Things to say about Talents

A talent is anything that makes one better able in something else without effort, except when that effort is to enhance the talent, playing its part.

Some rare talents are never to respect their own existence, they only show up to the world to waste themselves there, go down so fast.

So, where one’s talent (the host) is detested, and not the host, there’s not the future for the host of the talent.

And there are a thousand ways to kill a passion. One is not really staying away from it but staying away from where it can be addressed by you, and so rightly. A passion is not a talent, it is rather intangible and it is grease to many things including the talent itself.

If it is forgotten to be treated well and to lifted up by its host no one can be there to do better what the host of the talent is destined to do for it. No one will keep going through the host’s breakdown spots to crane someone’s talent out without self-interest or rare love driving him/her.

The best to succeed are not really people with a talent over something but persons who curves out many out of the few they are or they possess. It takes a lot–pain, sweat, disciple and many other positives, to curve out a many out of the few.

A talent itself has its surroundings in its host— the host’s education or the lack thereof, the lust, justified or not, for pleasure or otherwise, the host’s excessive hardness to external pressure vowing to mold it into bitterness or your softness, the hosts hardworkingness and the minds and mentality behind it and so on. Some surroundings of a talent within the host like the lack of education or too much of it can’t be changed but can be toxic when allowed to be above all the positive ones.

The surroundings of a talent discovers a talent, kills a talent and are what makes a talent big. They can be anything possible to it, an enemy or a saviour.