscle was a good (not really smart) mindset a primate can have.

After all that I avoided being paid in the way explained in the next heading.

Most choose to have their certificates/qualifications being the paid

Formal education, in the background, teaches throughout its students that good grades are for a higher job and everyone must get good grades for a higher job. It doesn’t look much into the other side where there are employers to groom more of them, and the result we have have a lot of us created in the final end who values to go through that interview and stay unfired after the buildup.

So, already, we are in sort of a situation where we are already taught to pick being paid through the qualification of all what the world is with for us. We lost our powers to decide.

A few choose to have their minds being the paid

Wealth is the idea behind it. It is some people’s ideas that we are this connected today, that we speak of activating a software on our PCs that costs more than hundred dollars. It is also some people’s ideas that we pay for for being connected, for buying services offered through a software, a network service, etc. We also buy machines, vehicles, clothing and anything else the way it never happened centuries back, etc.

The beauty of choosing to be paid through you mind is you will never have a have a box to think in. You are free to bring any solution that can have things in track that if profits are low you find means to get them up high a thing which can not happen with an income that is called a salary or a wage. After all you don’t have to be a great mind that can master anything new in seven hours to choose to be paid through your mind, you just have to possess a good mentality, have the appropriate knowledge, apply it, and have the knowledge to apply it rightly.

The world needs both of the two sides, one that chooses to go by the mind and another that choses to go through qualification for it to prosper.