The habits of keeping old assets for the sake of it is never good: Impact


Impact19:00hrs-20:00~ One of our neighbours and a frequent visitor visited by. He explained to me that he intended to sell his tractor, an old one and very outdated that its engine if it can be fixed to run asks for a juice that is a mixture of paraffin and diesel. The challenge now was his wife was resisting, arguing that it be left to their offsprings, the youngest, born after the tractor had long existed, being twenty-six. The buyer was one, and a passerby who was collecting those relics for a museum.

My visitor unloaded all his story expecting me to start gushing out the words of advice suiting his situation but I stayed flat. As a person who can say a lot of such words of advice it didn’t become a surprise to hear him asking why I was silent.

‘You are here asking me what I have to say about our own culture of doing things. We keep them. You’re approaching your retirement age now, and you still find yourself in a quarrel with your wife over a thing you acquired  around your thirtieth birthday, and it’s not even a building that can stand for such time its a vehicle.’ My last pot was on the stove as I was preparing my dinner, I couldn’t waste chances have him believe that a man as young as his last born was with the right words. I went on to give him an example of the very first mango tree planted in the village, it was one, and the grandsons and daughters are proud of having it.

‘Now, someone, seven years ago planted some orange trees and they are selling just right to the green one and I wonder if some are to buy flowers as some form of booking the fruit, but he planted them with a belief that they are trees for the grandsons and daughters. The end result was a small orchard, and while his salary was USD500 when he planted them now its USD100. He can only regret that he couldn’t make the orchard a big one then but he can never have it big now because his salary no longer allow him to do so.

‘That tradition of keeping things for the sake of it, and another of doing the very little that’s only for the memories to stay within the family when more should be done is poverty in itself.

‘If your wife is wrong, you must be as well. You yourself kept the old relic in the garage for fifteen years without a piston firing, and then you think now you must let it go. Why this late? I am asking because the world doesn’t pause to have you deciding and do what you must do.

As our discussion went on, reaching its peak and then dying with his departure, I had learned four more things:

  • It is not about having things that can stay it is about having things that mean value and more value. If you have chance to do big at the start, don’t hesitate, do big at the start. Your pension can be an eighth wonder.
  • Holding on to the old things affects negatively the way we act on what we intent to come up with. The bigger and the better things we come up with are a result of the bigger and the better motives we can have before starting. Motives that used to drive our things in the past are relics to throw away.
  • Holding on needs one to be doing it to the things with a heart , things that can love back not to assets.
  • Much of our success depends on how much trash we turn into gold. If once gold turns into trash its either we turn it into gold or discard it. We must do both fast.
  • Some can last but most assets are a perfume can, once empty, its empty. You can not refill it. Discard or feel the pain of trying to refill. Successful bakeries delivering their own bread in this country can not feel the pain in having a vehicle of their own resign after three and a half year at work or even less.
Meeinrad Socien

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