wealth series

Wealth is the idea behind it

Wealth-making is an art

Wealth-making is an art, master it.

Wealth making is an art. It’s either you blend colours you like or you do it without any colours like a sculptor on a canvass or not. You will always be allowed to curve it out of something as hard as a stone. The best prerequisite towards fabricating your own financial success is not an expensive canvass, it’s is not a sound financial background, it is you mastering the art.

You may need to wake up and see what art is relevant for today’s terms.

Don’t associate wealth with a place. Don’t. Because, New York, one of the richest cities in the world and the most monied city is with several tens of thousands people that are homeless. They are homeless due to various reasons but I’m so sure one of them is the wealth the city has is not theirs.

Understanding all this, I made it to my rural home, a place that relied heavily on donations from the government of Japan and I started my economic life. Villagers were all against this. They hoped that I could wait in the capital city for an office job in a country with a high unemployment rate and be paid USD500 a month etc., but that was never a fair ticket I needed to walk out of poverty, a ticket I could wait for to get for several years only to find it filling a grocery cart paying a little rent and faint to zero.

I want to challenge you guys, don’t get offended. Allow yourself to see.

Mastering the art is finding sense where others are not. And once you are successful, there is another art you must master to avoid being that man who grossed USD400 million in his career only to end up in the negative

Possessing wealth

Possessing wealth is one thing that makes you rich, but possession is never alone a factor to makes you rich. Creating and not reacting to wealth, when one is possessing wealth, makes one rich. If not creating one must be maintaining.

If we I am to continue with the story of that man who made millions in his career, I can say his talent was a ticket, it allowed him to possess wealth. But he never had the intelligence to create it or at least maintaining it. The idea part of wealth is in ‘creating it’. I can also get into the story of anyone advantaged by winning a lottery ticket, by the history of his family being a member of the aristocracy, Party echelons, being an heir and a master by birth may possess wealth, but the wealth for us the majority is created and that wealth is an idea behind it.

If it is land, for instance my poor mentality some few years back believed that owning vast land is wealth. A rich mind I now have believes owning the vices to make the best possible outcome on the smallest land is wealth, and found myself acting according to what I now believe.

Wealth is an idea within its own art

MC Donald’s, KFC don’t own hactres of spaces in the town, they rent around 300m2 and sometimes half a square metre with a KFC ‘drive through’ shingle if the space may allow. Of course, they may own many 300m² in one town. But the idea is to be there with their hamburger-for-all idea where a folk who then transition into a hungry customer upon seeing them is, not to be there with only land and buildings. If it were about land they could’ve found more space to put their slogans like ‘finger licking good’.

It is about being there in every corner of a busy street, not really with the best eatery or best chefs but just being there. That way any person with some money to buy can turn into not only a customer but a hungry and reliable one.

The modern world, and wealth

Our world is increasingly become global. It is almost a single village where money is one of its appointed rulers. As a village, however, it is a space where money is concentrated on one side and less of another, and where the success of the another side is chiefly but not only defined by how much the another side can find means to have it diffuse to its side. Money as the basis of wealth will always diffuse.

Money is attracted by ideas. When you hear of major economies like Japan being stagnant or in up and down for quite a time it is because they lost the magic with ideas they once possessed. All is driven further by an increasingly aging but dwindling population.

The success of the likes of sub-Saharan Africa depends on how much ideas  are up to the notice of the global village. How much giants like Dangote are in the mix of the village’s competition.

The generation of personal wealth for most of us should know not what our world is now like. But it is an advantage to most who think of exporting into a variety of a market.