Walking in your path to success: Know this and respect this!!

Socien Quotes.

Don’t be a slave to some people’s interest. Don’t be an oppressor or a coward for the sake of wanting your success in your path to come true.

You come first, you should. But when it is the time to come last respect it.

You are mostly efficient if you’re happy. That inner happiness is sometimes called peace. It is an environment in which everything best works. You better find it to work. Whatever you are right now, angry, bored, not excited, try to be it without losing any sort of grip to your happiness.

The best success is the one in you definition. Work at your definition of it before anything else. Then after that build your success, don’t hesitate. Don’t fear the words from them, you shouldn’t if your definition of success is correct. Sometimes people are just a view or a mentality, and you are another. When they criticise, they go against your path, force you into a path because they have powers over you or not, it is just another view or mentality clashing with another for superiority. Don’t let yours lose if it is correct, and don’t forget that it you can allow it to turn into a hybrid offspring of their views and yours.

Being afraid of what people will eventually say, and how they will take it as when you chose a certain path is the worst thing you would want yourself in if you’re to be successful in this life.  

Because being afraid of these about the people isn’t different from being afraid of what if your path doesn’t lead to positive results.

Do it because you love what you will become through it. Do it because you love it. This world treats the bold and the hard-working and the practical people in every sense, people possessing three of these with honor. The are greater things in life that are reserved for those who keeps going after they are sick, very sick and very tired.