Who you are is what they must love if they care.

People who must stay are people who are ready to love who you are, not what they expect you to be. That a boyfriend would walk out of a relationship after learning that his girlfriend experience seizures is not any unique story. You must not exist to fulfil their expectations. You deserve your peace and freedom. You just have to be you and there is no harm in being the best you. Let them go.

If you are not you, who are you? If they don’t love who you are what are they pretending to love?

Who you are is the entire you. If it’s rejected. You are completely rejected. You don’t have to keep begging for the care and they don’t have to change who you are to care.

Being not accepted is painful. Allowing the unacceptable to overhaul you is ruinous. You just have to let go and quickly let go. They don’t belong to you don’t force them into your camp. Without them and alone you can even get a chance to feel what you are and who you are.

If you want to have the best experience at the party you might want to stop being the invited and start to invite. Once you try to be a gate crusher at some unwelcoming folks’ festive you are no longer enjoying the experience. And you become a pain to them. How can someone who truly care feel the pain in handling you?

Don’t worry if you’re not loved, and when she is. Because your success, your greatness and happiness, if you’re to fight for it well, and your future joy, may come through the fact that you are the detested one now. Life is a journey—and of the over 7 billion journeys they’re a lot of stories Cinderella-ending after starting and prolonging a Dracula style, and some prolonging well and ending not fine or fine. Tomorrow wants you to close the curtains of today, and cover your skylarks. The new sunshine will come. Once it hits your curtains, open them.

Your neighbour being the kissing a man of your dreams by the roadside that’s a milli-fraction of her journey, why should be yours be peering through the window and exploding in jealousy and pain about it every day.

 The moving of days won’t stop because you’re stuck in one fraction of your life. Move on.

Then they are moments when you must help them to care. If you must help them to care don’t try to change anything in you that’s unchangeable. You don’t walk on a rope. You can’t change that. But you can change your speech from bad to good.

Again bad is not what “bad people” do. Bad is what people do and do it through very bad means. That being said there is nothing called bad people. It is bad deeds that exist. Someone isn’t bad for being a member of a belief system that varies from you. You are not bad because of that. Therefore, if they can’t accept that people can be different and that you are what you are, let them cease to be in your system.

The best joy is total acceptance. You can not enjoy being a visitor while you arrive where doors are locked. The total acceptance is all who you are accepted. All who you are accepted is true care and love. True care and love make a minor fraction of the care and love you are born to receive on this planet. Remember this always.

There are times you better be alone because you can never get the same chance to be alone. Alone in grief. Alone in huddles. Alone during the most critical time of your life. Alone in trying hard times. Alone in failing times. Alone in times when you need their understanding the most and their help. Alone in the most abstract battles against addiction and personal struggles. These times must be when you prove your strength in your fights.

Alone is not lonely as lonely is not alone. Some chose to say that alone means “all alone” to point to the most treasured plurality of one. With that plurality of one, you have the power to look for clues inside where you can find them than outside where you can not. Bigger things in life are also how far can you go without anyone helping you as the wheel.